LauncherPro Widget Skins Support Goes Into Beta


Good ol’ Federico Carnales – developer of LauncherPro – has just announced that support for applying custom skins to widgets would eventually make its way to the launcher replacement. He’s already made the beta available and has published Eclipse sample files for skin makers to get their feet wet before he’s ready to release the final version. Head on over to the LauncherPro forums for more details on how you themers can download everything you need and get started making LauncherPro more beautiful than it already is. [Thanks Josh!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. woot I finally got a tip on the site! ^_^

  2. This is great news. The widgets could use some skinning.

  3. screw the skinning…gimme the re-write we’re all expecting this year(hopefully)!

    1. I was going to say the exact same thing. Why is he wasting time with crap like this when everyone is chomping at the bit for that re-write?

      1. prob just delay tactics. oh well…i guess it’s better than nothing at all. he’s made a nut ton of $$ off of it, obviously. so i’d imagine him having other app devs working with him on it? hopefully, it won’t take too much longer..

  4. I don’t care about the skinning, but I would like that LP rewrite that was promised back in January.

    1. Actually the rewrite was promised back in Q4 of 2010 >_>;;;

  5. I’ve been using custom skins by signals23 on XDA for a long time now. I wouldn’t want to be without it and am happy to see this step

  6. ummm..
    pretty easily done.. and Signals23 did a fantastic job… im running launcher pro plus with the blue blurps theme, flip card transitions, honeycomb’s clock and city wallpaper… looks like honeycomb on my phone…

  7. I prefer adw launcher

    1. I prefer LauncherPro even though I have ADW EX, LauncherPro has some great widgets.

  8. I feel this rewrite will have hardware acceleration and that is why it’s taking so long.

  9. Come on, give us the rewrite stuff instead of this shit

  10. really dont know why anyone would complain about the time for the rewrite, as it was launcherpro was the fastest kid on the block when it was first released and it gets snazzier with every update, our poxy few pennies that were spent got their moneys worth with the initial feature set, its a brilliant program and we are a bunch of ingrates, seriously Gen Y , what is the world coming to !

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