Samsung Releases Android 2.3 Source for Galaxy S Gingerbread Update


After launching the update last week, Samsung — on a bit of a source code frenzy — has released Android 2.3  for the Galaxy S to their Open Source Developers Center. With the release, we expect the speedy creation of all sorts of custom Gingerbread ROMs for installation on Galaxy S devices yet to receive the latest version of Android. The official update is currently rolling out to Samsung’s flagship Android device in Europe, though the exact plans for a wider release are unknown. Given the long wait owners of US variants of the device endured, this source code might be the only hope for many for the time being.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Apparently, Telus will definitely be dishing out 2.3 to the Galaxy S later in the year. I’m guessing after the summer, but hopefully closer to September than December. I can still deal with 2.2, as Telus only released it right around Christmas. I hope a nice working ROM will be released for the Telus version of the phone. I haven’t tried rooting my device, but a working Gingerbread ROM would certainly be great motivation.

  2. What does this even mean for a Galaxy S covered with Touch Wiz? Will you notice a real difference? My Vibrant would need Gingerbread and TW 4.0 before I go back to stock.

    1. well what it does mean is better roms for all galaxy s variants. stock and touchwiz based.

  3. Samsung is seriously turning things around for themselves.
    bye bye g2…. sgs2 here i come???

  4. CAnt wait till darky gets this :)

    1. Ditto. Darky ROM is awesome. However, I think Samsung should be releasing the SGS with a ROM on par with the speed of Darky ROM.

  5. Running a Darky GB ROM already. RC4, it is a basic ROM but it works. That reminds me, I should go and check out the site to see the latest updates…

  6. Awesome now it can really be on par with Nexus S.
    CRT off animation + AOSP Gingerbread here we come :D

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