Droid Charge Captured on Video, Does Little to Excite Us


The name may have changed a time or two since, but the Samsung Droid Charge seen in the above video is looking mighty familiar to the device we first saw at CES earlier in the year. It wasn’t doing a whole lot to excite us then, and in this new footage it isn’t getting us all that excited now. The guys at TechnoBuffalo spent some time with handset off camera and echo that it’s single-core processor and other hardware might be feeling a bit dated. Reports are that the battery life really stinks, as well.

The latest rumors suggest April 28th for the release of this handset, but with the way Verizon has been going with their recent handsets who knows if that date will stick.

[via TechnoBuffalo]

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  1. I only won’t talk about the music because its from TechnoBuffalo. Nice sleek lookin phone tho. I wonder if it’s got an LED Notifier.

    1. Really. Why no LED, Samsung? to save three cents on manufacturing costs? Having a LED notifier is an absolutely essential part of a complete notification system.

      1. I concur.

        1. Wait, so is it confirmed that there isn’t a notification LED? I had a galaxy tab, and it annoyed the shit out of me that it didn’t have the notification LED.

          1. Unfortunately all the info I have come across tells that there is no LED. The Optimus 2x doesn’t have one either. I guess Korea feels they are useless.

  2. This preview is interesting to me. I was considering the Charge because it looked like it’d have significantly better battery life (due to the larger battery) and slightly better performance than the Thunderbolt (due to the Hummingbird). Aside from a small bias against Motorola, I’m fairly manufacturer-agnostic and I’d like to think Samsung has been trying a little harder lately (see: Gingerbread updates for the Galaxy S, rumors regarding them leaving bootloaders unlocked, etc.).

    That said, if the battery life of the Charge is really just as bad as the Thunderbolt, it might come down to how much more expensive the Charge is. I’d like the superior screen and real buttons but I’m not going to pay a significant premium over the Thunderbolt if the battery life isn’t any better.

    Additionally, I’m looking at off-contract pricing, so if the Charge is actually $700 off-contract (as the rumors had it), then I’m staying the hell away. A phone would have to be able to capably clean my apartment and pay my rent in order to be worth $700 off-contract.

  3. Ive been looking forward to buying this phone, but more and more bad news keeps rolling out about it. The price is ridiculous. And looking at this video, the phone looks thicker than 2 thunderbolt’s put together (Sarcasm). And if one would have to continuously swap batteries, that crappy plastic battery cover will fall apart. The Motorola line of phones have metal battery covers, they can take a beating, and still hold on tight to the body of the phone. Plastic battery cover for a $700 phone???? Come on samsung….

    1. Moto is using plastic covers on its new phones now as well : (

      1. If you’re referring to the bionic, droid pro, Atrix then yes. But Moto’s droid lineup, and the X have pretty solid design. Then there’s even the rugged Defy. There’s only 1 thing I hate about Android. CHOPPY SCROLLING! Damn it Schmidt, go talk to Andy Rubin fix the flipping scrolling and zoom choppiness. So far that is the only thing Apple did right. Smooth scrolling. This isn’t 1995 damn it, fix it. My fuck1n x486 DOS has smoother scrolling WTF!

        1. Hardware acceleration gives that ui smoothness. Its a hardware issue for some phones and for the phones that can support it, software is holding it back. Somewhat difficult for google to implement with so many devices on the market. The only reason iOS has it is because its only 1 line of phones with many hardware similarities.

          1. The processor’s used in android phones are more advanced than in iPhone. Federico with Launcherpro has proved that a smooth UI is possible, by making a homescreen run super smooth, compared to the stock android home screen. Certain third party browsers have smoother transitions than stock. Third party developers have proven that it is possible, even with the lower end android phones. The technology is available, but for an unknown reason Google is dragging their knuckles with polishing the UI. But this is still a very small negative point compared to the dozens of problems I had with apple products. Steve Jobs is a dinosaur, and im looking forward to his extinction. LONG LIVE THE ANDROID.

  4. Can Verizon please release a phone with dual core and decent battery life? Every other carrier has dual core 4g phones out or releasing soon and all we have on verizon is a rumored bionic with a locked bootloader. Epic fail Big Red

  5. The video doesn’t show anything so why dislike the phone?

  6. so basically every verizon LTE device has crap battery life. Droid 3 even as 3G is looking more appealing, LTE is cool but whats the point if the phone dies within 2-3 hours?

  7. Samsung is garbage. NEVER BUY THE CHARGE!!!! Samsung took last year technology and put g4 into it for verizon. Now they want to charge people 300 for the phone on a contract. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! now when you buy the phone you better be happy with Android 2.2 since you will not be getting any updates any time soon. You yourself and other a favor and do not buy the droid charge. This will Show samsung that they can not pull a fast one of the customers so they can make a buck. Just goes to show that they really only care about making money and not the customer.

  8. $300 with contract BWAAHAHAHAHA

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