Grooveshark Returns to Android as a Third-Party Download


Google can keep Grooveshark out of the Android Market, but they sure can’t keep Grooveshark off of Android altogether. The app has returned in the form of a third-party download direct from the Grooveshark site. It still isn’t all that useful to those not paying the premium subscription fee — you only score a two-week trial and miss out on the ability to access your stored library or save tracks for offline listening. Whether or not the app ever formally returns to the Android Market has yet to be revealed.

[via Lifehacker]

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  1. I long ago replaced Grooveshark with the much superior SoundHound.

    Edit: My bad… Confused it with Shazam somehow…

    1. soundhound can’t find anything for me these days.

      1. its what happens when you listen to good music and not shity pop mainstream.

  2. Tinyshark is on the market and x10 more free lol

  3. Correction: Its been there all along. Nothing to see here.

    1. It was pulled from the market several weeks ago.

      1. Correct. However its been on grooveshark’s website ever since it was pulled, and if you go look at the phandroid post from when it was pulled you will notice that I stated as much then.

        1. Phandroid gets confused often these days haha

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