Samsung Now Rolling Out Galaxy S Gingerbread Update In European Countries


Samsung yet again has proven that they have no problems updating their phones, contrary to popular belief. The upgrade to Android 2.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S is now rolling out for certain European users. We’re sure this only applies to unbranded devices as carrier-branded devices will have to wait until said carriers decide to push it out. (Though European carriers seem to be much quicker with this stuff than us yanks.) This one’s only going out in Germany and Holland as far as we can tell, but we’re sure those in the UK, France, Spain, and the other tons of European countries out there won’t be left out for too long. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. …. *facepalm*

  2. Fucking touchwiz

  3. Think i’ll stick with 2.2.1, just can’t be arsed with the hassle of having to reset my homescreens and reinstall my apps

    1. or you could just use an app to backup all your settings/apps and restore them once you have updated….. My Backup Root is great for this!!

  4. Wish I could get that horrible samsung software to actually see my phone to get it updated

    1. I had a hard time as well, if you go to your samsung galaxy home screen > settings> wireless and network> USB settings, choose samsung kies ( usb must not be plugged on phone ). Props to someone on some site I forgot for the tip

  5. Samsung doesnt give the updaye to my phone (i am in Hollamd) yet, the whole KIES thing stinks!

    1. Kies works fine for me! No problem what so ever with Win7/64 :)
      Just updated Kies a couple of days ago and if I connect my Galaxy it is recognized

  6. My kies is not even connecting to my phone…

  7. Not yet available in Holland, Only for NEE users. (norway etc)

    Holland is XEN.

  8. Fook the Samsung phones wheres 2.3 for the Dessire HD

    1. Desire HD is trash, so it will get i later

  9. waiting for the update in Ukraine , not available yet !

  10. I have the fascinate on Verizon in the US and I haven’t gotten one update yet Samsung sucks they rolling out 2.3 and I haven’t even got 2.2 yet I will never buy another Samsung again I love the phone but everybody else getting a update but me really grinds my gears unless they give me a 2.3 update very very soon I will go with another phone

    1. Thats 99% verizons fault you dont have it, Vibrant, Epic both have 2.2 (Epic 2.2.1) I dont remeber if captivate on at&t does yet. Samsungs had froyo ready since spetember for the galaxy s line

      1. yes us captivators got it also

      2. Captivate in Canada has had it since November 2010 :P

    2. are you slow or what?, don’t you see that is not Samsung! that is the us carriers holding these updates.

      1. I hate how people talk reckless on the internet know they wouldn’t say half the stuff they say on the internet to the person face smh

        1. how was he being reckless??

  11. To all those Samsung haters: ownd

    First high end Android device in the world to receive 2 Major firmware updates
    well done Samsung! Loving my phone even more now.

    1. Droid 1(US) – Android 2.0->2.1->2.2 , with smaller updates (2.0.1, i.e.) in between.

  12. how is samsung rolling it out and not htc?? htc too busy churning out unnecessary new handsets every fortnight!

    1. Wait for it. Their test rom has already been leaked. Just because it isn’t the first one out the gate with a Gingerbread update doesn’t mean you have to a reason to get all upset.

  13. Tried using dutch and german proxies but still can’t see 2.3 update :( I am in Phillipines with a Hong Kong purchased phone and I’de really like to avoid rooting at this point . . . anyone can tell if a proxy would work for sure and anyone can attest that they are getting the update and what country are they from?

  14. What morons in the US can’t seem to understand is that Samsung is not the one to blame for not getting updates. It’s the carriers. This argument has come up so many times, and yet people in the US still shit on Samsung over and over and are too dumb to realize that it is not Samsung’s fault.

  15. Everyone complaining about updates, needs to just root your phone. I have Verizon’s first Droid and have been running gingerbread for months now. Like everyone else said its the carriers fault not Samsungs.

  16. Good job by sammy, this update will boost the perfomance of the galaxy s even more!!>.

  17. now if anyone tells me again that sammy are crap at providing updates, I will plutz, simply plutz…

  18. I have a samsung galaxy’s
    with the following code :
    PDA : I9000XXJPY
    can I get update for this mobile .
    i live in holland

  19. I have a samsung galaxy’s
    with the following code :
    Phone : I9000XXJPY
    can I get update for this mobile .
    i live in holland

  20. Too bad the galaxy s can’t utilize the Near field communication feature

  21. Telecom New Zealand hasn’t even rolled out Froyo 2.2 – Telecom, the Bleeding Edge of Technology! Bloody wastes of oxygen!

    1. Telecom are due to release 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for the Samsung Galaxy S at the end of May — yeah Telecom ;0)

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