Samsung Aiming for Q3 Launch of Samsung Galaxy S II in Canada


After rumors were squashed that the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II would be delayed until the summer, more information is coming to light on when we can expect the handset in North America. During a recent Nexus S launch event in Canada, Samsung’s Paul Brennan revealed that the great white north can expect the handset by early Q3. He remained hopeful a late Q2 launch might even be possible, but assured the Galaxy S II would be available in Canada by the fall.

For those wondering when the S II will launch on US soil, Brennan suggested Canada would have it first. We’d still imagine fall would be a good time to expect a larger North American rollout.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. wow so far away for the US

    1. Because they want to milk their Nexus S to the bank. Unfortunately the Nexus S doesn’t have a Micro SD so it’s a 100% dealbreaker for me… :(

  2. This is a crock of shit. How in the hell can it be a Fall phone for US when its coming out mid Spring SMH. Big change from just over 5 weeks for the original.

  3. I don’t understand why the US is always the last to get phones. And I don’t mean that figuratively. I would really like to know why. You would think we waste just as much money, if not more, on gadgets than the folks in Europe and Asia (And Canada for that matter). If I had to guess, I would chalk it up to our worthless carriers.

    1. It’s becus everyone manufacturer has to make like 4 Different versions of the phone. It’s not their fault. Its the US’s fault for having so many carriers who don’t use the same band!!!!!

      My Galaxy S can be used just about anywhere in Europe not just (part of land) in UK. Thumbs up to Samsung for at least trying. The Galaxy S line was pretty impressive. No other manufacturer did that with any of their phones.

      1. Which make the nexus one idea sound really good now buy cutting the carrier out…..

  4. It’s no different than the first Galaxy S which came out in March in Europe and then didn’t hit Canada till AugustSeptember.

  5. Ugh. September. After getting pretty excited for a May/June release, that’s like a dagger to the chest.

  6. I can’t wait until Q3… They better get their act together.

  7. So far away, by then we will have tegra 3 devices coming out. Hmm…looks like its the g2x our the sensation for me

  8. Waaay too late in the game. If we have to wait that long, GPS better be Nokia FLAWLESS!…

  9. well, the SGSII replaced the bionic as my future phone of choice, im nearly eligile for upgrade now…but if this phone is coming out in fall, i wont even bother getting it, my family’s verizon contract is ending in Sept, I think ill move my family over to sprint and pick up an Evo3D or wait for a Tegra3 phone

  10. I have been planning on this being my next phone but it is unlikely i will wait this long

  11. htc evo 3d here i come, too bad i love Samsung hardware, but too much of a wait for a phone junkie like myself, hahaha.

  12. This will be an outdated phone by then

  13. Are you serious? This is load of crap, why can’t we have the phone earlier since the phone is barely going release on spring in europe. Q3 is damn unacceptable

  14. If this is true, maybe it has something to do with Samsung selling all of their processors to apple a few months ago and they simply just don’t have the ability to provide enough phones to the largest market on the planet so they start with the smaller markets first. Whatever the case I am highly disappointed. By the time this hits market it will have stiff competition. Q3/4 is too long, it turns out Samsung may not get my money after all.

    That HTC Sensation is starting to look a little sexier.

    1. On top of that, if the iphone5 meets or even comes close to that Christmas sales window, i’m sorry but the S2 will be a sales dud. The simple fact is most people would rather have an iphone than an expensive android.

      1. I wouldn’t assume that. Android attracts the “gadget-experienced tech-interested” kind of customer while apple’s iphones are the gadget of choice for the “I am afraid to mess it up so i just want it to work” kind of user.
        In my opinion there is only a small subpopulation of android customers who bought their phone as a cheaper iphonle-like device.
        For that subpopulation your statement might be true, but i think someone who learned to appreciate the android widgets and homescreens might be disappointed with the app-drawer like UI on iOS devices.

        1. Hi Elvis,

          I’m not assuming anything nor did i try to explain which type of user will buy what type of phone. I’m stating a fact that the majority of people will purchase an iphone over an android, especially if that android is at top tier pricing ($300, 2 yr top tier contract).I am basing this claim on apple’s domination of the cellphone market last year. While android has closed the gap on IOS, keep one thing in mind:

          IOS= 1 phone, one mfg creating comercials, buying TV airtime and print ads ect to increase consumer’s knowledge of their product.
          Android = multiple mfgs all around the world with NUMEROUS new phones to advertise all year long.

          That being said, IOS still “won” by a long shot..While Android becomes better known, no individual phone will outsell the iphone, not this year anyway.

          The majority of people like apple and want the newest gadget from them. If the Galaxy S2 enters the US market at a time when there are even rumors of an iphone 5 release that quarter (or the next) Samsung will have a hard time selling their phone.

          1. Dude, I wish people would stop comparing Android to the iphone. You are right an individual phone might not out sell the iphone, but Android is out selling IOS4. Yes there are still more devices out there that run IOS4, but as of right now the number of people buying devices with android are greater then number of people buying devices with IOS4. IOS4 is not superior by any means. They both have there place and have there niche with certain groups of people, but to say that one is superior because of numbers is ridiculous. You can not ignore the popularity that Android has now and say that it is still a half rate OS. People love it and want to use just like those who love IOS4. They are both great OSes…………arrrgh I am tired of this argument…

    2. but Apple doesn’t use exynos processors

      1. I should have clarified my initial statement.
        The mobile processor may not be exynos, but a transaction that large certainly has the ability to throw muck and mire in the manufacturing process of said exynos. Also there are other product assembly lines undergoing the strain of feeding apple.

        “According to the Korea Economic Daily, Apple is expected to buy about $7.8 billion worth of components from Samsung this year. The parts will reportedly be for Apple’s mobile products, including the iPhone and iPad, and include liquid crystal displays, mobile application processors and NAND flash memory chips.”


  15. This article is about Canada and the US part is speculation

  16. Is it worth buying an unlocked phone from the UK? Would that work on Verizon, and if so are there any likely issues I’d run into?

    1. it would just be hella expensive… but no issues

  17. Screw it, I’ll go with sensation if it comes first.

  18. What the FUCK? Come on samsung cunts boys. Damn I guess the sensation is my next phone;/

  19. I waited over 4 months for this phone already. If it’s gonna take to fall for this phone to release, I might as well get an iPhone 5 (if it does get release this summer) or another android phone. Imo, By the time fall comes, who the heck want gingerbread anymore…everyOne will be drooling for ice-cream or whatever I is.

  20. phones don’t sell in Canada… duh
    how much money do you think they make in a country with only 34 million people :S
    More time for me to save up for it :)

  21. When they first announced it I was hoping to replace my old Blackberry with one of these. No way I can wait for it now since my contract has already expired (and my phone keeps getting worse). What is the best Android phone in Canada at this point? I really would like to buy the phone outright and skip any contract this time.

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