AT&T and T-Mobile to File Merger Paperwork with FCC around April 21


On or around April 21st the clock will begin ticking on an FCC investigation into the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, proceedings that could last the better part of a year or longer. AT&T placed a bid to acquire T-Mobile from Duetsche Telekom for a hefty $39 billion, but whether or not it is approved depends on the findings of the FCC as to how the merger could affect the telecommunications industry.

The US Justice Department has also requested to review the merger with concern to antitrust laws. If AT&T successfully buys out T-Mobile, 80 percent of wireless subscribers in the US would be split between that conglomerate and Verizon. Sprint, the lone underdog, has vocally opposed the notion. There have been numerous independent analyses going both in the favor of AT&T and against the proposed merged, some saying customers will benefit while others believe the wireless subscriber loses in the long run. It is an issue that will continue to be hotly debated until the FCC reaches their final decision.

[via Reuters]

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  1. A pocks on At&t and their house they are EVIL to android and need to be brought down. This merger will never happen sprint will see to that.

    1. god, you’re an idiot.


      1. you guys are funny; but @yarrellray, reading is fundamental.

        1. your just as senseless as these dumb heads

      2. His photo says it all.

        1. your photo says it all Mr. Phantom

      3. God, you’re an fool just like the rest

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if Google steps in to buy them or even Sprint. That would be awesome…

    1. I don’t think Sprint could do it. Their tech is too different. However. I would be ecstatic if google bought t-mo. However I think that is just as unlikely.

      1. they had actually been talking about it between december and arount the time at&t announced there buyout but i think it was just talk

        1. Who google or sprint?

    2. I live where Sprint is headquartered so I think I can say this with some authority. If we were to lose a company it might as well be Sprint. I really believe that have managed to survive in spite of themselves.

  3. You forgot all the regional carriers, like U.S. Cellular, Metro PCS and Cricket, and the many local carriers as well, like Golden State Cellular and Union Wireless. In my area (Mendocino County, CA, a very rural county in NW CA) we have five carriers, AT&T,VZ, USCC, Metro PCS and T-Mo, so while losing T-Mo would reduce competition, we’d still have four carriers.

  4. What the hell is “pocks”? And they’re not evil, just another competing wireless company.

    1. he meant pox.

      1. Wow. He really is an idiot.

  5. Yup said that b4 when it just announced…would have preffered to see Google buy Tmo…u know u will definately get superior innovation and they will continue with the low unlimited cell prices. With Google we might just buy data plans and get Google voice n txt included. Anyway hope the FCC kaputs the deal All Att is trying to do is knock off a serious GSM competitor..that way they will be the only GSM king in the land. If it is spectrum they are after…the FCC wants to auction more spectrum, they should spend their billions to buy some of that.


    1. Why do people keep saying this? That is just stupid! Why not just hope the merger fails

  7. First it’s a pox.. Next, AT&T rode the iPhone gravy train.. that was their business decision.. now they are on-board with Android. I don’t find them any more evil towards Android than Verizon or Sprint, other than trying to take over T-Mobile which has been Androids best friend and the company that brought Android to the US.. Lastly, Sprint is not superman.. they have a say, just like you and I, about the merger.. but ultimately it’s the government who will either stop it or let it go through.

    1. Funny thing is that Cingular was the carrier that took the risk and bet the farm on the iPhone. No other carrier (including AT&T) would agree to Apple’s terms. Then AT&T acquired Cingular (actually a far more complicated merger of SBC + AT&T + BellSouth) and got the phone that laid golden eggs.

    2. Really I have a say in this? Just when do we vote on this one.and don’t tell me at the last election cause w all know those guys are bought by the corporations, and beholden to their interests.

  8. GMC used to own Hummer, Cadilac, Saturn, and some other car companys. They didn’t make them change the way they made or sold their cars. GMC is known for trucks, and they didn’t make the other companys sell trucks. BTW, GMC is a USA brand, so outsiders might not know of it. But anyways, What I’m trying to say is, just because Sprint buys Tmo, doesn’t mean Tmo won’t be a GSM carrier anymore. It might be ran by someone else, but the CEO would still be the Sprint CEO. So that way, Sprint can still be getting the money from Tmo and it’s Sprint network.

    1. Huh? GMC is a GM brand, not the owner of Hummer, Cadillac, Saturn, Chevy, Buick, Opel and many other auto brands(they are all owned by GM). GM vehicles share many parts, technologies and suppliers. This is an efficient use of corporate resources.

      From a technology perspective, the merger of TMO and AT&T would be the least disruptive. They share the same mobile standards and their frequencies (except 3/4G data) mostly overlap. A merger with Sprint would be far more complicated, and would leave the merged company with a mobile stew of CDMA, GSM and whatever it was that Nextel used (iDen).

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of underdogs getting together. I just think that TMO+Sprint=Dooomed

  9. sprint sucks their major problem is lack of analog broadcast their big selling feature of 100% digital is bollocks sure its sounds nice its more energy efficient than analog but the wave lengths are allot tighter than analog which means piss poor signal inside buildings and most houses unless you happen to live right next to a tower

    1. Christ on a cookie, is your period and comma key inoperable?

  10. no need to bash richard all the time really you guys need to stay on topic but this merger smells of danger.

  11. I never thought of Google buying T-Mo… but now that I have, I like the sound of it.

  12. For people taling about Google buying Tmobile doesn’t seem likely. It seems more likely for Sprint since its the only carrier to have Google voice integration. But i bet Google would wait until Sprint moves to LTE since that would help for worldwide cellular sales. And i think Google would rather have the whole pie instead a slice of a pie with only Tmobile USA up for sale. Anyway back on topic hopefully FFC declines it, since we are talking about making one gsm carrier which i believe personally is bad. And most regional carriers are cdma so. I understand if there was another national gsm carrier but seriously making on central gsm carrier seems too much.

  13. yeah his photo does say it all, he looks like he is high …..i shouldnt be so hard on someone who is mentally handicapped

  14. Give up people, complaining won’t do anything. @yarrellray, the term is POX. idiot

  15. Once again AT&T tries to monopolize the communications market just as they were forced not to do with Bellsouth. Sprint works best for me and those I know who use it!
    It’s all about location! Not incrypted analog signals. Nothing more nothing less.

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