Droid X Gingerbread OTA Rooted


And just like that, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Over the Air update for the Motorola Droid X has been rooted. We reported earlier today that the 2.3 rollout had begun and you could even get yourselves the leaked update to apply manually.

Not soon after, the guys over at Team Black Hat have managed to get Super User permissions up and running. Still not available for general consumption but I’m sure we will see it in no time.

Great work guys. The Droid X modding community salutes you.

[Via Twitter]

Chris Chavez
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    1. Ummm this article was written roughly a day after the one you’re linking to. So maybe that locked bootloader bit already has a workaround. Ever think of that possibility?

      1. Also, if you even bothered to read the comments after your childish post over at AP, you’d learn from a few others that the update isn’t silent, and that it is mostly still conjecture. Do some searching of your own before posting crap like this. Not to mention that the “source” which is cited as the Droid X forums links to the Droid X Amazon page. Kind of a dead giveaway that something is amiss…

  1. Looks like the androidpolice article happened before this rooting news came out.

  2. SOMEONE HELP. I would love to have this but am clueless how to do it. I have the leaked version of FROYO (I know, that’s so 2010). I have 2.3.9.MB810.Verizon.en.US Version 2.2

    I would LOVE if someone would contact me and tell me what I need to do to get the new update. Eternally grateful.


  3. Barf on you squiddy20

    1. that guy’s a douche… haha

      1. I may be a douche, but only to those who are douches themselves. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to tell someone else their opinions are wrong, as Richard here has done. There is no reason for people to flame everything Verizon simply because they want to, as Richard has done. There is no reason for people to resort to grade school insults as Richard has done. There is no reason for a a 40+ year old to spell and use grammar like a grade-schooler, as Richard has done. There is no reason for people to spout off clearly wrong “facts” before first doing at least a bit of research, as Richard has done. There is no reason for people to run around thinking that their carrier and cell phone manufacturer are infallible, as Richard has done. Everyone and everything has its faults, including me. I’ll admit, I’ve been wrong several times in my posts here on Phandroid. At least I’ll admit it. I do have some humility. Is it really too much to ask for a 40+ year old to actually act and talk like an adult?

    2. Really? You’re resulting to grade school insults? How big of you.

  4. What about Droid 2 global?

  5. I’m patient, but I’m still waiting on the real OTA for the X.

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