Sony Ericsson to Provide Bootloader Unlocking Website for New Line of Xperia Phones


A while back, Sony Ericsson said it wanted to do things better in 2011 with how they approach developers and the security of their devices. Fortunately, they’ve stayed true to their word as spotted a comment by one of their engineers who confirmed that the process would be publicized in the upcoming weeks.

They’ll have a website for those interested to go to where they can submit their IMEI number. Upon doing so, you’ll receive an unlock key for the bootloader that you can use in Fastboot to free those proverbial chains. Sounds like exciting stuff and I wish a certain someone else (coughstartswithanMcough) would follow suit. [Xperia Blog via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “Sony Ericsson to Provide Bootloader Unlocking Website for NOW Line of Xperia Phones”

    Were you trying to say NEW or did you just mean “current” because current would have been the better word to use there.

  2. yep, hope Moto is taking notes

  3. Holy fricken sh….. it’s almost too hard to believe. Stark contrast from this time last year when I wanted to smash my Xperia X10 on the pavement

  4. Sony Ericsson may have a new customer in me. Take note, Moto.

  5. see moto/htc/samsung, if you actually embrace the things, it could actually yeild more margin. i find it funny that sony ericson is embracing hacking while sony playstation got shut down my anonymous. I know they are different companies, but i still find it ironic.

    1. They aren’t really different companies… It’s likely they share a significant brain-trust when it comes to the legal teams responsible for copyright enforcement. They’re doing this on the phones to substantiate the legal position they’re taking on the PS3 hacking issue.

  6. So sony ericsson is our replacement for HTC? Not sure if want, kinda liked HTC’s phones, but I think it’ll be good

  7. there has to be a catch somewhere? Will they use/sellthat imei to add companys or perhaps just allow limited unlocks (dunno if that is possible)…..I don’t want to cheer too soon

  8. Sony is doing this to differentiate the phone platform from the game console platform to give them legal leverage to in ongoing court cases related to PS3 hacking. They have unique insight into the recent DMCA ruling because of these ongoing legal battles, and they’re drawing a line in the sand to substantiate their argument that hacking the PS3 is illegal.

  9. Will it void the warranty?

    1. yes it will. its all on the sonyblog. basically if u want to unlock the bootloader its at your own risk and all bets are off.

      more info here.

  10. I think this will still void your warranty, which is why I think you have to submit your IMEI number. An IMEI number isnt needed to unlock the bootloader, so I think they add it to a “warranty voided” database for all those who want to unlock their bootloader. This way, they give the the rooting community what they want, without having to be responsible for some people who don’t do any research and don’t know what they are doing bricking their phones and trying to get Sony Ericsson to fix or replace them.

  11. See Moto, this is how its done.

  12. This changes everything!

  13. if it’s true i’ll get the Xperia play,
    byebye moto & HTC

  14. Wow, it’s like a company has actually been paying attention to what would make sense. SE if you had a Tegra2 device coming I’d pre-order it.

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