Update to Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Rolling Out


As was announced last week, an update is now rolling out to the Verizon iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The update brings some battery and messaging enhancements to the 7-inch slate soon to be superseded by two larger, Honeycomb-laced Galaxy Tabs. The download is a quick and clean 34.6MB file that requires a device restart per usual. Let us know if you’ve got yours!

[via DroidLife]

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  1. i got it.
    its only been unplugged two ours now but my battery is still at 92%.. usually its in the 80’s by now.

  2. got update like 3 days ago

  3. Got the update this morning. Haven’t noticed any changes yet…

  4. Got the update this morning. I read the pdf page from verizon, which didn’t say much. maybe the Tab won’t be so crashy now.

  5. I got it last week, Thursday I believe. Mine seems to have taken the adverse effect, when I’m messaging and on the internet it seems to seize up now, and it didnt before. Hopefully it was the sites I was on or something like that but I guess we will see! Love the Tab though!!

  6. got mine last night…battery life seems good

  7. Are there in stable honey comb builds for this ?

  8. Biggest improvement for me is I can now VPN to my office! Happy me!

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