AT&T Launches LG Optimus One in Post and Prepaid Flavors


Not long ago a rumor cropped up that AT&T would begin selling the LG Optimus One like most other carriers in the US, but we didn’t quite expect them to launch two version of the device. Today the carrier announced the LG Thrive and LG Phoenix as prepaid and post-paid flavors  of the device.

The LG Thrive, the prepaid GoPhone version of the Optimus One, will retail for $179.99 and will feature data plans ranging from $5 for 10MB up to $25 for 500MB. The LG Phoenix will sell for $49.99 on a two-year contract. Both phones are available April 17th.

[via AT&T]

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  1. 500MB is laughable on an Android phone. The constant syncing of background processes alone would eat this up in roughly 10 days if my own usage is anything to go by.

  2. Yep, I agree. I used to have an Android phone (HTC Inspire 4G) and I tried the 200 MB data plan. I was able to stay within 200 MB for one month, but this meant that I basically couldn’t use the phone the way I wanted to. 500 MB would be almost as useless. Any smartphone, be it Android or iPhone, needs at least 1 GB per month to be useful.

  3. Are the devices essentially the same?
    Do people know that you can buy Go Phones and put in your SIM card to avoid getting stuck in a contract?

  4. The Virgin Mobile $20/month plan is looking even better and better now.

  5. what i don’t understand is why they are releasing the SAME device with two DIFFERENT names.
    Even phones that they offer with gophon and on contract have the same name so what is the point of different names

  6. There are plenty of people that can get away with 200MB of data on a smartphone. I can’t, as I have averaged about 400MB per month. Most everything that I do is on WiFi.

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