Samsung Galaxy S II Now Priced Under £500 Unlocked


When the Samsung Galaxy S II first launched back at Mobile World Congress, initial price speculation had the handset going for £600 or more without a carrier contract. When the phone actually launches, however, pricing will be a bit easier on the pocket. Samsung has apparently reduced the price they ask for the S II when selling directly to retailers, translating into a lower cost for the end consumer. One example is UK site Unlocked Mobiles, which is selling the handset for £497.98 (~$813 US) after VAT is included. Still pricey, but not as much as we thought it would be.

Though delays were rumored, the Samsung Galaxy S II has been announced for a May 1st launch for all carriers in the UK.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. this is sick..

  2. Samsung can shove it. I’m tired of these skyrocketed prices. Absolute most im willing to pay for the SGS2 is $250 on contract $500 unlocked thats it. I know this is going to be one of the best phones of 2011 but how many other dual core phones are coming before the end of this year and may be a lot less expensive? At least 20. Jeez you’d think they’d know that they could sell millions of these things with an price comparable to Iphone. That’s why the world hates us now. Hint: Who would buy android poll. LOL

    1. Dude it will probably be $499 here in the states.

      1. I highly doubt that. You mean unlocked? Not a chance at least 700 im telling you.

        1. I really doubt it’s 700 unlocked. maybe max 650 thats it, and that’s the MAAAXXX

          1. Yeah your right. The original gs is going for 450 BN on ebay so i guess anywhere from 550 to 650 is about right. Was just thinking since its Samsung new flagship phone and its processor being bumped up to 1.2ghz Dual Core they were gonna go crazy lol.

        2. You can buy the phone off contract if you are from the US and then buy get an unlock code online for like $20-40. Which will make it cheaper than buying it unlock from an online vendor.

        3. I don’t mean for the International version I just mean for the US version (TMO specifically. Not sure about other carriers markups anymore).

          You plan on using the International SGS2 on ATT?

          1. Not at all. I despise ATT. I have Verizon which probably will get it but it most likely will be a variant of the S2. Maybe they’ll call it the Fascinate 2 or something. But what i was saying is that it will most likely be more than 700 unlocked at online retailers websites. But as Aoiwudhawa helped point out to me, it shouldn’t be anymore than $600-650.

        4. Well the Thunderbolt is “only” $570 so $650 – 700 is a bit of a stretch. With VZW’s markup compared to other carriers I would put it at $599 off contract. But good luck bro I want an SGS2 TOO!!

          1. me too bro me too.

    2. Welcome to capitalism.

    3. How Much is an outright iPhone4 in the US?
      In Australia its $859. So it’s similar here?
      Americans must just get screwed over all the time? I remember waiting months for phone releases…
      God Save the Queen!

  3. Now, for the US already.

  4. how long after UK release will it take to release in North America?

  5. Damn, why are phones so cheap in all other places than Norway?
    500?, thats almost free

    1. How can you say that? 500 GBP is about 4450,. NOK. And this phone can be preordered for 4599,- NOK here: http://bit.ly/ehzlJG

  6. iphone knock off

    1. iphone can only dream of being this good

  7. One question when its gonna be here in the us

  8. clove.co.uk has it for 440 pounds wthout vat for 16gb.

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