Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Delayed (Again)


Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S II, seems to be getting delayed but its not without some benefits. Rumor has it, the skinny handset may be getting a speed boost from 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz. If Samsung has found a way to balance battery life and performance perhaps they are making changes accordingly. Or perhaps they’re feeling the heat from the recently announced HTC Evo 3D and its 1.2Ghz clock speed.

Now, I’ll throw this video in for good measure. It shows off the amazingly smooth, iPhone-ish rotation animations and pinch to zoom functions, all while rendering a flash video without as much as a single hiccup.

One thing is for sure, once we get a solid release date, I will be counting down the days until this superphone hits stateside. Evo 3D or Galaxy S II? Its going to be a great year for Android.

[Via GSM Arena]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Isn’t the evo 3d 1.2???? I think the pre 3 is 1.4 (single core tho)

    1. You’re right. Its getting so hard to track all these new processors these days =/ But thank you! =)

  2. how can something with no release date be delayed? i have been drooling over this phone since the early rumors of it, but if they don’t get on the ball all it would take is an NFC in the EVO3D and it’s first come first serve.

  3. Kevin posted this yesterday. Do you guys not even check that before you publish something? Jesus.

    1. Chris, you re-posted something from earlier today. Stop fragmenting.

  4. And why do I want an ibrick look alike? If I wanted one I would get the real thing. The EVO3D is 1.2 and based on its dual core qualcomm and qhd screen I don’t think it will do so well against this phone and its graphics rendering capabilities.

  5. People would be waiting for its launch as it has already got a lot attention of the prospects. I would love to see its popularity grow once released.

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  6. So what if the Samsung looks like an iPhone. The HTC will probably have the same ****ty battery life as all other HTC phones…

  7. Sprint version better have a keyboard…

  8. Smart move by samsung. Htc has brought the heat and when many manufacturers saw the Htc Evo 3d they went back to the DRAWING BOARD INCLUDING APPLE. I will be getting my Htc Evo 3d regardless of what Samsung comes out with but I give PROPS for making a change and wish them well

    1. I always enjoy reading your insights, yarrellray! I agree. Even though I will most likely pick up the Evo 3D, I like the fact that all these great phones will breed competition =D

  9. For me, I’m waiting to see what comes to Verizon. But I’ve been liking what HTC did with Sense 3. Although I do like Super AMOLED Plus. I guess it will all come down to battery life.

  10. Why would it make its investors even more unhappy? This is following a weaker outlook. It looks like they are trying to milk the first generation of Galaxy S.


  11. I’ve never seen that video before, that’s absolutely incredible!

    Also, I wonder if this is a strategic delay in order to make iPhone 5’s launch weaker….

  12. Looking at picture right now, ill b considering many factors when buying Samsung Galaxy S or HTC Evo 3D. Why i think Samsung has winning formula…look at following specs:

    HTC EVO 3D : 126 x 65 x 12.1 mm and 170 g
    Galaxy S2 : 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm and 116g

    HTC EVO 3D : 3D S-LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    Size 540 x 960 pixels, 4.3 inches
    Multi-touch input method
    Touch-sensitive controls
    Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
    Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
    Gyro sensor
    HTC Sense UI

    Galaxy S2 : Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    Size 480 x 800 pixels, 4.3 inches
    Gorilla Glass display
    TouchWiz UI v4.0
    Multi-touch input method
    Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
    Optical trackpad
    Touch-sensitive controls
    Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
    Gyroscope sensor
    Swype text input

    HTC EVO 3D: 1 GB internal memory , 1 gig Ram
    Galaxy S2 : 16/32 GB internal memory, 1 Gig Ram

    HTC EVO 3D: 5 mp , 3D camera
    Galaxy S2 : 8mp camera

    Others specs are similar: not a big difference

    where htc has dominance is 3D camera and 3D Display, but dont forget people Samsung has Super Amoled PLus…which kinds of make display comparison equal…

    another feature that Samsung Galaxy S2 has is 2mp front facing camera compared to 1.3 by HTC.

    Ill prefer Samsung, WHY? very thin 8.49 mm compared to 12 mm. 12mm on touch screen phone is not acceptable to me. at 12mm thickness the first thing that comes to a customers mind is that it must be having QWERTY keyboard. which is not the case

    less weight, 116 g compared to 170 g.

    On the software side: what ive seen in demos, touchwiz 4.0 is big improvement. uh yes it has face recognition unlock feature too .

    1. sgs2 has NFC and Cisco VPN so that makes it more versatile. didn’t know about the optical trackpad.

      1. Optical Track pad… SWEEETTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Plus when the Samsung ships later, it might get a later version of Android – an important point, because it’s liable to be the revision you’ll be stuck with for a year.

    3. I red a comparison of those two smartphones. But with the 1,2 GHz processor, the Galaxy S2 is the winner at the end.


  13. Does Samsung usually lock it’s bootloaders? And more importantly is this the kind of phone Cyanogenmod would support? I know they typically develop their roms for HTC devices but they supported the original Galaxy S and I have to admit, this is a great looking phone.

  14. It runs a bit (not much) smoother than my Optimus 2X with flash heavy sites.
    I wonder how the O2X will compare to that once Gingerbread is out.

  15. “One thing is for sure, once we get a solid release date, I will be counting down the days until this superphone hits stateside. Evo 3D or Galaxy S II? Its going to be a great year for Android.”

    The year has started. No need to wait or countdown. The LG optimus 2X has nearly all “2011 features” (no NFC) and it is available for a reasonnable price.

  16. Samsumg refuted this today… http://tiny.cc/wt0po

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