Sensation 4G Will Be T-Mobile’s Exclusive Version of HTC’s Latest


HTC just announced their flagship HTC Sensation, saying it will be coming to all parts of the globe. That includes the United States, where T-Mobile has announced their very own HTC Sensation 4G. Yep, they did just tack 4G on the end of that (does anyone else find this an increasingly annoying trend?). The phone is identical to it’s worldwide counterpart, which was detailed at a press event in London today. Full T-Mobile press release below. Head over to AndroidForums to see what everyone else is saying.

HTC brings one of its most advanced smartphones ever to the United States exclusively to T-Mobile customers

BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 12, 2011 – HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today introduced the HTC Sensation 4G, a smartphone that shines a spotlight on entertainment with HTC’s new HTC Watch™ video service. Crafted with premium design elements, the HTC Sensation 4G features the company’s latest customer-focused HTC Sense™ experience that puts people at the center by making their smartphones work in a more simple and natural way. The HTC Sensation 4G will be available in the US exclusively at T-Mobile USA beginning this summer.

“Consumers have quickly transformed smartphones into consumer lifestyle hubs that are pocket-sized entertainment centers that enable people to take their favorite multimedia content with them wherever they go. The new HTC Watch service makes it fun and easy for people to access premium movies and TV shows while on the go,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “The HTC Sensation 4G combines this great multimedia experience within the latest HTC Sense experience in a premium device that delivers a powerful and unprecedented smartphone to our customers.”

“The HTC Sensation 4G delivers the ultimate in speed and entertainment on America’s Largest 4G network,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile USA. “With a lightning-fast dual core processor and 4G speeds, customers will feel the difference when accessing rich media and content on the HTC Sensation 4G’s beautiful qHD display. We look forward to adding the HTC Sensation 4G to our industry-leading lineup of 4G smartphones.”

Premium Design and Materials

Tapping into HTC’s trademark design language, the HTC Sensation’s premium look and feel is enhanced by its rounded edges, aluminum unibody construction and the touch screen surface is protected by a contoured screen that feels more natural as a finger is glided across it. The 4.3-inch qHD display delivers high-resolution widescreen viewing and gives the HTC Sensation slender proportions that feel natural in a person’s hand. At the heart of the HTC Sensation beats a powerful, 1.2-gigahertz dual-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, which enables gorgeous graphics and all-around fast performance.

HTC Sense

Complementing the HTC Sensation’s premium design is the latest HTC Sense experience that boasts a host of new features and enhancements, helping people to have more fun and get more done. For instance, HTC Sense introduces a customizable active lockscreen experience that transforms the lockscreen into a real-time window to the most important information and content, such as social updates, photos, weather or stock updates that are viewed by simply turning on the display. In addition, the new active lockscreen becomes a customizable gateway that lets people quickly jump to the most used features, like making a phone call, sending an email, taking a picture or anything else with the same quick gesture usually used to unlock the phone. For instance, the camera can be launched right from the lock screen with a single motion, saving precious seconds when you’re trying to capture the action. Sharper graphics, vibrant animations and new widgets make HTC Sense look better than ever and, by continuing to focus on all of the aspects, both large and small, that make HTC Sense special, HTC introduces a more cinematic and immersive weather experience with stunning imagery and audible weather effects.

HTC Sense also makes it easy to have fun by enabling people to capture and share special moments. The HTC Sensation’s 8-megapixel camera doesn’t just shoot gorgeous photos but, with the new instant capture feature, lets people capture the moments they want without worrying about missing or keeping up with the action. The HTC Sensation also shoots full HD video in 1080p resolution, with full stereo sound, at up to 30 frames a second, giving you smooth video that is better than many other phones. With the new Video Trimmer tool, people can crop their clips to the perfect size for easy sharing with friends and family.

HTC Watch

The HTC Sensation is a smartphone that is built from the ground up for a sophisticated, evolved multimedia experience. The 4.3” widescreen display means that users can watch movies like they were meant to be seen – in their full cinematic glory, with no cropping or letterboxing. The HTC Sensation is also the first smartphone to feature HTC Watch – an application and service that puts an entire library of the latest, premium movies and TV shows right at your fingertips, letting people discover the latest video content in an easy and visually engaging way. HTC Watch uses progressive download technology that makes it possible to watch videos without waiting for a huge file to finish downloading. HTC Watch offers the choice of renting or buying videos, and if purchased, lets you watch them on up to five different HTC devices.

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Official: Meet HTC’s New Flagship Phone, the Sensation

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  1. Wow, my T-bolt is jealous, except the 4g part!!

  2. wonder if the new sense ui will end up on the TB?

  3. The only reason I got the thunderbolt was to lock down unlimited LTE. To me that is more important than any and everything.

    1. Yea for the next 2 days, lol

  4. Only thing I am hating on is they used gorilla glass for this and not the TB. But without Verizon 4G LTE this phone is pointless.. Oh yeah you can have Tmobile unlimited.. oh wait that is until you hit 2gig and then you get cut to 200mhz speeds.. what a waste of such a great looking phone.. Wish it would be on a network that offers truely unlimited 4G like my TB..

    1. Unless youve been with tmo for 6+ years like me and have TRULY unlimited data that has been grandfathered in :)

      1. Ditto. HA!

      2. I assume you are not in contract anymore (month-to-month contract), that means t-mobile or att can change it at will if they choose to and you can leave them as well. If Att/T-mobile merge goes through, it’s not likely ATT will grandfather your existing expired contract. FYI, I’m with t-mobile for more than a decade already.

        1. Strange, I thought Voicestream became T-Mobile USA in September ’02.

    2. You r wack verizon sucks with a capital S! Can’t hold tmobile jock believe that!

    3. Verizon’s 4G LTE is faster but I bet pages will load faster on the G2x and Sensation 4G. I did a speed test on my MT4G and the TB and got 5mbps and 18mbps respectively. Then I loaded a few web pages and the TB loaded them maybe 1sec faster. Remember the phone still has to process the info.

    4. uhhh Verizon is the king of throttling so not really sure what you are talking about…

  5. I will be saving up for this phone. I wonder if it will have pentaband radio?

  6. is this gonna work with att and tmobile????

    1. Tmo USA has been tweeting about it all morning, so that would be my guess.

      1. I think that’s not a safe assumption. It was specifically mentioned with the G2x that it was quad-band, I haven’t heard anything regarding that about the Sensation… yet….

      2. The difference is that the G2x is quad band and has AT&T and Tmo bands. The HTC is only 900/2100 Tmo I think.

    2. nope jut tmobile

  7. Finally! HTC sensation 4g beats thunderbolt

    1. The sad thing is it will still be faster cause of verizons superior network. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      1. superior? lol.

  8. Tmobile should be barred from using the number four and letter “g” sequentially.

    1. Ironic considering my Nexus One blows all of Sprint’s 4G devices out of the water in speed tests. Go sit on a road cone, no one cares about your biased opinion

      1. Actually it doesn’t always blow it away, it depends on location. Where I am t-mobile users are lucky to get a 3g signal and sprint users have 3g across the board. I may not have a faster speed where you are but I do get much more high speed data coverage.

    2. honestly i never understood why people were insulting t-mobiles 4g when until verizon’s 4g rolled out a couple of weeks ago, t-mobile was the fastest then sprint. and funny thing is at first tmobile didnt even call it 4g

  9. The most is important part is… Will it have a locked boot loader?!

  10. No, Kevin no one else finds the 4G thing annoying…just you, because you are a VZW-sucking douche bag.

    1. People like Kevin are biased in their writing……not professional. He’s gonna bring Phandroid down sooner or later

      1. It’s amazing how biased most of the Phandroid staff is to certain companies/providers.But it’s not that surprising since they are really bloggers and not journalists.

    2. I don’t think putting 4G at the end of everything is annoying4G. But you will4G.

  11. If this was quad-band I’d get this over the G2x. 4/15 can’t come soon enough!

    1. T-Mobile HSPA+ has proven time in and time out that its faster than WiMax… My Nexus one is faster than the WiMax… Oh kyle… This is meant for John.. Not you… sorry

  12. As long as top tier phones are still coming out with 3G only (iPhone, Incredible 2) I don’t blame anybody by adding 4G on the phone title (whether something is 4G or isn’t is something else entirely), it will get annoying when 4G becomes the standard if they are still tacking that on.

    The Evo 3D is based off the Desire model then? I’m not really sure what would make the Sensation the top HTC phone, as the EVO 3D seems to be specced similarly, just with 3D

    1. Add it to the name or answer thousands of “is it 4g?” questions :)

  13. @Wctaylor79 The thunderbolt has gorilla glass

    1. That’s a negative. I wish the TB had gorilla glass but it doesn’t. Only complaint I have with it. Believe me a broke screen on y sisters TB and hair scratches a plenty throught the TB community.. It is not gorilla glass.

  14. Does anyone know how well this will work on AT&T’s network? GSM frequencies, HSPA+ and what not…

  15. Tmobile has been tweeting about this all morning. they have states that it will be a 14.4 device.

  16. Only 900 and 2100 for frequencies. So no chance of buying one cash and activating it in Canada. Damn. Oh well, there’s still hope for the Galaxy SII

  17. I would have been all over this phone if it wasn’t for the fact that is going to a so so network that is being bought out by the sh!tt!est company on the planet. I’ll wait for the evo 3d.

  18. How do you report posts like this?

  19. Tmo wont cap u untill u hit close to 5gb. On a unlim plan.

    1. I thought it was 2gb on the new plans

  20. A better merger would be tmo and sprint better prices and better f@#%$! Than the other two companys

  21. Where is Netflix or Hulu on dualcore snapdragon?

  22. wtf does early summer mean…damn vague release dates G2X – SGSII – Sensation 4G???

  23. I have an HTC Desire. One thing I have noticed about the new HTC phones is that the optical trackball has been removed. I use this very often especially when I have to insert words or letters I have missed and I have to move back one or two characters. How will I do that without the trackball? :(

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  25. I’m worried “this summer” turns into “this fall”. I’ll go with the G2x, get an unlock code, and resell in 3 months to get the HTC Sensation. This MT3G is torture even post root.

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