Apr 11th, 2011

Gartner today said that they expect Android to become a viable competitor to the Apple iPad in the tablet space by 2015. In that year, Android is expected to grab nearly 40% of the market. To put it into perspective, Android supposedly accounts for 20% of all tablets in the market today.

They also released some sales figures for tablets over all. 70 million units from Apple, Samsung, RIM, Motorola, LG and more will be sold this year, while 2012 will see a jump to 108 million. Just 17.6 million tablets were sold last year.

It’s a trend that should be quite familiar to us all: Apple creates a new market and everyone follows. As we’ve seen with smartphones, though, Android tablets definitely have the potential to catch up and eventually surpass the iPad. We won’t jump that far ahead, though, because we need a majority of these devices to actually be released. Let’s get on it, OEMs! [via Reuters]