Why Would Anyone Buy Android?


That’s the question Business Insider is asking people in a 12 question survey posted this morning. The way they ask the question, in all caps (cruise control), simply reeks of snooty iPhone users wondering why they aren’t on top anymore. It would seem that some reasons which are clear as air, just aren’t clear enough sometimes. Naturally, this means that everyone, Android user or not, should head over and take the survey.

Unfortunately the results aren’t immediately available after the survey, but Business Insider claims they will be published “in a few days.” In the mean time, let’s take our own survey:
[polldaddy poll=4881661]

[via Android Police | And thanks to JayMonster]

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Google Acquires Pushlife, Could Bring iTunes-Like Media Management to Android [Video]

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  1. I took the survey and made sure to explain accurately why my next phone and the phone after that, etc will be android. open source ftw!

  2. “Nothing: I hate Apple”

    Best answer ever.

    1. I like that answer, but I am also annoyed that implies that the only reason you would choose an android over an iPhone is because you hate apple. there was no other choice on that question… “snooty iPhone users” indeed…

      1. Yea that answer was in one of the questions I couldnt answer….so I didnt submit the survey.

        I expect to see answers like this in the survey at some site called Apple something, not Business Insider.

      2. Yeah, there should have been more options. I chose the hate one even though I own several Macs. I have nothing against Apple’s computers, it’s their iOS devices I dislike, as they’re nothing like my comps.

        Anyways, really DUMB survey.

    2. I buy android because I don’t have to be tied to iTunes. I like the freedom android provides. While there are benefits to a locked down hardware/software platform they do not out weight the benefits of an open hardware/software platform.

      1 new iPhone every 12 months vs. a new android hardware every few months. Choices are the spice of life.

    3. Surveys like this make me want to hate Apple even more.

    4. Shouldn’t the survey title have read “Why would anyone buy an iPhone since Android has left them in the dust?”

  3. Um, hmm. lets think about it for um .1ms. Oh that was fast. I buy android because open platform, versatility, and its not run by Crapple!

  4. I took the Business Insider survey, but about the survey in this article. I get it’s a joke, but the answers make absolutely no sense.

  5. I must say that the business insider survey had very little options for telling them why one would want an android phone. Especially considering that is was named “Why Would Anyone Buy Android?” I know nobody wants to know my opinion but here are 4 reasons that I consider important. Bigger screen (3.5″ simply isn’t big enough for me any more), notifications (not perfect of android but god awful on iOS), widgets/customization (the interface for iOS is really boring to me), free super good navigation. Their are other reasons but these at least hafta change before I would ever consider switching.

  6. If you think you’ll buy Android or BlackBerry or Microsoft WP7 phone, what might make you buy an iPhone instead?

    And those are the only options?

  7. Problem questions..
    Question 5..
    3 options.. Going to buy the latest and most expensive, the cheaper older version, or don’t plan on buying a smart phone … Do people either buy the most expensive, the cheapest, or not at all.. really ?
    Question 9..
    Basically all the options are to either to find a way to make you buy an iphone you don’t want, or that you hate iphone.. kind of immature for a “business” site.

    1. I spent less on my EVO through Wirefly then I would have buying a iPhone.

      And guess what? When the new iPhone came out my older EVO was still the better speced phone.

  8. Hey, make sure you guys make another post when the results are available.

  9. Why does it seem that even the surveys questioning what device you will buy is even biased towards Apple.

  10. No option for flexibility and something that is not controlled by Apple. That is my biggest issue with Apple system. Control. I can’t just stand it.

  11. theres way too many blogs, especially engadget, that are very biased.

    1. phonedog is worse, or at least used to be. i haven’t been to the site in a LONG time.

    2. People buy stuff based a lot on emotion, not facts. So they are emotionally attached to the product. iPhones are nice. So are android phones, Blackberries, and WP7.

      These blogs rely on hits to drive their advertising revenue. Nothing gets people more riled up than a war. Sensational bias=revenue. We’re the ones being played.

  12. Should be “why would anyone not buy an android phone?” Seriously the options are limited, I don’t buy apple because of the tight eco-system and little room for customisation, not because android apps don’t work on it…

  13. I took the survey, it’s pretty ridiculous why they would even wonder why everyone wants an Android phone. Because it doesn’t limit you to apple’s shitty ecosystem. I mean seriously i like having choice, i don’t want one specific phone that everyone has with a tiny screen. I want something that’s open source and has choice. This survey really should have been Why in the hell would i buy an iPhone when Android is available?

  14. Why? Hmm…maybe because they don’t want to feel like they live in China or North Korea and don’t want to be Kim Jong-Steve’s bitch.

  15. Took the survey. Really weird set of questions. They don’t seem to really want to know about Android – just very skewed to Apple. Will be interested in how they interpret the results though – follow up article please!

  16. …. This is stupid. The survey is limited in options. If you are not getting an iPhone, the automatically assume that you are not getting one because you dislike Apple. It is full of questions that don’t give any useful information.

    It should be asking why people get a certain platform over others without being so petty.

    This survey is just another gimmick. One that is meant to rile up various sides against each other.

    Like seriously? “Nothing: I hate Apple.”

    I will not get an iPhone, not because I hate Apple. I do not hate Apple in any way. I just prefer Android. I don’t hate RIM. I don’t hate Microsoft.

    This anti-Apple and anti-Android fandom is not helping anyone. It is simply promoting stubbornness.

    This survey is just stupid.

    1. Agree…I have the thunderbolt but I also have a mac book pro; clearly a biased survey

    2. “The survey is limited in options.”

      Kind of like the iPhone. haha

    3. I agree, this is the stupidest, most biased survey I’ve ever done. At least KNOW why people are picking Android over iPhone.

      If you think you’ll buy an iPhone, what might make you buy an Android or BlackBerry or Microsoft WP7 phone instead?
      <–this has no way any merit to what I picked because I picked my next phone will be Android as my current phone.

      If you think you'll buy an iPhone, what might make you buy an Android or BlackBerry or Microsoft WP7 phone instead? Choice:
      1)Offer a cheaper phone that does pretty much everything the iPhone does
      2)Offer a phone that does everything the iPhone does
      3)Offer a phone that is BETTER than the iPhone in most key ways
      4)Nothing: I live in the reality distortion field <–WTF is with this choice!!!
      5)My carrier does not offer iPhone
      6)I never planned on buying an iPhone <–well I plan on never OWNING one

      OK, I'm not doing this stupid retarded survey anymore. I did NOT pick Andorid because I HATE Apple. I picked it because it is surperior over iOS and allows me the ability to customize my phone the way I WANT IT!!!

      *roze is angry from this survey now*

  17. Keep us informed about the results of that survey :)

  18. This survey is blatantly geared towards Apple understanding how to improve their iPhone since Android went from “a joke” to owning the major share of the smartphone OS. Really, no one inferred that from the questions? I thought it was rather obvious – especially with the choices (or lack thereof) in some of the questions.

  19. The people who are bitching about other people bitching,you know how stupid you sound. And I hope no one dogs out Android on an Android forum,that just shows how bright you are. IPhone has no customization a 3.5 inch screen a processor that nobody knows the speed and they’re so over priced its not even funny. Not to mention the shit service and antenna problem and who makes a phone all out of glass. So many people gave broke the iPhone4. Oh not to mention every iPhone user will tell you this that everytime they come out with a new phone they update the old ones with the new software which then majesty your phone a pile of shit.

  20. Wow, that survey was terrible. The bias was so evident. They should have just asked:

    Would you buy an Android?
    A) No, I love the iPhone.
    B) IPhone is better.
    C) iPhone is the best phone.

  21. Why would anyone buy anything? Because thats what they want.

    Sometimes it is that simple.

    I took the survey…I couldnt answer # ‘s 8 and 9…I wanted my next phone after my Win Mo Omnia 1 to have a capacitive screen. I didnt really want a phone that could do everything an iPhone did, cuz I didnt know what an iPhone did back then…lol Now I see I got to answer all questions for the survey to be accepted..oh well…

    And what made me get my first Android phone was a slide out keyboard, capacitive screen, ton of free apps and free GPS.

    Why in the hell wasnt “choice of type of phone” in any of the answers??? Ppl that want an iPhone only have a touch screen as an option for a phone.

    Yea…this was a very suspect survey…

  22. Hmm… Let me see… Five row qwerty beautiful super AMOLED screen extremely powerful graphics processor.

  23. I completed their survey on my Xoom. Take that Apple fanboy survey!

    1. you and only 100,000 others….

  24. Hmm… Let me see… Five row qwerty, beautiful super AMOLED screen, extremely powerful graphics processor. And most important the freedom of choice not to mention being on the bleeding edge of technology. To be honest I could go on forever, long story short with Android there is a phone for everyone.

  25. The results will probably show that android users hate Apple. It was definately obvious they were not looking for accurate information. I walked into Verizon wanting an iPhone, not knowing any better. I walked out with an android and now I would never even want an iPhone. Its all about perspective. How many current android users have had an iPhone? Thousands. Everyone’s reasons for switching will be a little different. Hating apple is just a byproduct of their business practices.

    1. Yup, that’s why I didn’t complete the survey. My reason for getting an Android phone is NOT to spite Apple and show how much I dispise them. I really hate when srveys are so skewed.

      1. This is the exact same reason why I didnt complete it too. Questions 8 and 9 need to be redone.

  26. “Nothing: I hate Apple”

    That answer is priceless!!

  27. The number of Apple loving fanboy “journalists” and the sites that allow them to post has just flat out become ridiculous. Business Insider, Ars Technica, Engadget, IGN and on and on!! And you can tell their anger at Android outselling iPhone by leaps and bounds increases by the day. I knew it was really going to jump when the Verizon iPhone didn’t put a single dent in Android.

    So now it looks like they are doing everything in their power to tarnish Androids name. But the funny thing is that its not working and ironically Steve Jobs has told them why its not. Everything they throw out as bad about Android is technical. Fragmentation is the main example. But like Steve said the average person doesn’t isn’t interested in the technical side of things. They don’t know what fragmentation is nor do they care. All they know is that they find a phone they like with a big screen and when they download an app off the market it works. It doesn’t matter to them if it doesn’t work on some other phone. These folks aren’t being drawn to the phones by the apps. Its the phones drawing them to the apps. So they don’t go in looking for Words with Friends to work unless they already came from a Android or iOS device and chances are if they did they know which phone to get anyway. Then they keep up this crap about being difficult to use despite these 300K + people activating a phone everyday and not finding it difficult to use at all. Hell I taught my non tech friend how to root his EVO over the messenger and he’s been ROM hopping like a pro ever since. So obviously if thats easy then simply using the phone is simple.

    Let them keep on with the crap. Just as Jobs has the iFools thinking all other OEM’s are attacking specs when no one cares about specs so are all these iFool haters. They are attacking crap about Android devices that the average user obviously doesn’t care about.

  28. Why Would Anyone Buy Android?

    Bcuz they are the same type of people who buy costume jewelry, wear fake furs, buys cubic zirconia instead of diamonds, and eats imitation crabmeat. In other words, they prefer copycats to the real thing…..

    1. I hope you aren’t insinuating that Apple is original and innovative, cause that would just make you look stupid.

      If you care so much about not using copied technology, then you better limit yourself to dead products from nonexistant companies, because everything that exists today is a copy of something.

      1. ….if only more ppl would understand this….

        This is one time I wish I could Like a comment more than once.

    2. Copycats…oh you mean like the way Apple tried to copy Android’s multitasking and still couldn’t get it right? Or how Apple took the same grid of icons UI they used for the iPhone and just plopped it on a tablet? Now that is innovative. /sarc

      1. How’s that Honeycomb “innovation” working out for the Motorola Exhume….err, Xoom???? Lol!!!

        1. And what does it working out for the Xoom have to do with it being innovative or not?

          I’m pretty sure we can come up with some things that were innovative that didnt sale well. I wouldnt write off Honeycomb so soon.

          To my fellow posters:

          I know I didnt follow my own advice, I’m sorry for that. But I would like to take this time again to thank all those who didnt feed the troll….

    3. Costume Jewelry: Because it’s a costume party, duh!

      Fake Furs: As long as it looks nice and keeps you warm I don’t see a problem. We’ve been wearing synthetic materials (that outperforms real fur) for decades. Additional plus is that you don’t have to worry about PETA coming and throwing red paint over that nice real fur you just bought.

      Cubic Zirconia: Considering that they are virtually flawless compared to diamonds to the average person and at a fraction of the cost, I don’t see the problem with buying them. Jewelry is just something pretty to loom at, nothing more. Have fun dishing out multiple times the amount for an item that doesn’t serve any higher function other than to say I blew lots of money!

      Imitaion Crab: Right… Like all iPhone owners magically know the difference. If anything I would put this under a BlackBerry owner. Since you know, they’re more likely to be in a fancy restaurant with their business clients.

    4. tisk tisk this is exactly what I am talking about in my comment; materialistic and a superiority complex…

  29. I love you guys and gals. You’re all invited to the player haters ball. And I mean that as a compliment. I also think think this survey is a compliment. Apple and its followers are feelin the pitch. DInc and the rest of the fam are kicking ass!

  30. I would like to take this time to applaud everyone for not feeding the Troll….thank yall very much.

    1. Looks like I spoke too soon….lol

  31. Apple seems to look like a boring phone from what I can tell even though I’ve never played with an iphone. Android seems to be more organized with there ability to place widgets on the home screens and the ability to sync all your emails face book calendars ect. Android seems to be a complete platform than ios and plus there is only 1 iphone device and there are many android devices if apple is going compete with android they are going to have to make more ios devices get htc samsung lg molorla involved.

  32. Boy you android fanboys sure get your panties in a wad

    1. Almost as much as the apple fanboys that must check android forums to dish out their envious nerdrage.

  33. I think a better question these days is why wouldn’t you by an Android phone?

    Given the multiple choices given to users with phones of every size and shape imaginable. A phone that each individual can tailor to their needs and wants. I have no problem with Apple, I still have my ipod. But honestly the iPhone became boring to me. So I made the switch last summer, and after having a 4.3″ screen I could never go back to the little ones.

  34. The survey was obviously a snooty iPhone user deal. Anybody else wouldn’t have worded it that way because they know, nobody buys Android…they buy devices that run on Android. Unless the person who made the survey doesn’t know the meaning of the term “open source”.

  35. I want android because I want a pocket PC. I want a physical keyboard, file system, multitasking and if another android OEM comes out with a better phone, I could just bring all the apps I bought to the new device.

    1. …how? Genuinely.. I moved SD card lately and that was annoying enough, but a full migration? how would you plan that?

  36. The real question: why does a survey in a thing called “Business Insider” contain a survey that was, at best, written by a High School Freshman. I mean, seriously, “because I hate Apple?”. I mean, sure, for me that’s a valid lifestyle choice, but hardly the questions a business professional (who, more likely than not, is using a Blackberry, not an iPhone, anyway) ought to be asking in order to conduct a meaningful survey.

  37. I don’t HATE apple…. but I doubt anything would make me buy an iPhone. I don’t like iPhones. Apple are fine.

  38. Fantastic article on android, definitely one of the better ones in recent times!!..

  39. I can’t help but laugh. I was new to the smartphone game in June 2010 never had android or apple or windows never had blackberry or any web os device either. My little small feature phone didn’t even have a camera on it my last phone was a metro pcs Kocerya. I researched very hard cause the selection i would make would’ve had to been something I would be able to learn from. After 4 months of research and countless youtube videos i openly selected android as well as htc and have never looked back. Android offers a platform that is entirely open something you can learn from with an opportunity to grow everyday and build on your knowledge. I have always said that if you want something that just works when you turn it on as well as something simple you go buy an iphone, but if you want something that you can build according to your personality and structure according to your needs then you buy android. Apple has been my desire nor will it ever be after only 10months of android I will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING OTHER THAN ANDROID/HTC DEVICES. I admire google and there drive when it comes to technology and I understand there concept of SPREADING THE WEALTH. They do there best to let all there manufacturers/carriers present android in there own flavor and that alone is something truly remarkable. Not every android device is created the same but one thing holds true on every device and that’s allowing the end user to use and customize there very own device as they see fit something that’s truly priceless. In my world apple nor it’s products can….NEVER EXIST….

  40. It’s quite simple that the writers of the survey haven’t a clue. Well here it is! Just like your survey, iOS offers little choices.

    Apple comes out with one phone per year and your choices are 8G or 16G, black or white (when they fell like it).

    Android is like Baskin-Robbins, so many flavors to choose from.

    Apple and its iPhone owners are like the Borg – a community of single-minded beings that can only survive by assimilation.

    Android owners believe in freedom and free-choice and free-will. Android vs. iOS has very little to do about spending power. If iPhone owners were given the option to purchase an app or get it for free, which do you think they would choose?

  41. Two things stood out to me (no, not the “I hate Apple” thing. It’s a fair point, if there’s nothing that can make you want to buy an Iphone, then it’s not because you’re being rational about it):

    1. I have no idea which phone I will buy next. I don’t purchase phones every year, and I don’t plan what to buy before I actually need to replace my old phone – and my Nexus One still works rather well.

    2. “Offer a phone that is BETTER than the iPhone in most key ways” – Wait, what? The way this answer is written, it almost seems incomprehensible that this could ever happen.

  42. wow soo many android fanboism

    1. Hey look, a troll!

      Don’t see many of them ’round these parts.

      1. You havent been looking hard enough…lol

  43. Apple tries to be too exclusive, especially with their app market.
    Android gives you freedom and it is much more customizable to each persons individual tastes.
    I’m not an iFollower.
    And since when does your phone make you “better” then other people,
    that’s how the majority of iphone people act
    its annoying and very materialistic.
    Way to be a brand advocate apple people..
    are they paying you to do that?
    I think not.

  44. ipot

  45. They have posted a new survey: http://www.businessinsider.com/smartphone-survey-iphone-android-2011-4 apparently they trashed the old one because too many Android fan sites linked to it haha

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