Google Acquires Pushlife, Could Bring iTunes-Like Media Management to Android [Video]


Google’s opening their checkbooks again and have gone ahead and acquired yet another software firm. This time, the folks at Pushlife are being added to their growing pool of talent. They couldn’t comment on what they’d be doing with Google, of course, but we’d bet all our marbles on them continuing the project they were already working on, except with some Android-exclusive love.

They developed an iTunes-style media management system that allowed you to sync your music back and forth between iTunes and Windows Mobile just as easily as iPod, iPad, and iPhone owners can. They had versions for Android and Blackberry available, but I assume Blackberry support will be dropped in light of the acquisition.

Google’s long been rumored to be launching their own music service – a formal announcement of which we expect to be made at Google IO in May – and this acquisition lends further credibility to all of the murmurs we’ve heard over the past year. (This stuff has been going on since last year’s Google IO, you know.) Check out the video above to get a taste of what could be coming to Android. [via TechCrunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Who cares? I got Music Downloader Pro and Audio Galaxy!! Eat that iPhone users!!

  2. On behalf of all Android users, everywhere, I’d just like to say it’s about freaking time. LOL

    Excellent move, Googlers. Really smart call. Look forward to seeing what you do with this…please don’t do anything that chases away Pushlife’s principals, OK?

  3. me want…

  4. Just promise me that it won’t be like iTunes.

  5. Who the hell still syncs media? And that is a serious question. We have mountable SD cards and internal memory. I plug my phone into my laptop. Copy. Paste. Unplug. That’s it. What’s the point?

    1. Well i feel what your saying but sometimes that stuff is messy i want my media to be controlled with out me looking threw files i think its a good thing but then againg im sure this wont take aWay what u like either

    2. I’m guessing you’ve never had your computer hard drive die or all your media lost due to some sort of data corruption. If it can SYNC in the CLOUD then Google will be golden.

      1. No, I haven’t.

      2. “some sort of data corruption” = the latest malware you can’t seem to get rid of, that’s trying to sell you “anti-virus” software that will remove what they infected you with, requiring a reformat and reinstall…

  6. *pulls out phone, discovers that his phone decided to “sync” and deleted his entire collection* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    1. LMAO noob move, I did the same thing the first time I used iTunes a few years back.

      1. haha, never made that mistake. Only sync to itune ONCE after getting my ipod.

  7. This looks awesome, especially for those of us with a central music catalog on a different computer.

  8. Nice, iOS has had a similar media management, playlist editing/arranging for a while and it is pretty convenient.

  9. They coming out a movie rental type

  10. I HATE iTunes!!! If it’s like that, count me out. My SD card and 2 mins of time does the trick.

    1. Yeah so do I, but I don’t think it’s going to be a forced music management system. It might just be an optional way.

  11. I thought the whole benefit of Google’s music service was going to be the ability to store your music in the “cloud” and not have to worry about having anything on your sd card?

    1. i’m not really a fan of cloud reliance. what if i’m somewhere that i don’t have signal, or if i am on a carrier that throttles data or charges your brains out for it? in the endi think it’s better to have it on your SD card.

      1. Good point. I guess I just wouldn’t use it enough to worry about data charges.

  12. Any time now !!!!

  13. THIS FUCKING ROOLZ. but i do love my POWERAMP.

  14. I’m not a big fan of iTunes for many reasons…but I do dig it’s simple user interface and organization options/abilities. Give me that plus the option to turn off sync plus support for tons of audio/video codecs *cough*flac*cough* and I’ll be sold.

    I’d like to see a Google Music desktop app come to computers to compete with iTunes.

    …not that anybody cares (save for me) but I’m currently using JetAudio as my desktop solution, and I don’t even use my Droid for music…I have a Cowon J3.

  15. The only reason for itunes / syncing crap was so apple can exert control over your device .
    No interest whatsoever of using similar on android – drag n drop ftw.

  16. I don’t mind if it’s optional and can be downloaded in the market, but if it’s built into the phone or on a future upgrade then it needs to be removed.

    I hate sync! Seriously how hard is it to know the location of your files?…

  17. I hope we are not going to see less actual writing and screenshots, and more YouTube videos. Casual browsing is easier without video. Anyway, I can’t imagine this will be a horrible “sync” experience like itunes. Google is all about the cloud, so I imagine you won’t need to plug anything in to access your music – it will just be a remote store from which you can either stream or download from. The actual “sync” will be invisible – like gmail.

  18. i think this actually looks pretty good so long as its used to let you control your music and not used to let “them” “control” your music. i can see this being a pretty cool thing to have. i don’t like, want, have or need itunes, but it says it works with window’s media center as well, so that should be fine. one thing i would like to see is to give it the ability to play music that is on your computer(or phone) over your computer. that is to say, if you have your windows media center hooked up to your surround sound stereo, it would be cool to be able to use this app to control the music like a remote instead of having to go over to the computer to select music.

  19. The main issue is people on apple products don’t use their devices, just operate what is in their hands. Just a bunch of apple drones.

    There is a much lower percentage of android users who actually don’t know how to utilize their phones.

  20. Good for android. Although I dont care for something like this I know there are a lot of people familiar with the itunes system and find android lacking an equivalent. I hope this will be able to easily take all the music and playlists from itunes. No way though cause steve owns your mp3s and playlists. Personally, I find grooveshark to be the ultimate music delivery mechanism.

  21. no you don’t… seriously people it “you want” google it and get the apk… you can go to I believe was the site and get the apk… I didn’t like it. Its basically an app for those of you that need a easier way to buy music… I felt like it was more of a music store than a music player… I didn’t find the player to be intuitive at all. Power Amp is still my favorite. This has potential, but not for a good player

  22. Quentyn, FYI: I disagree. While Google might prioritize Android for their music service they’ll still continue support for all the other platforms. Take a look at Google’s other mobile services: they’re mostly platform agnostic. To provide the BEST user experience to the MOST people they need to support EVERYONE. So even if it helps competitiors a little bit… it helps them have the best product.

  23. I am excited abt the upcoming google music but one thing i want Google to introduce is smth akin to the itunes cards i see everywhere u look in store these days. I want to be able to just buy cards similar to those and use them to buy music, aps and games on Android market…u can reload as ur balance runs down. That will be a big boost in aps, games and music sales for the ever growing Android army of devices out there. I would prefer smth like this than put ur credit info out there for any lil purchase u make. Call it..gTunes cards, Android market cards (AM-cards) etc. I can’t w8 to see such cards will certainly make it easier for lots of ppl to make purchases from Android market.

    1. Pretty much any larger chain grocery store as well as dept stores like Walmart.. have prepaid, refillable, credit cards that will do what you want.. Use the Google, and you can even have custom cards made using your own artwork.. These are really debt cards not “credit” cards, but hey if that helps you manage your spending then go for it.

  24. was that like a G6?

  25. Google has made some great products, but they have lagged on the user experience of such products…this music platform seems to create a great user experience feel.

    Got to admit, this has got to have that Jobs guy doing head flips as it integrates with Itunes, which will allow Android to start stealing Itunes customers:)

  26. whats the namee of the phone

    1. Looks like a Samsung Galaxy S or one of its US varient.

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