Apr 9th, 2011

Google’s opening their checkbooks again and have gone ahead and acquired yet another software firm. This time, the folks at Pushlife are being added to their growing pool of talent. They couldn’t comment on what they’d be doing with Google, of course, but we’d bet all our marbles on them continuing the project they were already working on, except with some Android-exclusive love.

They developed an iTunes-style media management system that allowed you to sync your music back and forth between iTunes and Windows Mobile just as easily as iPod, iPad, and iPhone owners can. They had versions for Android and Blackberry available, but I assume Blackberry support will be dropped in light of the acquisition.

Google’s long been rumored to be launching their own music service – a formal announcement of which we expect to be made at Google IO in May – and this acquisition lends further credibility to all of the murmurs we’ve heard over the past year. (This stuff has been going on since last year’s Google IO, you know.) Check out the video above to get a taste of what could be coming to Android. [via TechCrunch]