Apr 4th, 2011

eBay is always a great source for a bizarre story or two, whether it be an absurd amount of money an item sold for or an absurd item itself. This post is of the absurd amount of money variety. Some poor soul was just looking to get rid of his broken Nexus One as he didn’t want to deal with the $55 repair process through HTC.

Little did he know that he’d be selling that broken bundle of joy for nearly $7,000. I’m not even sure how the bid amount got to $500 for a dated phone such as the Nexus One, but the jump from $500 to $7,000 is likely just the product of a typo or someone itching to be a jerk.

The weird part is that the person who was seriously bidding on it actually one-upped that large bid – surely he won’t seriously consider paying that much. Perhaps he didn’t see how much the price was. Or perhaps there is something magical about this Nexus One that we don’t know. I’ll go with the latter. [Thanks, Carlos!]

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