This Broken Nexus One Sold For Nearly $7,000 on eBay


eBay is always a great source for a bizarre story or two, whether it be an absurd amount of money an item sold for or an absurd item itself. This post is of the absurd amount of money variety. Some poor soul was just looking to get rid of his broken Nexus One as he didn’t want to deal with the $55 repair process through HTC.

Little did he know that he’d be selling that broken bundle of joy for nearly $7,000. I’m not even sure how the bid amount got to $500 for a dated phone such as the Nexus One, but the jump from $500 to $7,000 is likely just the product of a typo or someone itching to be a jerk.

The weird part is that the person who was seriously bidding on it actually one-upped that large bid – surely he won’t seriously consider paying that much. Perhaps he didn’t see how much the price was. Or perhaps there is something magical about this Nexus One that we don’t know. I’ll go with the latter. [Thanks, Carlos!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would have paid for $10,000 for that Nexus One

    1. Oh yea, I’d have paid $12,000!

      1. $15,000 … and SOLD!

        1. $133,700! to the robot in the green

  2. its a nexus one…… in one year, when google dominates the world these will be collectors items worth their weight in unobtanium!

    hmmm Maybe I should break my n1 too and sell in on ebay

  3. Nexus one is probably the best phone for all around root and tethering. I believe the newer phones will have a strict hold on tethering and root and the phone companies will make it nearly impossible for one to root. I do not think the nexus one is worth $7000 dollars, but the nexus one’s price has not dropped much over the years.

    1. Over the years? It has been out barely a year.

      1. It came out january 2010, now its april 2011.
        Its totally outdated

        1. Still better than iPhone 4 that came out after it !!!

          1. When it comes to the OS, yes, but hardware wise? No stock 720p video capture, no FFC, no retina display, and it’s not thinner than the iPhone 4.

        2. Outdated? No way. Lots of phones are better hardware wise but the N1 offers the perfect combination of everything, feel and design, software, and anything else I can think of. They biggest problem for me is the little space on the internal mem. but even that isnt a big deal.

    2. over the years???? dude its been 15 months

      1. Right. And that makes the “dated phone” remark just as bad.

        1. In smartphone years? Yea, it’s dated. Not saying it’s bad, though.

          1. The only truly dated thing is the limited phone app space (although if Google made all their apps to run on the SD card that would greatly help). Otherwise, it runs really well for most things, even the games that I occasionally play.

            In terms of what most folks use smartphones for, it’s not dated. In bleeding edge terms, yeah, it’s somewhat dated, but I really don’t that’s all important. It’s very similar to being able to do a lot with a great video card for $120 compared to the latest card that breathes fire.

  4. I would have killed for a Nexus 1 if it had went to Sprint. Oh well, i’ll just get the brother.

  5. both the bidders have zero feedback.

    1. and they just opened there accounts in the last couple of days.

  6. Thats priceless… Any word if the seller actually got paid?

  7. You think he could at least wave the $5 shipping fee at that high of a bid :P

    1. Or went ahead and sent the thing overnight.

    2. LMAO =)))

  8. I call money laundering.

  9. Holding on to my N1. Not much out there worth upgrading to, still…

  10. The magical thing is how HTC and Google got away with selling a “superphone” that has 175MB of usable app storage.

    1. It was January 2010 that’s how.

      Also it wasn’t until 6 months later when a phone finally passed that amount of storage.

  11. Well that $7K is squeeky clean now…..

  12. Except it is still one of the 1st phones to run 2.3

  13. If anyone is willing to put there money where there mouth is ill sell my working nexus one with stock gingerbread 2.3.3 to the highest bidder

  14. Bidding has ended on this item. The seller has relisted this item or one like this.

  15. I guess i will start the bidding on my working N1 at $7500

  16. “Dated”? It’s not as if every phone released today is better than it! Yes, there are some good phones out (Galaxy S etc) but the majority are still at Nexus One level.

    I even see games on the market that list the Nexus One as a “High end phone”

  17. this is a common occurrence in the UK on ebay phone listings. Not sure what its about but theres often a ‘Nigerian’ involved.

    1. yea every time its from Nigeria its a fraud

  18. Yeah I’m gonna go with he meant to type in 700 but accidentally added a second zero.

    1. But still for 700 who ever bought it could have just bought a brand new in box N1its still a lot considering that its broken.

  19. I wonder how much I’d get for my Nexus One then… It was the first ever rooted Nexus One (with stericson’s and paul obrien’s help)…

  20. The seller has re-listed it , item # 290552684940 .

  21. Oh man, now I want to sell my N1, I can finally buy a Nexus S for AT&T!

    1. bro atnt is trash its the worst…the dropped calls are insane

      1. Mine always works great, and dropped calls are rare.

    2. Hey man, honestly speaking the Nexus S isn’t worth it. I did the same exact thing your planning on. The 1500mhz battery is very limited and video chatting isn’t exactly perfected yet, if your even lucky enough to know anyone with a video chatting phone. If your N1 works keep it. Or better yet, test out the Nexus S for a while

  22. It sold for that much because it’s the only phone that has a gold-plated 8 core processor, a satellite radio that never drops calls, and unlimited 9000g internet for free.

    …unfortunately the buyer can’t take advantage of any of those technologies…because the phone is broken.

  23. Santana hit the nail on the head for me. Unlimited date no charge tethering is mighty compelling, and I love the slim form factor.. The app space, lack of front facing camera, an improved rear facing camera and 4G are the only things making me want to upgrade (and crappy T mobile coverage at times). I am going to hold off at least until January when my contract expires, but I may hold off longer to change because of the tethering. These wireless companies need to sort it out because I am not going to pay a data plan for every connected device and I am not paying Verizon a butt load for FIOS at home and LTE on the road.

  24. This is funny because I am getting my Nexus One repaired.. sorry guys still holding on to it. But it does make me feel like I have something of truly great value, but then again I already knew that

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