Easy 4G Switching Comes to the HTC Thunderbolt with LTE onOFF


HTC Thunderbolt battery problems got you down? A large part of it has to do with the handset’s 4G connection. Enter LTE onOFF, a new app in the Android Market that creates an easy way yo to turn on and off the Thunderbolt’s LTE radio to give your battery a break when needed. It’s a basic app by all means, but gets the job done just fine. Head over to the Android Market to grab it now.

Android Market Link: LTE onOFF

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. does this work on the inspire 4g as well?

  2. Awesome! Downloaded and installed. Something like this should’ve come stock with the TBolt.

  3. Great, a program that can dial *#*#4636#*#* for me. Wake me when somebody put the finesse on it, and/or makes a widget.

    1. Wow, what a tool! He’s just trying to save you some steps.

  4. Good idea. Was thinking about buying the TB but had my reserves. This helps a little. Still not all the way there yet. Should be included in a software update.

  5. Been using it for a few days since my area won’t get LTE till next year. But it real helps.

  6. Still waiting on the Bionic, but the TBolt is looking pretty nifty.

  7. There already was an app for it in the market for it, a better one. Who is ssbag and why are comments directed toward him? :)

  8. Phone Info by SC@Taiwan Cleaner, Neater, Smaller coming in at 9k.

  9. Great help for Thunderbolt users i hope they use this to help themselves with this issue. Can’t help but wonder why would verizon want there first lte device to create so many problems for there customers then never come forward with help on this matter. It’s amazing how verizon just doesn’t know how to implement there lte technology into there smartphone devices and none of there customers can see this only because there caught up in how fast the network is…. WAKE UP…… VERIZON CUSTOMERS…. Think about this cause manufacturers make devices based on carrier specifics htc makes great devices on ALL CARRIERS this device has no TOGGLE SWITCH which is suppose to be standard for all customers they are to be allowed to control the usage of lte on there handset as they seem fit… That option DID NOT EXIST STOCK before this fix… Another work around… If it wasn’t for the android community coming to the rescue this device would BE A FLOP

    1. it did exist. In the phone menu, dial *#*#4636#*#* and a menu will come up. You can change it from there, so please get your facts straight before you rant and look like a fool

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