Mar 31st, 2011

You can say whatever you want about Qualcomm’s speed in getting their newer chipsets inside of devices, but they do come to market with technology comparable to their competitors. Such is the case with the MSM8660 – the same chipset inside of the HTC EVO 3D and the supposed HTC Pyramid.

The EVO 3D’s chipset is clocked at 1.2GHz and we didn’t really have enough time with it to run benchmarks on it. Qualcomm seems to be able to clock the thing to 1.5Ghz, though. We’re not too surprised considering they have a single-core chipset inside the HTC Flyer running at those speeds, but our mind was blown after seeing the effects of this overclock.

In a test where the performance of Quake 3 is tested, the chipset outpaces the likes of NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, Samsung’s Hummingbird, and Texas Instruments’s OMAP platform. Quadrant tests reflect much of the same (though we’re aware that many of you don’t put too much stock into Quadrant results). The above photo also shows its performancce in the GL Benchmarks test.

You should note that this chipset does not take into account real-world performance – battery life would be at an absolute premium if you were to just drop this into a smartphone in its current state. Still, it’s quite impressive and we can’t wait to see how this thing will perform inside of actual phones whenever Qualcomm’s OEM partners begin to adopt it. (To date, the fastest chipset OEMs have provided for commercially-available products is the HTC EVO 3D.) [Anandtech via IntoMobile]