Sprint Changes Stock Lock Screen Experience With Unique Options on EVO 3D [Video]


When I took my first look at the HTC EVO 3D at Sprint’s press event yesterday, I didn’t think to check out the lock screen as it seems to be a pretty standard affair. They’re shaking things up with the EVO 3D, though. Sprint’s latest Sense device is the only one – from any carrier or region – to get this treatment.

To put it simply, it’s like a more dynamic implementation of the popular Widget Locker application that allows you to place widgets and shortcuts on your lock screen instead of just showing the date, time, carrier, and other standard bits of information.

They’ve added a few different options for users to apply. There’s a gallery screen that’ll allow you to scroll through your photos and jump right into the gallery to view them, while a standard applications dock screen will give you access to four customizable shortcuts to launch applications immediately following the unlock process.

It doesn’t sound like it holds any discernible differences compared to the flexible Widget Locker way, but you’ll have to look at the rest of the options to see just how cool this stuff is. Sprint left in hope for future additions to the current stable of options. I asked them if developers would be able to create stuff as nice as HTC has, but they couldn’t offer a confident statement regarding that. I’d love to see that happen, of course, but only time will tell. Take a look at this stuff in action in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think HTC is doing a wonderful job providing as many services as possible with this phone. I like how they’re root friendly but try to give you enough to where it’s not necessary.

  2. Wow. Real nice feature. So simple.

  3. truly inspiring software on HTC’s part.

    it’s amazing where android is headed. apple can’t keep up with it….if u disagree…fuck you! hahahaha. kidding. but seriously!

  4. That is pretty awesome

  5. The question is.. how is the damn battery? I didn’t get the thunderbolt bc of battery issues

  6. @Andrew
    As much as I love HTC I don’t think they’re as root friendly now as you may think. They locked the bootloader on the HTC Thunderbolt recently, what could this possibly mean?

  7. You want to be able to go straight to the dialer to make that emergency phone call without going through all these steps. good job…sort of like MIUI right?

  8. @ chance. Apple rules you fucken nigger.

  9. Talk about saving the best for sprint…DAM… this is kool. Everytime you turn around htc is creating something new for the Sprint Evo line that you will never see on any other carrier that also may have a htc device. These guys know how to appeal to there customers and it shows through there products. I will always love htc and appreciate there efforts. Technology is changing and they have made a commitment to 3d technology and on sprint we will help htc usher in those changes and support them against Lg. I am pretty sure more Htc Evo3d’s will be sold cause Evo is a brand but I support 3d and wish Lg cause it’s all in the best intrest of android which is all that matters

  10. Richard, you should download the dictonary.com app… You’re spelling is awful.

  11. Dick yarnell, if you are going to troll, learn to spell. You used the word “there” several times where it should’ve been “their.” That makes you look like not only a troll, but a stupid troll.

  12. Dick yarnell…it’s interest, not intrest.

  13. @Craig… Htc does not LOCK BOOTLOADERS.. They support openness making the devices yours…. Htc gave Verizon what they asked for the manufacturer makes the device based on what the carrier wants.. That WILL NEVER HAPPEN ON SPRINT. Sprint/Htc support openness and want customers to experience the device as intended from the manufacturer my current Evo 4g bootloader is not locked nor will the Evo 3d.

  14. That is amazing.

  15. Dick yarnell, it’s Damn, not dam. An HTC, not a HTC.

  16. @Black Hole

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  17. i have nothing against richard, he can say what he wants. but all of you who keep responding to bash him, you’re only feeding the troll

  18. Dick yarnell, the HTC G2 was locked, as is the European HTC Incredible S. The E3D will be as well. Watch.

  19. The back of the E3D is hideous. It looks like a casette recorder.

  20. *cassette

  21. @tim242… Stick a sausage in your mouth… You talk to much. Make your comments to the article and keep it moving buddy. That’s the problem with you assholes on this site to much attacking and faking to be other people at different times MAN UP stop hiding behind bullshit. Any misspelled words here dick face??

  22. @richard

    Multiple other htc phones had locked bootloaders it wasnt just verizon. Don’t cry when the Evo3d is locked also. Not that it will be hard to crack since its not encrypted like moto’s bootloaders.

  23. Want! Now!

  24. kickass feature!

  25. Evo 3d will not have a locked bootloader. Learn your facts Evo 4g didn’t have a locked bootloader. Hd2 is a poor example cause that’s windows mobile they always lock everything up. Again htc creates based on carrier specifics

  26. Cool feature, but why require you to use different lock screens for different functions? It looks like if you use the Weather one, for example, that’s all it shows.

    It would be much cooler if you could also mix and match – maybe I want time, weather and those shortcut icons all on the same lock screen.

  27. I’m sorry, but a 3d camera is just a useless toy that will hold no meaning after about a dozen or so pictures. A great feature for camera phones would be advancing the tech on shutter speeds (or the tech that actually takes the pic). I have little kids that always seem to move after I have hit the button, but before the camera does all it needs to to take a good pic. Oh, and I agree…HTC needs to REALLY work on battery life and making sure business essentials like proper synch technology works with MS Exchange. Can you hear me TBolt users?

  28. I can’t wait to leave tmobile when this stupid buyout happens cuz I’m buying this wicked sweet ass phone…. one of the nicest ive seen. Way better then my nexus S

  29. Dick yarnel: Yes, you used the word “to” several times when it should’ve been too. Btw, I guess you forgot about the Evo’s that came out in the fall with new hardware. Those bootloaders were locked.

  30. @Chris…. Actually your right encrypted bootloaders on motorola is the worst. Htc won’t do that cause they already what most of us will do anyway and they support openness. So yes you are right…. Thanks

  31. Dick yarnell: The G2 and Incredible aren’t bad examples…

  32. Dick yarnell: If they were so open, they wouldn’t sign them at all. Think dick, think.

  33. *Incredible S

  34. @richard, almost all the new htc phones have been coming locked so what makes you think the new evo will be any different?

  35. isnt this going to kill the battery ?

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  43. The Evo3D gets more and more impressive every time I see it. The Sense is the first overlay that I might actually like. I really like the mini USB HDMI out. All around, awesome phone. Phone of the year, without a doubt.

  44. Hey, Everyone check this out looks like GOOGLE/SPRINT are doing big things. People better get use to the future google will help sprint to become stronger which is only great for our platform.. Enjoy.. http://www.intomobile.com/2011/03/23/sprint-and-google-voice-demo-ctia-2011-orlando-fl/

  45. Widgets and battery life: It’s the getting the data from the network that is killing the phones. Turn off your data while your not actively using your phone and your battery problems are greatly reduced. Green Power Free let’s you automate this by turning off data if your screen is off and turning on data as soon as you unlock your phone so it can start syncing when the data actually is useful to you. Not compatible with all phones but worth checking out.

  46. @snowbrder

    The HTC phones with the locked bootloaders have all been on verizon duh! Sprint doesn’t do stuff like that.

  47. @Black hole
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  48. Swayzedahustla: The G2 is locked. The new hardware Evo’s are locked. The European Incredible S is locked…none of those are Verizon.

  49. do you think you can you do that with the thunderbolt once it gets gingerbread?

  50. I don’t care about locked bootloaders but I might have to get an Htc just for the new sense.

  51. @Quentyn Kennemer, Thank you SO much for mentioning Widget Locker. I love HTC and the G2 but the stock Froyo lock screen gets boring after a while. I know this article is about the EVO 3D, which is also pretty cool, but I wanted to thank you for changing my life.

  52. Still pre ordered my Nexus S, super fast updates, and I don’t have to worry about it.

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  59. the new lock screen is slick. kudos to HTC for that one

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    BTW the lockscreen feature is different and it brings nice “new” features to HTC and EVO. All the new users will be satisfied.

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    The bootloaders on HTC’s are usually hacked anyway. Look at how far the Hero has come dev wise. This new EVO is on my list.

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  67. Is that suppose to outweigh the shitty network?

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  72. new commenting system on phandroid? Excellent. This was long overdue.
    Anyway, this is pretty cool. I thought the first lock screen they showed the only one it had(and I thought that was cool itself). Props to HTC. They’re really adding a lot of customizability with this and the last version of sense(from the desire HD).

    Edit: This is the part where I’m supposed to say “first”, isn’t it?

  73. I like the lock screens but the big glossy bubble-type status bars on everything are kinda cheesy looking. It’s the same thing that annoyed me about the current Sense, at least as far as UI goes. Less window chrome/bling and more matte stuff looks cleaner and more professional.

    Otherwise this looks pretty neat. I like the lock screens.

  74. Whats up with the multiple same comments? Lol. I like the atrix better than evo 3d lock. It’s high tech!

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  77. I like the way you say “Sprint” made the changes. I BELIEVE this is a HTC feature of Sense 2.0… I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    1. Sense 2.0 doesn’t have this. This is some other version they haven’t mentioned yet. Maybe 3.0. Remember, one of the leaks said that the Evo 3d would have Android 3.0 Probably meant Sense.

  78. I like having lockscreen options. Now, if they give the option to set a separate wallpaper for the lockscreen, I really won’t need widgetlocker anymore.

  79. I used to have widgetlocker on my phone but got rid of it because I couldn’t control my music app thru my lock screen anymore. I bet this new version of Sense allows you to do both.

  80. Very cool intuitive feature. This kind of stuff is what HTC does best imho.

  81. Loving the new comment system!!!

  82. No secret here that HTC has out down themselves on this one…Sprint will ride into the summer of 2011 and the new year od 2012 with the best device on the market HANDS DOWN..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXpHtqqtd6A

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