Android 2.2 For the Samsung Mesmerize Now Available


US Cellular Galaxy S fans can finally get stepped up to a more modern version of Android as they have just released Android 2.2 for the Samsung Mesmerize. We all know the routine by now: it adds flash, apps to SD, and other goods that only Froyo can deliver. You don’t even have to wait for an over the air update to get it. Use this link here to get started. [Thanks, Josh!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If you have already rooted and flashed a custom ROM to your phone, DO NOT get to excited about the “official” Froyo update. You will be sadly disappointed.

    After AT&T released their update, it was such a let down after flashing ROMS for months. Do yourselves a favor and forget about the “official” releases, that’s why the developers are creating the ROMs in the first place. They know that the carriers’ updated full of crapware sucks.

  2. Good to know that Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the Fascinate…

  3. Great news for the mesmerize as well as another stab at the poor fascinate crew.

  4. Party like it’s November 2010!

  5. Ugh……
    (says a Fascinate owner)

  6. We should be getting it for the Fascinate soon enough. However, since the Mesmerize uses identical hardware, I believe this may very well give the developers what they need to get custom Froyo and/or Gingerbread roms fully working on the Fascinate. Hopefully they will comment on this soon on XDA.

  7. Oh, and btw, we’ve already got some new info that the latest official Froyo build for the Fascinate is being tested by Verizon right now: http://twitpic.com/4bzeh4

  8. Yes there are so many more people on US cellular than Verizon so it makes perfect sense to update the Mesmerize before the Fascinate…

  9. The sad thingis id be willing to bet the fascinate sold more. The update just blows so bad vzw wont take it. Those phones r so much more powerful than most of the new stuff. The power VR SGX 540 IS A BEAST!

  10. Finally! I’m heading there now to get started. Can’t wait to get off eclair. Too bad it’s done through Kies mini though…I’ve never had much luck with Samsung software.

  11. So just got back from US Cellular, had them put the update on my mesmerize in case it messed up. It took alomost an hour but so far so good. Also I did not lose any of my contacts or apps.

  12. Yay Verizon!! I love you! Oh wait this is US Cellular getting Froyo. I hate you Verizon.

  13. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Sent from my Samsung Fascinate running 2.1

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