Mar 23rd, 2011

We’ve been in touch with Motorola who claim yesterday’s rumor regarding the planned decline and termination of XOOM production by July 2011 is inaccurate. Here is the official response I received:

The Digitimes article is NOT accurate. Motorola Mobility is planning to manufacture and sell the Motorola XOOM beyond the second quarter.

Motorola declined further comment.

If that XOOM rumor has ANY legs I’m guessing it’s a matter of semantics. It’s very possible that someone in the supply chain saw decreasing and then disappearing production of the XOOM SKU in system inventory but this doesn’t prove anything. Motorola could have a new SKU for units shipping with 4G (current XOOMs require a free hardware upgrade) or that another type of refresh simply requires the SKU be slightly different.

Regardless of how those smaller details play out, Motorola wants to make it clear that XOOM sales are doing just fine and production will continue. Business as usual folks, nothing to see here… XOOM along!

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