T-Mobile G2x Hands-on [Video]


T-Mobile announced its G2x earlier and while they didn’t have the loudest booth on the show floor, they had the goods there to play with. It’s T-Mobile’s version of the LG Optimus 2X. When the phone was originally leaked, we figured it would be running stock Android due to its name: T-Mobile usually reserves the “G” tag for devices with stock Google experiences. We’re happy to say that we were right.

It’s the same LG Optimus 2X we’ve seen since it was announced, but it has 4G radios inside – 42mbps HSPA+, to be exact. It’ll be the first of T-Mobile’s devices to be able to take advantage of those types of speeds on their current 4G network. Another huge feature that I just fell in love with is the fact that it runs stock Android. I already thought the LG Optimus 2X was fast with LG’s UI on top, but it’s even better for stock Android.

T-Mobile’s sprinkled a bit of their love here and there – such as the neat “bouncy” effect when scrolling to the top and bottom of lists, but other than a few of their preinstalled applications it’s a pretty clean experience. The one and only thing I didn’t like about the LG Optimus 2X was the fact that it does not currently have Android 2.3. That could very well change before or after it’s launched, but for me personally it isn’t that big of a deal. Just something to note if you’re thinking of picking this up. Video is above if you need a closer look.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lets see a speed test

  2. This phone is going to be amazing once it gets Gingerbread. Definitely picking one up.


  4. Front of the phoe = Sexy
    Back of the phone= Meh
    Now lets see an htc pyramid vs. g2x

  5. I understand a little bit of “handling” of the phone but it looked like you didn’t want us to get a good look at the thing…

  6. And it will probably be useless in year…

  7. “a year”, that is (oops)

  8. I think it is great that this phone runs stock android. The only reason why some people hate some Android phones is because there is no Stock android interface. I wish there was a way to turn it off. If Android is widely touted as a mobile platform that is customisable.

  9. I am actually thinking about picking this up and selling my Nexus S. Since the g2x has support for both AT&T and Tmobile bands.

  10. This is the phone to get. Sucks it’s on T-Mo.

  11. That thing looks so smooth n quick…

    If this can work on AT&T this is another phone thats pulling me away from Verizon. I just gotta wait to see what drops in a few months on AT&T and Verizon.

    I already may leave Verizon and go to AT&T for better reception but this, the LG 3D, the Galaxy S and the Atrix??? I CANNOT pass up that line up to choose from.

    Even if Verizon has a monster phone coming at the end of the year, I will probably still leave and go to AT&T.

    Too bad Sprint sux in my area. I’m liking that EVO 3D too.

  12. It is NOT 42 Mbps capable!!!!!!!

    Stop spreading misonformation!!!!!

    It would have been in the press release if it was!!!!!!!

  13. *misinformation

    Not being able to edit comments sucks…

    Again, NOT 42 Mbps…

  14. DO WANT, HOW MUCH???

  15. The guy on the video has no bloody clue.

  16. With the screen off and the 4 main buttons not illuminated, it looked like an iphone at first based on the front.

    It looks like a nice phone

  17. I would never get this, it’s too big for a phone. Where would you put it? I’d rather have 4″, thin, and light any day over this tank. What is LG thinking?

  18. jroc wrote: I just gotta wait to see what drops in a few months on AT&T

    Your calls! badum shhhh

  19. where is the proof of the antena? here is a video where the rep says it will be a 14 mbit antena not 42

  20. Why do I have a large feeling in my gutt that T-Mobile’s making alterations to the HTC Pyramid by making it a MyTouch phone or a G series phone. I’m sure they’re not through quite yet with releasing their high end phones. They have this, Samsung Galaxy S II, and the HTC Pyramid

  21. yep, this is the phone i’ll be getting. maybe later down the road i’ll pick up a new SGS2 device IF the revamped TouchWiz UI runs as slick as it looks. but this right here, without all of the 3D gimmicks and stuff, is what i’ve been wanting. a true developers device! can’t wait!

    oh, for those of you that may be wondering, this phone will work with T-Mo AND AT&T 4G bands, which is awesome.

    good job, T-Mo and LG.

  22. It seem this is old news because 3d phones are around the corner! I know not everyone needs 3d. It will give you kudos points and pussy!

  23. Don’t be jealous that TMO’s current speeds rival others. 41Mbps just started rolling out.

  24. In select cities.

  25. I have one, I live and work in South Korea. It’s fast, a real multi-tasking experience, no lags, delays – and when developers start producing apps designed for the use of both cores, it will only get better, the apps for this will just improve and improve as developers learn to get the most out of both cores…no way this will be useless in a year, it will age like a fine wine:)

  26. am i the only one bothered by the fact that,
    1. tmobile chose lg to make this phone not htc
    2. they branded it g2 and it has noooooo keyboard?
    how does that keep up with the g2 name?

  27. lol@ari-free

  28. The greens look ridiculously over saturated. I hope that’s just the Camera doing that.

  29. @Jroc
    Thats a good point about the line up, i dont know what happened but its like AT%T woke up after losing the crapple exclusivity and really got a solid line up. The g2x sounds really great for off contract types of things in canada, you could bounce from carrier to carrier as long as its unlocked, picking the best plans.

  30. I don’t get it. Why would anyone buy a new T-Mobile handset, specially a HSPA+ handset? With the news that came out this week about AT&T’s plans to re-purpose T-Mobile towers it seem to me to be not worth it. Buy a 2-year contract with a phone that may not even work before the contract is up? No thanks.

    1. G2X is already rumored as the first cross over handset, it will work just fine on the new contract

  31. I did a speed test and it ran at 2 mb tops then I ran the same test with a galaxy s 4 g and g2 which both ran around 5 or 6 mb… why is this ?

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