Mar 18th, 2011

Although the HTC Thunderbolt is advertised as having 8GB of internal storage, owners are disappointed to see that only 2.5GB of that is usable. If we consider how much is usually partitioned away for the operating system and other uses in other phones, we can guesstimate that about 5GB of storage is missing.

Yea, it’s an abnormal amount of space and we’re not sure what exactly is using it all up, but why does it matter? The HTC Thunderbolt launches with a 32GB micro-SD card – the average micro-SD card size for high-end phones these days is 8GB.

32GB gives you four times that amount. With Android 2.2, most data-heavy games and applications can be installed to the SD card. And not to criticize anyone’s usage habits, but if you’re filling your phone up with more than 2.5GB’s worth of apps and games I’d say you’re already overdoing it anyway.

Still, once numerous developers get their hands on the Thunderbolt we should get a better idea of what’s going on inside and hopefully custom ROMs will look to free that space up for those of you who need to maximize every literal bit of space. [via Android Forums]

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