Toshiba Honeycomb Tablet Hits Amazon, Gets Detailed Product Description


Toshiba’s Android tablet – while officially acknowledged by the company – has been a bit of a ninja since it was teased earlier this year. We hope to get an up-close and personal look of the thing at CTIA next week, but Amazon has gone ahead and published their product page for the device.

There’s no pricing or availability information yet, but a full product description accompanies a nice-sized suite of images. Highlights include its 10.1 inch display, NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor, a 5MP HD-capable rear camera with a 2MP front camera, a removable battery, USB 2.0 and mini-USB ports, SD card slot, an HDMI port, and more.

Judging from Amazon’s profile shots, it looks to be a bit on the thick side compared to other recent tablets but we can’t say for sure without having held the thing ourselves. Toshiba will have their own app store – called Toshiba Apps Place – that will compliment the Android market on the device.

It should be running Android 3.0 when it launches, but the product description doesn’t mention this. Take a look at a couple of images above and below, but head to Amazon’s website to look at the rest. (And be sure to sign up to be notified of its availability.) [via Android Community]

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  1. It’s pretty fat.

  2. I could deal with the thickness, given a good price point.

  3. This has been the one I have been waiting on.

    Any talk on what the full size USB will be used for? If it was just for memory, why the SD card slot?

    I’d like to be able to hook up a keyboard, or a USB DVD player etc.

  4. This changes everything. Again.

  5. Edit: And the size looks great. I have huge hands and small things tend to fall through (I am also clumsy).

  6. I agree it looks thick but I really like some of the features on this. I’m glad to see someone implement a full size sd card on these tablets since they are less expensive and the back looks awesome. I also like that the battery is replacable. I’m looking forward to see this in person and see just how thick it is.

  7. It does look pretty chunky, but not in a really bad way. The full-size HDMI, USB, and SD card slots are nice, especially if you could use a keyboard/mouse with it.

  8. They make nice products though :). I wonder how they would be with updates…

  9. Good Information.. :-)

  10. Least the port layout looks clean, but yea it does look a bit thick

  11. Judging from the size of the headphone jack and the HDMI port it looks to be a shade under 1/2″ thick. That seems a bit portly to me.

  12. it looks heavy and we can rest assured it will cost $600 to $700…smh

  13. Looks about 7mm. I say this because look at the 3.5mm headset jack, I think if you doubled it that would be about right so about 7mm? thats still thin.

  14. Has anyone on the Cyanogenmod team hacked a new mod for it yet?

    All kidding, I can’t wait to see the price of this.

  15. I wonder how the fact that Toshiba’s LCD plant in Japan is shutting down for a month will affect launch and availability.

  16. I like all the options of this tab as for full size USB, HDMI and SD card. However, I don’t like the design of it..
    Why can’t a company make a sweet looking tab whit some full ports….

  17. Judging by the Toshiba logo and the placement of the camera, it looks like it is primarily designed to be used in the portrait orientation. Shouldn’t matter for most tasks but video calling will be annoying for those, like me, who prefer landscape orientation.

  18. The picture of the guy holding it makes it look about like a regular tablet. Does look a bit thick, but it’s hard to tell without much perspective on it. Taking a good point from Sean, after looking at my G2’s headphone jack, my phone looks to be slightly fatter in overall depth.

    Not sure why you would need a removable battery though. Seems to me that having a case backing that was removable would reduce the overall strength of the device.

    Ports look awesome, nice to see them covered as well. Would like to see the buttons for volume, on/off, etc. None of the pics on Amazon give a clear shot of them.

  19. Looks very nice, but it all depends on the price.

    Also, I wonder why they opted for mini-usb instead of micro. I haven’t seen mini on a new device in a long time. The full size USB is definitely nice though, assuming it has USB-host.

    I’m more interested in a 7″ myself though. Probably just going to get and root a nookColor I guess :)

  20. Really like the USB ports. We’ll see whether anyone takes advantage of them with time though!

  21. I’m glad to see a manufacturer not making a flimsy thin product. Not everyone likes those super thin products and these manufacturers need to stop following in Apple’s shoes with it. This looks great. Cant wait to see the price on it.

  22. I agree. IPad too thin feels flimsy. This tablet has meat on it to hold properly. Best of all it has Android which cream that crApple garbage. Like the back and battery being removable. Any tablet not have removable battery it dead on arrival. Go Android!

  23. I’m liking this more and more :)

  24. It’s a tablet, not a sheet of paper. Personally, I think everyone’s making too big a deal about it being “too thick”. A convertible laptop/tablet is too thick and super thin tablets feel like I could snap one in half with my bare hands. This one looks just right (holding my breath for the 499 price speculated at elsewhere).

  25. After looking at it some more, I do like the hefty design. It should have a solid feeling and be comfortable to hold, as long as the weight is just right- not too heavy, but not insubstantial. Thinner isn’t necessarily better.

  26. I want I want!

  27. Wonder about some other basic stuff like sensors, radios, radio tuner, resolution and screen tech, bluetooth generation etc. Hate not know the full details

  28. I wonder if it will do divx. For me that’s pretty important and the xoom doesn’t do it. The samsung mught, but i’m leary considering i’ve had to root my Vibrant to make it usable.

  29. @Steven a lot of that info is on the amazon page

  30. Whats up with the charging port? I cant be mini or micro usb?

  31. I dont like the design, and it is fat!, but it has honeycomb … mmmm… not convinced

  32. @Aeires Uh actually a removable battery would be good thing IMHO. Sure the battery life on this thing is probably decent but hey, it’s always nice just to pop in a fresh battery when needed and rather than have to rely on those stupid battery pack chargers that Idumb people need to use when you’re on the go.

  33. If priced like XOOM – DOA. I hope Toshiba learned from Motorola.

  34. Toshiba has always been the price leader on moderate end notebooks. Every year on Black Friday, Best Buy’s low cost notebook was a toshiba.

  35. Does GPS need 3G to work?
    and amazon detail doesnt say it is 3G or 4G

  36. Yay for removable battery in a tablet. :o)

  37. @ AbseitsHunter

    GPS does not need 3G to work.

  38. Me again…
    Sh… virtual keyboards…

    Should have been @ AndroidHunter

  39. 0.6″ (just about 5/8ths of an inch) is what the devices webpage lists. Yes that is bigger than some of the tablets out there.
    But to me weight is more important, of course that info is not known, at least to my knowledge.

    However it does have this interchangable rubber backpad, but it seems to be integral, not removable, but who knows.

    Toshiba Tablet= 15.24mm
    ipad1 = 12.7mm (no case)
    xoom = 12.8mm (no case, of course as non Apple core-boys we all know that the juice squeezed into the Xoom far surpasses the ipad so who cares about 0.1mm? not me)
    ipad2 = 8.8mm (no cover)

    So my questions are –
    How heavy is the Toshiba Tablet?
    How thick and heavy is that rubber backing?
    Maybe there can be a optional case made that keeps the thickness on the edge but drops the back to minimum thickness.
    Anyway, this has been the tablet I was watching most.

  40. Android just needs someone to release a honeycomb tablet at the right price point…

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