Guerrilla Bob Hits Android Market; Offers Cross-Platform Shooting Gameplay to Mac OS, iOS [Video]


Tons of titles are making their way from iOS to Android. Unfortunately, it’s hard to cover every single one of them but Guerrilla Bob (yes, with two “r”s) is one that immediately caught our attention if only for its graphics alone. Guerrilla Bob is a 3D shooter that sees Bob – your ordinary military badass – taking on the world.

Angry Mob Games – the folks who developed the title – are touting a hefty selection of unique weapons, epic boss battles, and several different game modes. All that stuff sounds great alone, but what caught our attention was the ability for players on Android to play the game with those on Mac OS or iOS devices. (Windows-based PCs will eventually be supported.)

There is a catch, of course: the two players must be on the same local Wi-Fi connection to play. We would have liked to have seen multiplayer possible over 3G with any player in the world, but we’ll take what we can get. The game looks like it’s worth it for the single player experience alone.

Check out the trailer and cross-platform action above, and take a look below at a specific version of the game for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Find the game in the Android market for $2.99. [Thanks Geoff!]

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  1. very nice game, looks impressive

  2. Beating khalid to the punch this morning Quentin?

  3. Hopefully Android users will swarm this game and purchase it by the millions to show good game developers that Android is well worth their time.

  4. What the HELL is that repetitive statement in the background of the video?!? Anyway, I will be buying this after work when I can grab some WiFi’s.

  5. @Whap haha he was the first person I thought of when I saw that Angry Mobs used two Rs.

  6. Screw WiFi I just downloaded it and it is well worth the money. Great visuals, straight forward fun gameplay, and for me most importantly the controls are perfect. Much more enjoyable than Gun Bros.

  7. I was about to get this game yesterday, until I asked my buddy at work with an iPhone if he had it and I found out it was only 99cents on that platform.

  8. I dont get why we should expect the same price, iPhone has a much larger userbase and therefore volume. Different markets deem different prices.

  9. Brad, considering that Android users tend to be reluctant to pay for apps/games, that means demand is low and the developers should’ve priced the game accordingly (possibly free if they want the download #s). If they need to include ads so be it. I don’t see Rovio having any problems.

  10. I would pay a dollar no problem. But three dollars and it gets iffy, then add on top of that how iPhone users get it for a dollar and it gets very unlikely to buy. Sorry, looks like a great game though.

  11. The Iphone version is 60% off for a limited time…And why does it matter what it cost on IOS VS Android? It’s a good game buy it!!!

  12. My God $.99 or $2.99 is not bad for a GOOD quality game. People do actually put work into these games ya know. I’d pay $5 for a really good game that I can own forever and download as many times as I need (until its eventually pulled from the Market)

  13. Bought it and love it :D We need to support these developers if we want quality games like this one.

  14. For me, its not that $3 is that expensive, its strictly out of spite because the nemesis iOS version is only 99cents. That, and there’s no free demo version and I don’t like the joke of a return period that is now 15 minutes. Pricing phone apps cheap is just better for business anyway. You sell more copies, get more exposure, leading to more sales.

  15. $3 IS CHEAP!! And because the iOS version is a mere $2(I’ll say 66% to make you feel better) cheaper you punish the success of the Android Market?? Possibly it’s because Android users are Cheap and that’s why the iOS version gets a discount. I still remember when the cheesiest dumbest games on phones cost well over $3. Unfortunately the new standard price for games seems to be $.99 cents to $free99.

  16. Where’s the lite version? 3 bucks adds up.

  17. Didn’t work on my HD2 running CM7. Just get force closes

  18. It’s punishing the dev @ pimp. And i agree, that’s fucked up on the devs part.

  19. Seriously buy it…don’t buy it… Do what ever. I’m not a fan boy enough to halt the market on a $3 vs. $.99 purchase. It does add up so limit your purchases if need be. I personally do not play angry birds anymore because of the AD’S

  20. So does this work with CM7? Looks pretty awesome but if it’s not gonna work I’m not gonna buy it.

  21. If I am not mistaken the game cost over 2 dollars when it was originally released on iOS. Get over it and buy the game, it is a lot of fun.

  22. Where’s the demo/lite version? At 26MB, it’s impossible to download and give the game a fair shake in only 15 minutes. Google really screwed the pooch with that 15 minute limit. And you can’t really download via WiFi because you can’t purchase over WiFi, you need to be on the cell network to purchase. Stupid! Makes people just download a free version from the Internet, or get an iPad.

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