In Wake of Tragedy in Japan, Sony Ericsson Expects Supply Chain to Be Disrupted


Today Sony Ericsson issued a double-edged press statement in response to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which wreaked havoc in Japan in one of the nation’s largest natural disasters ever. On a bright note, SE has confirmed that all 1100 of their employees working in Tokyo survived the tragedy uninjured, and their office buildings suffered minimal damage. The bad news of all of this is that SE expects the event to cause problems with the supply chain of components as suppliers recover from the disaster. They are currently in talks to assure a minimal impact.

Thankfully delays in production are all Sony Ericsson had to report during a period of time that could have brought much worse news. Our continued thoughts and prayers goes out to those affected by this terrible act of nature, their families, and the Japanese nation as a whole.

Sony Ericsson Statement on Japan Earthquake

SONY ERICSSON STATEMENT, 17 March 2011 – Sony Ericsson is closely following the situation in Japan and our thoughts go out to those affected by this tragic event. The safety of our employees remains the highest priority. We have approximately 1100 employees (including consultants) at two offices in Tokyo, and we can confirm that no employees have been injured, and that there is no major damage to our offices.

The affected area in northern Japan supplies a large portion of the world’s electronics industry with components, and the current situation will impact Sony Ericsson’s business.

As part of our business continuity plan, we are in contact with all our key suppliers in the region and we are identifying the possible relocation of certain component manufacturing, and looking at secondary sources of supply. Although the full impact of the current situation on our business will take additional time to assess, Sony Ericsson anticipates disruption to its supply chain operations.

We continue to monitor our supplier situation daily, in real time, and we will keep our operator and retail customers informed about the status of their specific supply.

We will continue to update our communications as we learn more.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Best excuse Evar!

  2. There was word of a PS3 price drop this year. I don’t see it happening now. (which I can understand) Thoughts go out to Japan!!

  3. Disrubted?

  4. *cough* disrupted *cough*

  5. Maybe I should get that ps3 move with the excuse that it is doing my small part to help Japan.


  7. I wish there was something more that we can do for Japan.. I hope the best for all those people.

  8. *ever not “Evar”. I hate to be a grammar Nazi but why do people write “moar” for more, “kewl” for cool, “evar” for ever, and “Hawt” for hot.

  9. We can hope, we can pray, we can have them in our thoughts but we also need to give $$$.

  10. Eddie: in the grand scheme of things, you shouldn’t let typos and peoples writing style bother you so much. It’s really not that important.
    Ari-free: I agree, Japan needs all the help we can give them. I’m so impressed by the degree of patience and control the Japanese have. Compare this disaster to Katrina, the way the Americans where screaming at the top of their lungs, “where is our govt”, “help me help me”, looting left and right and overall pathetic behavior. Meanwhile the Japanese wait patiently in line without complaining, not a single case of looting and overall extremely calm in the wake of one of the worlds largest disasters. I applaud the Japanese, we can learn a lot from them.

  11. @Eddie: nevah!!

  12. @ToastnJam – Exactly.
    I was just in Japan a few months ago, and amazed at what a civilized place it is. No looting, lots of respect for one another, if this were any other place, it would have been a much worse problem. And yes we need to help them.

  13. Best wished to the people, but I wish the company building collapsed and they lost everything for what their doing in California.

  14. Glad to hear that there were no injuries. Everyone pray for all the people in Japan and hope they are able to endure everything in there time of need

  15. @Ksizzle9:

    What good is prayer?
    And “who” should prayers be directed to, Poseidon?

  16. pray to who?

  17. @ keller: HOMO

  18. I keep waiting for the headline “In Wake of Tragedy in Japan, Sony Ericsson… Donates Some of the Million$ They Make From Us to the Relief Fund”.

    But I never seem to find that headline.

    Maybe if they dropped the case against Geohot they would have a little to spare.

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