Staples Now Taking Motorola XOOM Pre-Orders, Shipping 3/25


Yet another retailer has opened their pre-order page for the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi. Staples has the tablet for $599.98 and you can reserve yours up through March 23rd. Staples will begin shipping out pre-orders on March 25th, with units arriving no later than the 28th.

[via Staples | Thanks, Stan!]

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  1. EVERYONE TELL RICHARD!!! there are screen shots in XDA forums that show the bolt getting 25down and 42up on!!! That’s 4-5 times faster than anyone on sprint has ever seen!! Suck it dick!!

  2. What’s the need for a pre-order? The demand is still not there at $599. I’m sure you’LLC be able pick one up anywhere you go day 1.

  3. Err, @Ksizzle9, people have pointed out that those numbers are probably incorrect. My friend got those numbers on the tbolt, until he tried the full speed test app. Then he got 8 down and 3 up. Still great but not amazing like those numbers.

  4. Costco is a better deal if you can get it there
    +Costco adds and additional year warranty to electronics = 2 year warranty.

  5. Somebody tell that CUNT STRIP @ksizzle9 AND @NIsme… that they are chasing a DREAM ON VERIZON… A wet one at that… Verizon and there network have fun now with your CRAPPY THUNDERBOLT those SPEEDS ARE FALSE JUST AS MUCH AS YOUR PROPED UP NETWORK IS… Can’t wait for the Evo2 to be released so we can see A REAL SPEED TEST with a up to date device runing 2.3.3GINERBREAD with 1gig of ram… NOT some OUTDATED device runing 2.2 froyo and 768gig of ram.. Verizon is nothing more than a USELESS 3G SERVICE with CRAPPY 3G DEVICES as well as SUSPECT 4G devices

  6. Not sure why you guys are talking about download speeds on a Wi-Fi Xoom article…but who cares, as I get a meagerly 8 MB down and tether other devices like the crappy IPHONE 4G at 4 MB all on my dear I say it…TMOBILE network.
    This is just on the G2, not one of the phones theoretically capable of 21 MB.

  7. Richard, shut the fuck up. i swear to god on my life if u ever come to Knoxville tn call me. i will meet you at the airport and put you in my trunk on the way to throw you in the tennessee river where you will drown, tools dont float you fucking dick tard. Any way i dont doubt that those speeds are are a bit over the top, however if so, why cant sprints network even begin to show something like that? anywho, the pyramid ALA EVO 2 showed its vagina colored stripes yesterday, and richard, the game is over, it somply isnt as fast as the atrix, or any other tegra 2, like the DROID BIONIC. anywhoo, come on my way and ill beat your ass the way special ed classroom. you can sit up and in NYC and run that dicksucker, but come down south and we will beat that ass just like football or any other sport. but you prolly dont watch tv bc its full of girls that wouldnt touch you with a ten foot pole asshat. i swear to god your foolishness pisses me off so bad, honestly, i wouldnt care to sit 48hours in jail for assualt. if you ever come to tennessee ill do just that.

  8. I agree with Atlas, this tablet needs no preorder, as people aren’t as interested in it anymore. It’s a failed product. They had their chance and blew itmreleasing only 3G with no flash, no sd slot activated, etc.
    The next big thing is tHe Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I’m sure they’ve been watching the Xoom crashing and will not make the same mistakes.
    Motorola sucks anyway, they need to give up since the only thing they know how to make good are beepers and Razor phones, and nobody uses those anymore.

  9. Too much for way too little content. Way too few apps (which convert the mouse controlled interface for a touch display interface…)

  10. “yay” pre-order a device that isn’t finished even?
    Like buying a car with a doughnut spare…’bring it back in a few weeks, we’ll have the other tire ready. but it will take a week to mount’
    Thanks Moto for a fine Android Fail.
    One more thing for the Jobs Dkkk-suckers to make fun of.

  11. Time for a new commenting system to weed out the internet cowboys…

  12. Man if we could block users from this site it would be Richard. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but his arrogance, stupidity, and one sided view is just annoyin and intolerable. Go ahead richard insult me and then tell us about your awesome phone which my 800mhz G2 beats in both downloads (depending on your area) and benchmark testing.

  13. people don’t feed the troll Richard, just ignore his retarded black @$$

  14. Daniel, that is racist. Bad

  15. @Atlas

    You called it right now. The Xoom is a flop. Getting one wont be all that hard.

  16. You know this is such a nice device hampered by the desire to release early i cant see myself getting this unless all the kinks have been worked out. Im waiting for its software upgrade to come to see how it performs after and wait for HTC tablet to really show us what it can do.

  17. Im just hoping that damn HTC tablet is not miserable specs wise

  18. As a person just trying to get information on a stupid tablet, it is amazing how sad you tech geeks really are! Racist, ignorant and so full of yourselves… who really cares!!! you are all fighting over some giant company’s products… who gives a crap! Go outside and meet some women!

  19. @ Non Geek. This is a tech discussion forum, and you fail to see that it is a heated tech debate. This is why you arent a geek. Your logic skills are lacking.

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