Rumor: Motorola Atrix and XOOM Headed to Sprint with 4G WiMAX


We have heard that the Motorola XOOM will be headed to at least one carrier besides Verizon when it lands on AT&T later in the year, but a new rumor says the Honeycomb tablet may end up on Sprint as well. The same rumor, originating with our good friends Android and Me, suggests the Motorola Atrix 4G will make the same journey. Both devices will apparently be outfitted with 4G WiMAX radios, despite recent stirrings that suggest Sprint may soon make the leap to LTE.

The rumor apparently comes by way of a trusted inside source, but as of yet we have heard little suggest whether or not the rumor will come to fruition. If it does, word is Sprint plans to announce the Atrix (along with laptop dock) and XOOM next month.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Sweet!


  3. The phone is not crippled with Bell either so don’t worry. It’s all AT&T’s fault.

  4. WiMax= nty

  5. WiMax= nty

  6. This is another sign that Motorola has ended its high-end phone exclusively with Verizon.

    All of T-mobile’s Motorola phones totally suck, especially the Cliq, and Sprint currently doesn’t have any Motorola phones, most likely because Motorola wouldn’t offer Sprint any high-end phones, which is why I think Motorola had an agreement with Verizon not to give any high-end phones to to the other U.S. carriers.

    However, with AT&T getting the Atrix and Sprint getting their own version of the Atrix pretty soon, their agreement with Verizon has ended, and I think its very likely that T-mobile will soon start getting treated better by Motorola.

  7. This only means they are selling slow on AT&T and Verizon. AT&T sucks which gimps the Atrix, then there is the iPhone, and the Xoom was doomed for failure from day one. The Atrix won’t sell on Sprint either because of Evo2, and the Xoom is still a dud.

  8. I would so get this phone to replace my EVO. I love the idea of lapdock…. Hope its coming soon

  9. I don’t know the technical issues here, so, please forgive me if this is a dumb comment, but, is it possible to have both a Wimax and an LTE radio so they would be ready for whichever way Sprint decides to go? On the not so dumb side, what is hurting sales is the price. Argue the justification any way you like, I think they overestimated how much the average user (mass market) will pay for a tablet. It would be nice to see these items go to Sprint, they need more breadth to their line-up.

  10. Man O man… The surprises never stop everyday something new AND STILL THE BEST HAS NOT BEEN TOTALLY REVEALED… Few more days to go THEN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW EVERYTHING… What a BIG SUMMER INSTALLED ON SPRINT… Htc Evo2/3d, Atrix 4g, Nexus S 4g, Evo 4g, Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4g,.. TABLETS… Xoom 4g, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4g, Htc Evo View 4g, Blackberry playbook 4g… The greatest LINEUP on any carrier and the FUNNY PART IS THEY HAVEN’T SEEN IT ALL YET… 5DAYS AND COUNTING… I wonder what laptop dock and browser will be used for my new htc evo 2???

  11. I hope the rumor true, I’ve been waiting for Motorola phones on Sprint since the OG Droid.

  12. yes, we need the best phones on all 4 carriers even if you think some of them suck.

  13. I think this will make up for that kyocera phone!

  14. haha funny that the phone i originally wanted may come to my carrier. i’m looking for something without a locked bootloader, though. sorry Moto, you make great devices but the bootloader is a huge mistake on your part.

  15. To my current Evo owners Sprint would not conduct business and allow for any motorola device to come on there network and be better than our current KING OF ANDROID AND FLAGSHIP DEVICE Evo 4g so you can be assured that we will be docking our EVO2/3D into some kind of laptop dock at a great price. This also assures that our new Evo2 will have 1gig of ram and probably between 1850 to 1950 mil amp battery.. CAN YOU HERE ME NOW…

  16. Bionic has only 512 megs versus Atrix 1 gig

  17. FINALLY. Motorola decides to bring a decent device to Sprint.

  18. Richard, you fail almost as bad as sprint.

  19. @MVT
    My understanding is that they are actually fully backwards compatible, it’s just a firmware difference. The hardware apparently is the same, or close enough to it. At least that’s what I gathered from the statements about Sprint likely moving to LTE and that their current wimax phones shouldn’t be effected since all it would supposedly take is a firmware update of the towers.

  20. I’ve been wondering the same thing about the radios in the phones and the towers. So, in theory, the OG EVO would be compatible with LTE, assuming Sprint went through with that decision?

  21. people that say the xoom is a dud is just upset because they cant afford it, stipid broke ass haters.

  22. @Richard
    Although Sprint has refused Motorola’s phones until now, I fully believe the rumor. Read my earlier comment, which explains what I think Motorola had an agreement with Verizon to only sell their high-end phones on Verizon, but that clearly had ended.

    Sprint decided to refuse Motorola’s low-end phones because they didn’t want their customers to deal with the same bull s-h-i-t that T-mobile’s Cliq users went through.

  23. Joe dont feed the troll, ignore it

    as for the atrix coming to sprint, its another great option

  24. Is that bootloader going to be locked?

  25. Sigint and Richard, I hate to tell you again, but here are the facts yet again for you hating morons. The atrix is FAR FAR FAR more powerful the the EVO is, and FAR FAR FAR, more powerful than the EVO 2 will be. I hate to say that but it’s true, it will smoke it, and the new snapdragon WILL NOT KEEP UP WITH THE TEGRA 2, dual core or not. I would count your lucky stars to think u r getting the most powerful android phone made, and it’s likely to hold that title for some time. If u took a moment to think outside the box and play with it, you would know this working the first 5 minutes! Lemme guess, 3-16-2011? They will let the POS EVO 3d go? Who cares?????????????????????? Hopefully you are liking people on Verizon’s LTE getting well over 20mb second up and down. VERIZON IS NOW THE GRANDADDY OF WIRELESS CARRIERS! if I was douche Hesse I would forget it and sell my shitty network before Verizon runs it in the ground

  26. If they slap a keyboard on this thing I will be pretty disappointed. lol

  27. Edit: Physical Keyboard…Slider… Boo. ;)

  28. Moto + locked bootloader = fail

  29. Also, I won’t buy any Motorola product with a locked bootloader, even if it is faster than the Evo 3D.

  30. Please let this be true!!!

  31. @ksizzle9… @NIsme…. @Daniel…. The normal DWEEBS ON PHANDROID great to see you here. The thunderdud on Verizon is way to hyped I can’t being happy finally you have something decent on your network… We applaud that… But your still WAY OFF FROM TREND SETTING… We at sprint understand what LEADING TRULY IS ABOUT…. VERIZON FALSE ADVERTISES WHAT THEY DO JUST FOR ATTENTION…BUNCH OF LOSSERS..

  32. Why do u guys let guys like Richard troll you stop feeding his Sprint loving comments just read it and go on just stop trying up him by comebacks just ignore him and comment and reply to the people who actual care what phone it is and not just one thing only.

  33. @kevin,

    You are bang on. Nothing but haters and trolls that can’t afford it because they spent all their savings on every version of iPhone and iPad which are worth next to nothing as soon as the next version comes out 6months later.

  34. @medhi… another FOOL here why don’t you hit the road don’t tell nobody anything or give advice.. your useless here

  35. I love how people attempt to troll and spell words wrong. I am not trying to be the grammar police, but it really makes your attempt at an intelligent response fall on it’s face.

  36. Richard is a God among men. Sprint has the best plans and networks. And if you claim Sprint has “bad service in your area”, its not the network, it’s the area you live in! Move now!

  37. Sprint would probably be better off with sticking to the HTC Evo tablet and Galaxy 10.1. The Xoom is already a flop, and things won’t get better. It’s going to be in Best Buy bargain bins soon enough. As for the Atrix, the reviews are already in and it’s just average and not quite the super phone everyone expected it to be. As a company they don’t have the money to subsidize everything under the sun, especially from the likes of Motorola.

  38. Excelent!!!

  39. The new Motorola set looks very nice

  40. The only reason the Atrix got such mediocre reviews is because of Motoblur. Had they released the phone with Vanilla Android it would be regarded as the best phone out there. Had it been released with an unlocked bootloader it would be an iPhone killer.

    As for the Xoom, the apps are simply not there yet and that is not the fault of Motorola. The Xoom itself is a piece of work and I love it. I wish I had waited, now hearing that it’s coming to Sprint I would have attached it to my sprint account.

  41. Fred, you fail here too. The icrap holds their value a great deal more than most.

  42. @nlsme

    I hope you’re kidding. I own a first gen 32gb ipad. Its not worth shit now that the 2 is out. I have a MacBook pro that I spent $2500 on new a year ago. If I were to sell it now I’d get maybe $1200 for it, $1500 if I got lucky. Tell me how that crap holds its own please.

  43. I don’t care I’m still enjoying my Atrix 4G even if HPSA+ not turn on.

  44. i wouldnt buy an icrap device if it was the only device on the planet..and used ,ha.i dont care if it hold up a mac truck .(.i know wht u mean).it really is overhyped

  45. i wouldnt buy an icrap device if it was the only device on the planet..and used ,ha.i dont care if it hold up a mac truck .(.i know wht u mean).it really is overhyped

  46. i wouldnt buy an icrap device if it was the only device on the planet..and used ,ha.i dont care if it hold up a mac truck .(.i know wht u mean).it really is overhyped

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