Google TV Receiving Update, Still No Android Market


The headline says it all. Google TV has received an update, and much to the disappointment of one particular Android blogger it does not include the much awaited launch of the Android Market. Instead comes a list of things in the update to v1.3 that seems comparatively more mundane:

  • Better WMA audio file support in the media player
  • Better Netflix and CNBC Real Time integration
  • Smoother song transitions in Pandora
  • Sony devices get support for Music Unlimited in Qriocity
  • Sony’s Google TV-powered Blu-ray player now supports a broader range of discs

The update began rolling out over-the-air last weekend, and should slowly creep on to all Google TV devices over the coming days.

[via Google TV Blog]

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  1. Ughh!!! Market is the only thing these devices are really missing. Everything else can be dealt with in future hardware.

    Still hoping my revue can be rooted without hardware modification :-\

  2. Still regretting my Logitech Revue purchase. Google, bring the market to my revue to make me hate it less!

  3. i like the google tv watch utube internet while im watching tv yea apps will make it better!!!

  4. I think the update broke my media app. All of a sudden my avis freeze about 10 minutes in.

  5. Music unlimited is a damn joke. Had a party last weekend and got a month subscription to it on my ps3. The music catalog is a freaking joke. I wouldn’t use it if it was free.

  6. I have the Sony Blu-Ray and I’m very happy with it. If somebody knows where Google publishes bulletins for these upgrades so we we what they do please let me in on it.

    I got this unit day one and the performance has improved significantly with the past few updates. So hope it continues and this platform can take off once the app Market is integrated.

  7. the update broke my media streaming to my google tv via nullriver medialink SO gay! i use it all the time! now its broke!

  8. Slow and steady win the race. Google is still going to release the Android Market (I hope), but with the recent releases they are all just to make a better product. I will tell you as a DISH employee (since we sell the Revue), that the Revue is not 100%; yet. The apps do need some vamping up, but with all the anticipated upgrades it would be a good idea to purchase one now before the upgrades come and then they might increase the price. I use it cause the desk top is great, but sometimes you just want to be able to be comfortable while watching TV and playing on the computer! I am so excited to see what else they got coming out, I bet you wont be to disappointed with the next couple updates. The Android market is still coming, I for one am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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