[Update] Motorola Droid 3, Droid X 2, and Targa Show their Stuff in Leaked Images


As if we didn’t already have enough to look forward to, images have leaked of three new motorola handsets that should be headed to Verizon at some point in the future. With their releases just about a year behind, the Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X are looking to get their successors in the Droid 3 (pictured above) and Droid X 2 (pictured below).

While we are still unsure what phone Sam’s Club was talking about, new information points to the Droid X 2 in fact have a dual-core chip and qHD display, though a 4G LTE radio is said to be absent. The same goes for the Droid 3 along with a prerequisite improved keyboard.

The device we are most interested in, however, is the previously unheard of Motorola Targa. The Targa, unlike the Droid 3 and Droid X 2, will support 4G LTE and looks like it could get a beefed up camera sensor. The shape reminds us of a hybrid of the Motorola XT720 and original Droid X.

With the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic coming sometime in late spring, it looks to be quite a jam-packed summer for Verizon’s Droid lineup.

[via Engadget]

[Update]: And here’s one more shot of the DROID 3’s keyboard fully exposed. Not much is different from the DROID 2 here. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. LTE radio that will not see an LTE signal anywhere for a long time to come. Despite Telcos saying it’s just around the corner year after year.

    Not too excited about it myself I gotta say. The Camera looks interesting though.

  2. 1st! Looks like a Droid Year yet again… good things come our way!

  3. If it isnt 2.3+ now, dont back on it ever being 2.3

    From a Milestone user, sold the device as “Flash Ready”

  4. ahhh, the idroid, new release every year, hardly anything changed. good show moto.

  5. Lte is already live in a lot of markets. Moto is making big strides this year. Best build quality of any manufacturer, hands down. Just unlock the bootloader, and nobody will be able to compete.

  6. Verizon droid line up is kinda week. They have placed a wedge between there 3g devices and 4g Lte devices guess they really can’t handle all that traffic on there network ESPICALLY since signing that deal with the DEVIL. So basically you have Droidx2, Droid 3 and Iphone4/5 all 3g devices then the Thunderdud, Droid Bionic, Samsung Stealth all 4g Lte devices. Very strange the Droid X 2 has better specs than there UNRELEASED THUNDERDUD but has no LTE real strange

  7. Too much to ask for a 4g LTE phone with a proper physical keyboard? Looks like it won’t happen for a while…

  8. I drove from NY to Philadelphia and had LTE signal all the way through on my Thunderbolt sample unit.

  9. Which one of these has the bigger GB’s?

  10. @Richard Yarrell
    “Very strange the Droid X 2 has better specs than there UNRELEASED THUNDERDUD but has no LTE real strange”

    HTC =/= Moto

    Different companies different priorities. Moto focused on the CPU. HTC focused on the Radio.

  11. I don’t object to getting rid of the chin entirely, but it seems like the corners of the D3 are more rounded, giving it less of a Droid-y look.

  12. Nothing’s changed design wise. Same old same old.

  13. That Droid 3 looks kinda sexy to me. Give me vanilla Android and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the keyboard and we can talk.

  14. @ Willie, ya, according to Verizon’s LTE coverage map, the I-95 corridor is right in the middle up and down the east coast. Works for me as I’m right in the middle of it.

  15. I wish I could look forward to any of these Moto sets, but as long as they lock their bootloaders, they’ll get no business from me. I’m going to give the TBolt a shot, if it turns out that I don’t like it down the road, I’ll just buy another phone. Simple as that. I can still use it for dev work/guinea pig phone if it goes that way.

  16. Lol @ the person who thinks that Moto has the best build quality hands down. Look at the Inspire, look at the Atrix (plasticky pos, one of the ugliest phones I have ever seen). Hell look at the Inspire and look at anything by Motorola. HTC has taken over in this respect.

  17. Name one htc phone with gorilla glass. That alone should make you stfu.

  18. Inspire is built by HTC dumb@ss second of all that tegra phone looks sexxy

  19. This kinda sucks. Love my X, but the X 2 doesn’t have LTE? I’m still not 100% sold on LTE as I’m concerned with coverage even though the map looks good for my area. I use my X daily as a GPS and really need simultaneous voice/data in my next device. Was thinking about going with the TBolt since it can do that over 3G, but I really don’t care for HTC…the Incredible left a bad impression. What to do?

  20. Chalk another one up for TMo and there 4g network!

  21. @Ace Curry. At least my Moto Atrix gives me over 2 days battery usage. Couldn’t even get 6 hours from my HTC Evo sitting idle.

  22. If moto makes at least one of these phones have an unlocked bootloader AND either the dock capabilities of the Atrix or a Physical Keyboard with LTE I’ll buy, but not until then.

  23. Moto has better products just because you cant unlock the bootloader don’t mean much I do as much with my droid x that I did with my original droid

  24. Droid 3 here i come! Cnt wait!

  25. The people puzzled by the lack of LTE on the Droid X2 make me laugh. If the Droid X2 had 4g LTE, then Verizon would have two nearly identical phones (Bionic and X2). The Droid X2 is essentially the 3G version of the Bionic meaning no 4G LTE or front facing camera by Verizon’s standards. Its the same reason the Incredible 2 will lack 4G LTE and potentially a front facing camera (the Incredible S has one, but Verizon seems to keep them off of 3G devices). Otherwise, it would have nearly identical internal specs to the Thunderbolt with just a smaller screen.

  26. I hope that by the time I’m eligeable to upgrade Verizon has a 4G phone with a slide out phisical keyboard made by someone other than Samsung (coming from a jilted Fascinate user) with a 4 inch screen or larger and a front facing camera.

  27. I would say 5 rows of keys on the Droid 3 keyboard is
    QUITE different than the Droid and Droid 2 keyboards. The new row looks dedicated to numbers….no more shifting to enter digits? Way cool.

  28. Targa? I think yes. (Not to mention it’s nearly perfectly timed for an upgrade from a DX)

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