HTC Droid Incredible 2 System Files Leaked, Original Incredible Nearing End of Life at Verizon?


Here is a double dose of HTC Droid Incredible news to start off your Tuesday. In the vein of “out with the old,” the original Droid Incredible looks to be nearing its end of life at Verizon with the removal of the device from DroidDoes.com. Checking for any sub-pages related to the DI seems to confirm that it is being purged from the system, no doubt to make way for the upcoming Incredible 2.

Speaking of that device, in the vein of “in with the new,” the Droid Incredible 2’s system files have been ripped from the handset and uploaded to the internet for all to scavenge. Wallpapers, boot animation, and ringtones from the handset we saw yesterday branded for Verizon are all up for the taking. It is worth noting that the ROM image reveals Sense 2.1, DLNA support, and no Bing bloatware.

I’d say we should expect the Incredible 2 right around the anniversary of the original’s release, if not sooner at this rate.

[via DroidLife, AC]

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  1. No dual core? :(

  2. Guess no gingerbread for the DI then. Guess its time to root.

  3. Droid Incredible is still a kool device. I have lots of friends with incredible’s they now are looking forward to the incredible 2… Incredible served us well the Evo’s little brother

  4. The best part is that these new phones are not offering much more that the original Incredible….yes they will most likely be LTE and have a front facing camera but that is all, not worth the extra price in my opinion.

    I will say that the 4″ screen is nice but not $200 nice as compared to my INC.

  5. Looking forward to the developer/hacker community coming out with some sick roms for the original Incredible based on the new DI2

  6. anyone look at the boot animation and notice wireless charging?

  7. @Richard Yarrell
    I don’t see the EVO as the big brother or better device.
    In my perspective i would want a droid incredible much more than a HTC EVO 4g.
    Not heting, but i didint like the EVO

  8. Did anyone notice it says global? Dual mode?

  9. Dual xenon flash?!? Wtf? Really?

  10. @Dario – Agreed. AMOlED/SLCD > LCD any day for me
    @Alexander – yes. the Inc 1 had that too. No crappy yellow flash here

  11. As long as there is support for the nexus one, so will there be for its triplet brothers.

  12. I’m a kool kat with my Droid knock off.. the EVO.

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