Yet Another Security Hole Uncovered in Adobe Flash Player, Fix Coming Next Week


Once more Adobe has issued a security bulletin for their Flash Player product, stating that version for PCs and more importantly version for Android contain a bug that leaves room for attackers to hijack control of your device. The security hole is being exploited by means of dirty Microsoft Excel file being distributed as an email attachment. The .xls file contains a malware .swf Flash file.

With the problem identified, Adobe is in the process of finalizing a patch for the breach in security. I suppose that’s the price you pay for a desktop-like web browsing experience on your smartphone or tablet.

[via Adobe]

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  1. I am getting pretty tired of Adobe flash nagging me seemingly every week or so to upgrade. Sometimes more than once a week. This is on my PC’s.

    Their updated process is a pain. Instead of doing it in the background it’s gotta load downloaders and put up GUI’s and ??

    In all fairness, Java updates are almost as bad. I wish these companies would understand that updating Java/Flash is not high on our list of priorities and we don’t want to have to drop everything to do it. Just run in the background and give us our desktop back.

  2. All the more reasons OS/browser developers need to make sure that Flash and other pulugins are always sandboxed. . . at least a couple times.

  3. I wonder if the 10.2 flash update for Android devices have this bug as well? It just mentions 10.1x for Android devices and 10.2x for PCs.

  4. And people wonder why an entire OS has chosen to not support Flash.

  5. Oh please, they did it because it’s easier for them to forbid every client of theirs from working with a desired technology than protect them from intrusions. Same way they operate in every branch of their business. What surprises me, is your own happiness about it. It’s just borderline with masochism.

  6. You may not understand this, but people in North Korea feel very protected, too.

  7. I don’t know what everyone is flipping out about. Sure, there is a whole to be filled by some malicious file but, we shouldn’t be downloading malicious files to begin with should we? I scan every single thing that comes into my computer and before it goes onto my phone using my desktop software. The consumers need to stand up and take some responsibility before always blaming these software manufacturers. Besides, its probably nothing but Apple creating these things to make a point.

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