Is the Motorola Droid X2 Just a Droid X with a Smaller microSD Card?


We have been expecting Motorola and Verizon to bring us a Droid X2, and while rumors put it somewhere in the next few months, we didn’t expect we might see it so soon. A newly spied company memo from Sam’s Club is further suggesting the X2 will be a small refresh of the handset rather than a complete overhaul. The memo says the new Droid X2 will feature a 2GB memory card instead of the 16GB card found with the original Droid X. Nothing else is mentioned as changing, though it is stated the price will remain the same as the current X.

There is still a chance that other internals might change, including more on-board storage space and a possible CPU tweak to 1.2GHz, but we wouldn’t get too excited. Sam’s Club, at least, expects to have the phone this week.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I don’t think they are going to call it the X2. I heard somewhere that it will be called Droid X 2GB.

  2. failure

  3. Anybody that expected the exact same hardware design to be a different model needs to be examined.

  4. Keep in mind the current Droid ships with a 2gb card at the verizon stores…they changed from 16 to 2 a while back.

    I though I was getting the 16gb card 2 weeks ago when I got the phone, then I checked and it was a 2gb…ugh…
    but this does say X2 so is it a new phone?..hope so.


  6. @FaM. I ordered my X from Amazon and got it on Monday. It has the 16gb card in it

  7. the one i got from amazon also had the 16g card and i only payed 0.01 for the droid x .

  8. Verizon better step up its refresh of ‘new and hot’ phones or they’ll revert back to their old image.

  9. I think it’s clear that the term “X2” is going to just be the nickname in the system for the smaller sd carded Droid X. They will still be labeling it a Droid X to customers, but now there is a way to differentiate sales figures in the system.

  10. That would be some shady marketing right there. With all these dual core phones coming out being called the “X2” this and “S2” that, there’s no way they could get away with calling it that without a lawsuit. Why do you think the iPhone lineage goes 2G, 3G, 4?

  11. Rip off…..

  12. I don’t get it. What are they trying to say? It is just a DX with a 2GB card? Is it a different iteration, like the D2/D2G/D2R2D2? I hope this isn’t supposed to be “new”. Although, if by “new” they mean it is the same, except for a 2GB card(weak, really weak, guys…) but has an unlocked bootloader, I’ll take one to use as a dev phone.
    @ destardi – I agree. Verizon needs to step up to the plate with something new. I won’t even waste time commenting on the Thunderbolt debacle, and the Bionic may be a few months away, or a few years away – it’s hard to say with Verizon these days. While I have zero interest in Moto phones since they started locking bootloaders, a lot of people are looking forwards to the bionic. A lot of people, myself included, were looking forward to the TBolt, but…I’m sure you read the news as well. I just went off-contract with VZW, and would love to jump to another carrier, but I need the widespread coverage that vzw provides – even in rural and most remote areas, so I’m stuck at the moment. I see other carriers with some really cool upcoming Androids, but if I get into an area where the coverage disappears, the primary function of the device – to make phone calls – is non-functional and I have a small tablet in my hands instead. Not very helpful if you need help or need to get in touch with someone. I don’t get it; they heavily marketed the OG Droid – very successfully – was very instrumental in putting Android in general very solidly on the map, came out with a few nice offerings, then forgot where they were. They recently started airing the original Droid Incredible commercials “You’ve never seen fast..you’ve never held it in your hands.” Unless I went back in time without noticing, everyone has seen the DInc; its been out for a year. Also, isn’t the D2G clocked at 1.2GHz stock? I think the VZW executives smoked some seriously strong stuff.

  13. ^ yes, I know the unlocked bootloader is wishful thinking. Stupid Moto.

  14. just got an incredible from Verizon. it had a 2 gb card in it as well.

  15. Chris and Joe, im only talking about the verizon store version

    goto vzw.com and scroll to bottom…verizon store is killing us


  16. They should call it… The Verizon Flop… Hall of Shame= Droid X2, and Thunderbolt… Also throw in the 3g Xoom the device that needs to be returned inorder to receive a 4g update.. Man what a mess the Verizon lineup of devices turned out to be… AMAZINGLY the two best devices on Verizon has turned out to be The Droid 2 global and last year’s Iphone4

  17. people who actually think this article is true have never seen any other update from the droid x. they were planning on dropping the large SD card for a while. and its not going to be the X2

  18. @ Frank: Thank you, I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Hard to blame a blogger for a reader’s inability to judge and evaluate more intelligently and objectively, but irresponsible reporting could be extremely misleading.

  19. Motorola DROID X MB810 (2GB MicroSD) – Device Information
    sku: MOTMB810A

    Motorola DROID X MB810 – Device Information
    sku: MOTMB810

    First one is the name of the droid x w/ 2GB MicroSD :) Second one is the name of the droid x w/ 16GB MircoSD just as an fyi :)

  20. You people are really not this dumb to believe this is the next droid x lolcomon people common sense here.

  21. @brian Thank you. This couldnt’ be farther from the truth. The Droid X is being discontinued for the Droid X that will include a 2 GB SDCard instead of the normally included 16 GB SDCard. This is the only difference, but Sam’s Club made the mistake of calling it the “Droid X2”, which it is not. This is just a refresh of the same model with a different SDCard.

  22. What is the point of the 2 gb card. A class 2 16gb micro sd costs less than $10 retail. This will likely cut into sales of vcast content. Stupid move.

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