Google Reportedly Buying Up NFC Payment Terminals for Deployment around San Francisco and NYC


Of the many technologies that Google is bent on making a success, NFC payments sit near the top of the heap. In what amounts to one half trial run and one half brute-force attempt to bring NFC into our lives, the company is reported to be purchasing NFC payment terminals by the thousands from VeriFone for installation in stores around tech-oriented San Francisco and New York City.

Google’s push for NFC had already come with rumors that the company wanted to institute their own payment system, and this latest report only seems to strengthen those claims. As it stands, Google’s own Nexus S is just about the only handset in North America to offer NFC technology, though that should change this summer with the release of the iPhone 5 as well as more Android devices using the technology.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think Apple has already stated there will not be NFC in the iPhone 5.

  2. The iphone 5 has been reported not to bring nfc

  3. Hope my Htc Evo 3D has NFC technology great concept. Google is the best period.

  4. F a ip5 google all the way

  5. The security aspect of NFC does worry me a bit. I suppose it can’t be any worse than swiping a credit card though.

  6. Big question is will the iphone5 come with the correct time? Iphone went back an hour on sunday. It must be real difficult to get the time right.

  7. Richard, the evo 3d is gonna be lg, not htc.

  8. So I’ll be able to buy condoms at 2 in the morning… with my phone?? Awesome.

  9. fuk iphone 5!

  10. SGS2 will also have NFC

    It’s good that Google is building infrastructure to support NFC instead of hoping that everyone just responds to NFC chips in a few phones.

  11. So I’ll be able to buy the morning after pill at 9 in the morning …… with my phone? Awesome.

  12. So I’ll be able to buy diapers at 4 AM…with my phone? Awesome.

  13. treefq only NERDS care about the correct time. Who needs to deal with mundane matters such as time or a solid antenna when Apple offers you a magical ‘experience.’

  14. GWallet will some be upon us.. Seamlessweb will love it.

  15. Yes. I would like to exchange my usd for google points.

  16. So I’ll be able to buy magic the gathering cards at 8 in the morning….. with my phone? Awesome.

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