Facebook for Android Update Allows You to Add Photos to Groups & Friends’ Walls, Implements Landscape Mode on Homescreen


Facebook has just issued an update to their application in the Android market. Version 1.5.2 adds the ability to upload photos to not only groups, but your friends’ profile walls too. It’s yet another addition in Facebook’s race to get their application up to par with the iOS offering. Other changes include fixes to allow images to be uploaded in their correct orientations and improvements to the homescreen when viewing it in landscape mode. (Previously, the UI would not adjust to a user switching orientations or opening their keyboards when on that screen.) You can find the upgrade in the Android market now.

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  1. Great, but we still need working notifications to make the app usable.

  2. And now about turning on “move to SD card” so that this huge (30.66MB) app won’t take up so much space! This is the biggest app on my phone. The next biggest app is Adobe Flash Player @ 11.29MB and Maps @ 10.89MB.

  3. Still the Notifications is broken, oh well atleast features are being implemented

  4. I’m still waiting for push notifications and integrations for wall/pokes/comments. I’m sick of seeing all these e-mails relating to facebook in my inbox. Any ideas for a work-around all that spam?

  5. @Scotter – you must be doing some serious facebook stalking of peoples photos… the app is 2.6 MB. If yours is 30.66 MB, then you’ve downloaded 28 MB worth of other peoples mobile-sized photos and you need to do a Clear Data on it to release the memory…

  6. Scotter,
    Have you EVER signed out/cleared the cache/data? Doing so will trim that WAY down. The app itself is registering as 4.57 MB on my Samsung Moment, and 2.6 MB on the Market. Something is definitely wrong if it is taking up 30 MB. BOTH Angry Birds apps don’t even total 30 MB on my phone. Again, something is seriously wrong either with your phone or the app…

    But I’m glad they finally enabled landscape mode on the homescreen. It was a pain in the a** having to see that in portrait and the rest of the app works just fine in landscape. Happy to see they’re making progress… slowly

  7. I don’t understand why push was not fixed esp. when they made such a splash when they rolled it out.

    It seems impossible to get any acknowledgment of this problem from the fb devs or info on when it will be fixed.

  8. They added SSL too

  9. Why are people still supporting these lazy developers. Haven’t you figured it out yet. They don’t care about Android users. Defect NOW!. Show them that two years of sub-standard is absolutely unacceptable.

  10. Great job guys. Only five million features to go.

  11. Scotter
    Its the snyc, if you turn it off it wont use as much space. it is all the pics and other information.

  12. On my evo I get api errors and forced closes all the time…wtf? Am I doing something wrong or is the FB app junk? Hope this version works better for me.

  13. Although its nice to see FB update their app. There is an an that far outdoes anything the official app does. “Flow for Facebook” is an amazing app and push notifications work. The dev is constantly updating and improving it.

  14. Eh, the facebook app sucks so much.

  15. Upgraded facebook and now I can’t see photo thumbnails on the news feed wall……its just a thumbnail with a question mark.

  16. Facebook app sucks. Force close on xoom and one nexus one. Yay facebook. They must be on facebook all day instead of writing a app that actually works.

  17. hmmm..not available for Motorola Droid OG. New version doesn’t show up in Market.

  18. Yea I’m still on 1.5.0 I don’t trust this update or the one before it. The developers for Facebook are lousy.

  19. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL !!!! Really facebook developers?? You can’t even get a simple update pushed out that doesn’t force close. Error: Sorry- The application facebook (process com facebook.katana) has stopped unexpectedly. Samsung Epic (2.1)

  20. ^^^ Trolls.

    FB App works fine for me and I’ve updated every time there was an update. Force closes very rarely in my experience.

    what’s the app missing? sorry I just don’t see it.

    additionally… root your phone and install cachemate. you’ll save yourself lots of space by regularly clearing your cache’s.

  21. Very Bad App upgrade… Keeps freezing and Force Closing on my SGS. And the one before it had Notification issues … Sorry but this App FAILS.

  22. Hey,

    1.5.1 DIDN’t work on my DHD but 1.5.2 totally works! I don’t know why you guys are saying it doesn’t but i went back to 1.5.0 from .1 because it really didn’t work, but the .2 actually does! :)

  23. So last night, and rather suddenly, My facebook app had to be force closed while scrolling through the news feed. This happened multiple times so i cleared the cache. FORCE CLOSE. Uninstalled/Reinstalled FORCE CLOSE. Then it started working fine…FORCE CLOSE, but now you don’t get to see photos.

    What is the deal. And apparently most of my friends are having this issue.

    What’s going on?

  24. I noticed my FB app is taking around 11 MB of space. I am going to follow the suggestions listed above, but I would still like to see it MOVED to the SD card. I have the original Motorola Droid with a whopping 256MB of memory. Not planning on upgrading the phone until next year.

    Please enable the Move to SD card.

  25. FC repeated three times consecutive on same action with 1.5.2….I need push notifications and the ability to set profile pic via mobile!

  26. I agree.. apps suck now..Keep seeing the error so I hope they will sort it out soon.

  27. Pls, have been trying to download it from their website but it difficult for me. If any one can forward android face book link to my email,[email protected]. it will be appreciated.

  28. I moved the app to sd card, works fine.

  29. I had a bunch of issues with the update last night…same as everyone here, my wifes phone was the same. Today no issues at all….not sure what was going on, maybe a server issue and not an app issue. Rooted droid inc.

  30. update again and basic functions still not avail. STILL NO PHOTO TAGGING?!?!?! COME ON! garbage.

  31. Update is awful and broke a lot of stuff. Pictures don’t load, thumbnails don’t load, notifications don’t come through, and even though the Facebook app always lagged in comparison to other apps, now it’s even slower, even when on WiFi. Awful app, they need to fix it.

  32. Still can’t see pics and forcforce closes in the news feed. Really starting to pi$$ me off.

  33. Pictures do not display with new update. I like the old version better. Should have not came out with update until it was functional. Very disappointed.

  34. same as others- the update sucks- my Milestone running 2.1 gets the question mark instead of thumbnails now in the news feed, on the FB app home page the little tumbnail preview bar on the bottom seems to be rotating through thumbnails super quickly, then stopping them, then starting again.. sometimes when I click on a photo or post on the news feed now it opens the non-mobile facebook web page through the browser (it NEVER did that before from the facebook app).. all of this started in last day or so, right around that crappy update- quit releasing beta updates FB

  35. I have a Droid Pro and cannot access my group. Any help?

  36. Doesnt work, and will not uninstall now. If they fixed it i cant tell. Cant use the faceplace and still wont let you tag pictures. Come on Droid, even Blackberry has you beat on this I have a Droid Pro and am very disappointed with this.

  37. sucks ass can not log on or anything….

  38. Sucks ass.

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