Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [March 14th]


There you have it folks. The new week comes along with what amounts to the best bet for a HTC Thunderbolt release date we have seen yet, nearly a month after initial rumors placed the phone with a mid-February launch. Of course, plenty more has been happening around the tech world, like the discontinuation of the Microsoft Zune well after everyone assumed it was already put to rest. But you want the Android news, so check it below.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Mini has passed FCC. [Cellphone Signal]
  • Hulu Plus is still “coming soon”, says their website.
  • An official Formula 1 app will soon be coming to Android.
  • The classic-looking BIOS boot animation has been ported to the Motorola XOOM. [XDA]
  • The Samsung Galaxy S II will be headed to Singapore in April. [Samsung Hub]
  • There looks to be a white version of the follow-up to the X10 Mini Pro. [Xperia Blog]
  • Sony Ericsson has confirmed the Xperia Play for Spain on April 1st at €649 off-contract. [Engadget]
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt Equipment Guide Confirms March 17th Release Date [Update: Wirefly Pre-Order Begins Tonight]

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  1. re: Zune. They should’ve called it the mobile XBox. WP7 would be called the xbox phone. Why didn’t they listen to me? argh…maybe I should be in charge of some of these zillion dollar companies ;)

  2. ^ I think he’s a high

  3. Enough of this THUNDERDUD STUFF. Time to move on to the best device of 2011….. The Htc Evo 3D… 7days and counting.. Thank God

  4. Richard, how many freaking time Dino have to tell u the facts. The fact that this phone will be on sprint alone discounts the fact of it having a chance of being the best phone out there.

  5. Richard, don’t forget the Nexus S 4G! I’m
    stoked for a stock Android phone on Sprint…

  6. Yes I must welcome the Nexus S 4g to the stable on sprint. This gives our current customer base and future customer base something else great to choose from. Sprint will throw in there own flavor to this device that will make this far better than the current Google Nexus S on tmobile.

  7. I will say that I’m excited about the thought of a pure google device that is CDMA. Can’t hate on that, honestly though I’m not tobstoked about 3d phones. I would assume just have a retina like high red display

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