Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt Equipment Guide Confirms March 17th Release Date [Update: Wirefly Pre-Order Begins Tonight]


If you still refuse to believe the HTC Thunderbolt will actually be available this Thursday, March 17th, I don’t blame you. If you are a bit more optimistic, I implore you to see the above snippet from Verizon’s Equipment Guide for the Thunderbolt, which confirms the very same St. Patrick’s Day release date we first heard of last week. Add this to the various tweets confirming the 17th, news that the phone’s status has changed from “quantity on order” to “quantity on stock,” and a pretty convincing voicemail that one reader shared with us stating the date and I say this is all about settled. Let the Droid Bionic release date rumors commence!

[Update]: Wirefly will begin a pre-order for the Thunderbolt tonight/tomorrow morning at 3:00 AM EST with orders shipping March 17th.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Whatever

  2. Ditto. Well said.

  3. we’ll see..

  4. not holding my breath

  5. there are words i’m missing out on friends with. release the phone!

  6. Blah…

    No longer interested.

  7. I sharted

  8. thunderbolt = urban legend!!!

  9. I think that snippet is bogus. I have mobile alert with Verizon which will alert me at least two weeks in advance before the Thunderbolt is coming out and I haven’t received anything. I think someone is playing game.

  10. I’d take the Bionic over this any day.

  11. It is so funny to hear all these people say that they ” don’t care “… yet they are obviously here, reading, interested, and posting comments.
    Are they lying to themselves too… or just to us?

  12. I’ll believe “it” when I see them in the stores. These release date rumors are far too easy to fabricate.

  13. I spoke to a rep earlier at Verizon. She confirmed march 17th indirectly and told me there would be online preorders only the night before

  14. I still refuse to believe anything regarding the TBolt’s release date until I actually see people walking around with them.

  15. Thunderbolt will ship about the same time as I pick up my octo-core Galaxy-S-IV with flexible 4D screen and infinite battery life.

  16. I have a friend who works at a verizon store and he said they are getting them in tomorrow so I definitely believe it

  17. Tired of our employees leaking info..

  18. We would have heard something from Verizon by now if they were gonna release it Thursday. It’s three days away for crying out loud.

  19. Given that Verizon has already sent out flyers stating the devide was “AVAILABLE” i would not/and will not be shocked when this date too comes to pass without a thunderbolt. I also dont think they would release the phone on the 17th given that today is the 14th and there is still no word from VZW.

  20. For 300 USD for a single core phone designed from an older phone, I will pass. In the next 3 months you will see the dual core units shipping and in 5 or less months the next iPhone (if you are into that kind of perversion). Had they hit in January or early February then it could have been considered. The mobile phone market is a fast paced hardware game, if you delay for any reason you miss the market.

    The TB will have to be something amazing to get people to move on it instead of waiting.

    1. Drop the price by 100 dollars. 299 for this single core phone that is not cutting edge by any means.
    2. 1 click full root. With out it… get an DINC for under 100.
    3. Performance is so incredible that you need 2 bionics to compete.

    imho… which means nothing.

  21. i want HTC ThunderBolt 4G.

  22. I JUST SAW BIGFOOT! Wait…wait…it was just a Thunderbolt.

  23. I’m almost at the point where I hope it’s not released, and then a new rumored date comes and passes with no release. My obsession with the release of this phone has nearly been replaced by a desire to see how long the release date can actually get pushed back. Almost.

    Still not buying that the Bionic in all its dual-core glory will actually be as good. And for the iPhone 5 people you better not be expecting 4G.

  24. hey kevin
    why don’t you join up with chris burns and jon geller at the liers club. they are both vp’s and you really would fit right in with them. you really need to get a life filled with truth. leading people on is not a good life, just one filled with lies. nobody will ever trust you. people will start looking at you and laughing knowing that you are not a reliable source for anything,just a lier

  25. Well I’ve been very skeptical about believing anything related to the release date on this phone because nothing has been official yet, but after reading this latest article I called Verizon (using 611 and hitting 0 twice), and I asked him if they had any information regarding when the Thunderbolt was supposed to be released. I have been doing this every couple days for about a month now, because like I said, I wont believe anything until I hear it officially from Verizon. He told me that as of today in the “Equipment Guide” for the Thunderbolt that it does say that it will be available 3/17/2011, and that yesterday it didn’t have a date at all. So now, after being sadly disappointed by false release date after false release date, I’m finally going to let myself get excited. It does still say “coming soon” if you go to Verizon’s site, but I’m going to guess that it will be changing within the next 24hrs. Either way this is the first official confirmation that I have gotten from anybody at Verizon. Woohoo! And if you are a skeptical person like I am, give Verizon a call and speak to a rep for yourself, or just don’t believe me :) I can not wait for this Thursday!

  26. Just talked to a big red rep from our local store and the first thing he said was…are you calling in for the thunderbolt..i was like heeell yeah!! he said they are not taking pre-orders but the phones will arrive thursday for sale :-D

  27. As Sgt Schultz says: I see nothing …

  28. tired of waiting bought an I-phone. verizon finally wore me down. but i may just return it and get the thunderbolt if it actually shows up, and works half as good as they say it will.

  29. To people who says they don’t care. stop googling thunderbolt lol. sure I hope this date is the real one. then we shall see if thunderbolt if it is worth the wait. ciao

  30. Just called my local Verizon store and he confirmed, be there at 10AM…..

  31. Doug S “Thunderbolt will ship about the same time as I pick up my octo-core Galaxy-S-IV with flexible 4D screen and infinite battery life.”

    Doug S, I think that’s actually going to come out… next month.

  32. Why do sites list a 1ghz snapdragon processor as being blazing fast? I’ve done some research between this processor and the DInc, and I’ve yet to see anything noticably groundbreaking. The biggest difference I can note is a slightly better graphics processor. For $300, I would have hoped for at LEAST a single core 1.2 GHz phone. Has anyone read any other updates? Does this chipset consume significantly less power than the Incredible?

    My other issue with all the new phones is form factor. Is the LTE radio too large to fit into a case with just a 3.7″ screen? I don’t need a phone that places itself somewhere between pocket-friendly and an iPad.

  33. I’ve seen 3 thunderbolt commercials in the last hour; weeks of delayed rumored release dates, and verizon boasting of its 4G network that has no phone can yet utilize….. ridiculous. Yet still no solid release date or price. Is it wrong to wish hepres on Verizon marketing?

  34. So the same day I get my ipad 2 delivered, I cam pick up the t-bolt. yay!

  35. The thunderbolt is being released on march 19 confirmed by verizon wireless rep it is in ther system

  36. MArch 17

  37. @Haxcid then what your saying is the phones that are coming out in 3 months will be obsolete when the iphone 5 comes out? WOW! I think we should all wait unitl the phone comes out before we all kill it. I said it before I won’t buy a Moto,Samsung or LG phone. Once you have an HTC you won’t buy another. And as for the specs going out in a couple of months, the phone you buy will only go obsolete if it doesn’t do what you want it to do!! I don’t need a phone to launch rocket ships from my house. If people are worried about loading pages 3 to 4 seconds faster with a dual core phone then go get it! I want an HTC 4.3 inch screen on Verizon. My Incredible does everything I need it to do. I just want a larger screen. If you don’t like this phone or your worried about it going obsolete fast then don’t buy it! HTC sence is by far the best UI out today and the phones they make are only going to get better. IMO!

  38. Just got the call from the sales person @ my local store. She had took my info to call when released. Thunderbolt on SALE 3/17 opening first come first serve.

  39. Uhhhh. I am confused. I already have the TB. You guys don’t?

  40. April fool’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. F**K YOU VERIZON!!!

  42. if you’re worried about a phone becoming obsolete you will never buy another phone because theres always something better coming soon.

  43. @ Matt Benn I couldn’t have said that any better and couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!

  44. Considering all the pomp and circumstance that preceded the release of the iPhone, and still dominates Verizon’s web site it is surprising to hear that a phone will be released in 3 days with no official announcement of the release. All of the “leaks” and speculation thus far have been absolutely false. What may have been intended as a tactic to arouse curiosity and excitement has turned out to be quite a let down. You have to wonder at what point HTC has grounds to claim damages from Verizon.

  45. I am on a local Verizon store rep’s call list about the Thunderbolt and finally got the call today telling me that Thursday is the day! We’re supposed to make an appointment to go in and get it. March 17th is for real.

  46. I’m at the point I rather ram my fist up a cow’s ass gloveless and shoulder length in then buy this shit phone

  47. just called vzw customer service. no preorders but will be available mar 17 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  48. At this point the phone will probably be a complete failure if its still priced at 300 buck on contract. Its under-advertised, mis-advertised, and should have been out weeks ago. Way to go, Verizon.

    This should still be a great phone, however, and I’ll get one in April pending the price of the phone.

  49. I have been reading these rumored posts now for weeks and like all of you have been disappointed to see the dates slip time after time, so when I saw these March 17th and 24th rumors I decided rather than punishing my brain with the guessing game I would confront Verizon directly…AND GUESS WHAT????!!!!! The phone DOES exist and the stores are stocked (or at least the store in San Jose, CA is)…How do I know…I went to the store 2 hours ago and asked for the manager. I reminded the manager I am a long term customer who spends over $300 per month and has spent at least 10K on equipment over the years. I asked him to be honest with me as to if the phone existed and when it would be released. I have been holding off on two phone upgrades for the past 4 months for this Thunderbolt. The manager looked me in the eyes and did something surprising…He asked me to stand where I was and he would be back and he did go in the employee only door….2 minutes later he came out with a box in his hand and HOLY SH$T…He took out of the box a brand new HTC Thunderbolt and allowed me to hold it, but I DID NOT power it on. I was very pleased. I ask the manager bluntly….WHEN CAN I BUY IT? He said we are aiming for Thursday MARCH 17, 2011, but until the emails/communication goes out Wednesday that he was not authorized to sell it, so this 17th date can still slip AGAIN. I told him I understood and thank you and told him I would either come in Thursday or call late Wednesday to get an update….Either way..”I” know, for my own sanity that the phone does exist, the stores have it in stock and it will cost $249.99 and have the current unlimited 3G data plan for the initial launch, but shortly after will be changed to tiered usage. Any customer who gets the phone during the first launch will have a godfathered unlimited plan based on the current 3G Plan, after that, tiered……So that is my story and I am sticking with it…Really don’t care if you believe it, I know what I saw and was told and held in my hand….So this research was mostly for me…But I thought I would be nice a share it with you…I am not sharing the store location out of respect to the manager that could lose his job for being nice to me…He went further to say the delay was cuased by a 3g/4g switching technical problem that needed ot be resolved before release…It was a problem that affected all 4g devices….I guess the network could not switch you back to 4g once you are on 3g….but could go 4g to 3g…just not back to 4g…

  50. Who are these people who write the TB will definately be released on Feb 14, 21, 24, 28, March 1, 3, 10, 11, 14 and now the 17th ahead of the rumored March 21 and 24th but for in April while Verizon has only said in the first half of the year. It is a disservice to the readers by the writers. Sign up for notification on the VZ website and you will know for sure when an official date is announced. It is now totally out of hand with fake screen shots, photo edited paperwork and all the other things we have wanted to rely on. I know a store manager who I call when a rumor sounds real like today and always the same answer, he tells me to quit reading rumors… he will call me if I don’t get the email from VZ first.

  51. The reason why the phone will allegedly cost $299 is not because of the 4G…It’s because it brings a 32GB card. Usual price for Verizon phones are $199 and below.

  52. I called every Verizon store in Lexington and Louisville KY and every person said that they do not have any idea when TB will be released. My best friend is customer service MGR in Best Buy in Lexington and he has no idea when they will get TB. See how I name cities to show FACTS. I love how the people on here never give cities or any info when they say Verizon or Bestbuy is saying they told them a specific date for release.

  53. If I were going for a 4G phone I’d go for the Bionic at this point.

    But, since I’m not… the new Incredible or the Merge will work for me just as well.

  54. The only thunder bolt I will see anytime soon will be during a rain storm

  55. You guys sound so dum acting like the phone should of been released earlier. They Never Gave you a specific date. NEVER did. Even if i am wrong.. It’s A PHONE. Get over it. I’ll be happy to get this phone you whiny little shits.

  56. @Bill. I don’t know, but I got the official phone call from my Verizon store saying Thursday is it. I trust that they wouldn’t call me if this weren’t true. I also have NOT received an email from Verizon, but at this point a call from the store trumps that for me.

  57. I bought my vz iphone 4 last thursday, and the rep handling my order had a Thunderbolt, sitting right in front of me on its kickstand. I’ve been watching the rumors too, and I always said I’ll believe it when I see it- well, I just saw it 3 days ago. Not a screenshot or a tweet, the real thing. Now we’ll just have to see if it lives up to the hype.

  58. We’ll see. My coworker is about to call vzw and see what they say. If they confirm the 17th, you can bet your ass we’ll be camping at the local store Wednesday night


  60. It’s official!!!

  61. Will wait for the bionic or samsung 4G. I swore after the P.O.S. that was the HTC Touch Pro that I would never give HTC my money again. HTC just releases a phone, abandons it and moves on to the next device.

  62. I called vzw and spoke to a female rep who said that that is the correct release date and to be sure I wasn’t hearing wrong I hung up with her and called right back and spoke to a male rep. And he said the same thing so maybe this is the real deal. Today 03/14/2011

  63. Sorry, couldn’t help thinking of naruto saying “it’ll be here. Believe it!”

  64. Verizon just called and said the thunderbolt is on it’s way to my house. They said the tooth fairy will bring it after midnight tonight. Now I know the rumor are real!!!!

  65. rob c wrote on March 14, 2011

    Here’s my experience:

    Had the Droid 1 (great first smartphone; processor too slow over time, expiration date came fast)
    Had the HTC Incredible (Liked the smoothness of the UI, actually liked Sense; build quality sucked, the plastic body around the charging port cracked only 3 months into it, and WHY CAN YOU SEE THE DEMARCATION LINES ON THE TOUCHSCREEN? Chintzy.
    Had the Droid X…great phone, solid, processor speed was superfast. Otherwise, speakerphone kinda sucked, voice quality sucked, and the camera sucked.

    Dad has the EVO…LOVE IT! Tried it for a few days at Spring during my wait for the T-Bolt. Battery, eh, not so great.

    Other than that, I’m down for the T-Bolt all the way.

  66. i used to work there that is a real equipment guide and it is final. the device will launch if the guide says so.

  67. verizon needs the thunderbolt more than anyone here does. They need to show off their LTE.

  68. Just got a call from my local vzw said the official release da
    te of march 17 will be anouncened tomorow at noon and preorders will start then

  69. just called my local verizon store to ask when this would be release. he said this thursday, so the march 17th date is correct. cant wait. if u dont believe me, then call ur local store. easy as that

  70. have atrix now and is terrible slow and freezes constantly htc sense is awesome cant wait till thursday

  71. I am so confused. Why would anybody want a phone with only 800×480 resolution that only records in 720p? Seriously the iPhone 4 is closing in on a year old and it’s got an incredible display, I haven’t purchased one because I figured surely android would catch up with apple after months and months and months, looks like I’m wrong. I want to like android, but the hardware sucks so hard most of the time, something is always broken and manufacturers are never held responsible.

  72. Can’t freakin wait!!

  73. Just received my octo-core Galaxy-S-IV with flexible 4D. Cool. Much faster than my TRS-80 and makes calls too. Will check out the TB when it comes out next month.

  74. Until I go onto verizon’s page or there is an OFFICIAL release date I will not listen to these so called release dates that are being posting around the interweb!


  76. Had the Droid Pro for 2 months it died…got 3 replacements (2 didn’t even work — kept saying bootleg etc)….got another one — and it’s still junk and not working… went back to my old LG…
    Should I wait for Droid Bionic or take the thunderbolt?? I don’t need 4G… 3G is fine for me.


  78. Thinking I was probably a fool, I just ventured to Verizon’s website.

    Well, I’ll be damned… TBolt is on the main page!!

    I tried to click on “see more” to, well, see more, when I got a “Flash required” notice. THIS is the EXACT reason I returned my iPhone after 3 days!

    I cannot believe there is an actual status change on this phone. I have been wishing that Verizon would issue it’s own Evo-like phone since the Evo came out.

    And, well, wow…the Jimmy Hoffa phone actually lives!

  79. I can’t wait.. I’m pre-ordering right now! I’m ready to ditch sprint and my evo!! Shit in my mouth I’m ordering this, mommy! No really, mommy, shit in my mouth!! This baby bird needs to be fed!

  80. it was confirmed today by the lady i was chatting with at verizonwireless.com through my account.

  81. The thunderbolt does not even have a dual core cpu and motorla and verizon will be releasing quad core tegra devices by decembe with a 12 core gpu.

  82. I’ll pass on this one. James, Koowie.com

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