T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Officially Revealed


Although T-Mobile themselves confirmed a reboot to the Sidekick franchise with Android, we had very little details to go on beside the fact that it had 4G radios and would be made by Samsung. They’ve just officially announced the thing, however, and we have a pretty clear picture and some more insight.

Fans of the hardware style that made the originals so popular will love what Samsung has done here. The left and right edges of the device house the standard set of Android buttons and the right side is housing what looks to be an optical trackpad.

This phone is leaning toward the high-end side of the scale with its 1GHz Hummingbird processor, Android 2.2 with TouchWiz on top and a front-facing camera. Read on for full press details.

T-Mobile Sidekick Is Reborn

New Sidekick 4G is a Lightning-Fast and Stylish Communication Hub,

Delivering Evolved Messaging and Entertainment at 4G Speeds

BELLEVUE, Wash., and DALLAS — March 15, 2011 — TMobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.,1 today unveiled the new TMobile Sidekick® 4G™ by Samsung. The new Android™powered smartphone pays tribute to its heritage with its stylish good looks and a killer keyboard while redefining messaging and upgrading to 4G speeds. One of TMobile’s fastest smartphones running on America’s Largest 4G Network™, the new Sidekick 4G is capable of delivering theoretical peak download speeds of up to 21 Mbps.


The T-Mobile Sidekick has long been known for its innovative and distinctive design, and the Sidekick 4G does not disappoint. The 3.5-inch display marks the first Sidekick to feature a touch screen and its sturdy “poptilt” hinge reveals the previously acclaimed, five-row QWERTY keyboard that has long been a Sidekick hallmark and the reason behind its status as an exceptional messaging device.


The new Sidekick 4G leverages its quality keyboard along with Sidekick Group Text™ and Cloud Text™ to redefine messaging. Sidekick’s Group Text feature lets customers create, name, manage and participate in replyall group text conversations, enabling them to lead their network in conversation and social planning. Group Text breathes new life into one of the most popular forms of messaging allowing Sidekick 4G customers to initiate and share the benefit of the application with SMS-capable devices from flip phones to smartphones. In addition, Cloud Text provides the option to text with friends or groups across platforms, whether from the comfort of their PC’s large screen and keyboard, or from their new Sidekick 4G.


“Backed by the faster speeds on TMobile’s 4G network, the new Sidekick 4G offers customers both speed and style,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president, product management, TMobile USA. “We’ve reinvented the messaging experience that made the Sidekick such an iconic device, and supercharged it with communication and entertainment experiences that take full advantage of our 4G network.”


Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile, said, “We are proud that TMobile selected Samsung to help create the nextgeneration Sidekick and carry the iconic Sidekick brand and device to the next level. Samsung redesigned the new Sidekick 4G with our bestinclass hardware, combined with TMobile’s 4G network speeds, the Android operating system, and unique messaging and entertainment features, to make this a perfect match for both loyal Sidekick fans and new Sidekick owners.”


The new Sidekick 4G also comes preloaded with Facebook® and Twitter™ applications, and provides easy interaction with customers’ social networks by allowing them to update their status from the notification pane and browse their feeds from the home screen. They have the ability to sync their social network contacts to the phone’s address book, which lets them post to their friends’ walls or comment on their status. And multitasking is easier than ever with the Sidekick 4G’s jump key, an easytoaccess physical button that enables customers to quickly switch between active applications, even during a phone call, or assign keyboard shortcuts to their favorite functions or applications.


In addition to a communication hub, the new Sidekick 4G is now an entertainment hub. With speeds as fast as home broadband, enjoying a favorite TV show or surfing the Web on the go is a breeze. Sidekick’s Media Room features one place to enjoy music, videos, movies, YouTube®, T-Mobile TV® and Slacker Radio, and to search for content regardless of the source. The integrated media player, also accessible through the Media Room, spans across all media including music, video and Internet radio. Customers also have the option to rent or purchase their favorite movies and TV programs directly from the Samsung Media Hub, which offers a robust collection of movie and nextday TV show titles from CBS, Fox, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Customers now have the option to place Media Hub charges directly to their monthly T-Mobile service bill.


Complementing the messaging communication features, the new Sidekick 4G is equipped with a VGA frontfacing camera and pre-installed TMobile Video Chat powered by Qik™, to ensure you are always present with your social circle. Powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo) and a speedy 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, so consumers can keep up with their favorite blogs while on the move, search for the must-try dinner spots and map the way to their next destination — all at blazing fast speeds. The new smartphone will also offer dynamic media features and integrated Google™ services, including Gmail™, Google Maps™ and access to thousands of applications on Android Market™.


The new Sidekick 4G also comes equipped with DriveSmart™ from TMobile, a firstofits kind service from a U.S. carrier, that helps prevent distracted driving. When initiated, DriveSmart Basic provides automatic incoming call and message management, sending a customizable note to callers and senders, letting them know that the recipient is driving and will respond when it’s safe. DriveSmart Plus offers the same functionality, with the added capability to automatically activate when the handset is in a moving vehicle, as well as advanced parental controls for enhanced peace of mind when teen drivers are behind the wheel.


Offered exclusively to TMobile customers, the new TMobile Sidekick 4G is expected to be available later this spring in two stylish colors — matte black or pearl magenta. Customers can visit http://sidekick.tmobile.com/ for more information.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My first phone was a Sidekick ID. I went from there to a Sidekick LX and on to the htc G1. I seriously need to see one of these.

  2. Another nice device for the #4 carrier pretty kool.

  3. Flawless, epic, ethereal, regal, innovative, etc

  4. is this…the g1 reborn in crazy colors?

  5. Touch screens will take over.

  6. Looks like I will be goin back to Tmobile wen this released …… Finally a 4G Sidekick, been waitin for this

  7. G1 Keyboard FTW. Wish they’d stick this keyboard on some high-end phones.

  8. Once again, T-mobile FAILS. This phone will be marketed towards tweens. Its a Samsung device which means it will NEVER see updates. Last year when this device was rumored to be in the works, HTC was the manufacturer. Why are all these companies going with Samsung to manufacture phones? Look at Samsungs track record for regular device updates? It took the Samsung Vibrant 6 months to be upgraded to 2.2 and it wasn’t a OTA. T-Mobile loooooves to shove SH!T down consumers throats. The only device WORTH having on T-Mobile is the Nexus One and Nexus S. You can’t even get the Nexus One anymore I don’t think and the Nexus S is exclusive to Best Buy and they don’t even advertise the phone on TV. Way to get more garbage T-Mobile. While Verizon is releasing stellar Droid Phones and the iPhone, and AT&T has the Atrix, and hell Sprints HTC EVO 4G is still rocking harder then anything you can release, you t-mobile release teeny bopper garbage phones like the Sidekick. GIVE IT UP and just sell to Sprint and they can absorb you like the did Nextel. BTW Carly isn’t that hot. Sorry Phandroid for my rant.

  9. Sh@t, I hate samsung for the whole vibrant thing but I do like that g1 style keyboard!

  10. Goto the tmobile site I dont like that when you hold it horizontal you can see your info bar at the top but when you turn it the bar stays on the side also why do we need a touch screen and a trackball? I think they tried too hard to keep the old feel. I love my sk09 but I think they should have left this one dead

  11. Yes a phone for the #4 carrier but its really another phone for the #2 best phones carrier T-mobile.

  12. LOL its funny how phone makes these fuckers mad… I personal don’t gve a flying fuck what anybody got to say about t-mobile. I like my vibrant and a lot of phone aren’t messing with it. I’ll put it up against any phone right now and I will come out on top in most cases, if not all. I push my phone to its limits in power and speed and never ever waited on samsung or any other manufacturer for updates. So people quite your fucking crying, grow some balls or just go to another fucking carrier pussy. Bring on the galaxy 2 t-mobile so I can keep ruling the android world LMAO

  13. I’d be willing to bet the average Sidekick user really doesn’t care about updates. From the looks, this phone is geared towards the teenage crowd, heavy on texting with a keyboard like that. As long as functionality works, updates aren’t important to a crowd like that. As far as going with Samsung, it’s common knowledge their hardware specs are solid, just makes phones on the lightweight side so they often feel plasticy. From the people I’ve talked to who own them, it’s not an issue because of the lightness it brings. Overall, this fits nicely in the T-Mobile family, and if it’s not your cup of tea, get a G2, Nexus S, or something similar. T-Mobile has plenty of options to fit people’s needs.

  14. Key boards are old school. This is too old for kids these days!

  15. @mr. walker rock cm7 gingerbread on my vibrant but bionx v 1.3 is my daily driver honestly im waitin on galaxy s 2 tmobile rules

  16. Samsung = fail. TMobile dropped the ball on this one.

  17. That looks pretty cool. Like the original form factor has been maintained for the most part. I’ll still be getting the GS2 or the G2x but I know some people that will give up their vibrants to be back in the sidekick crowd.

  18. pretty excited about this. i think the only thing that might kill it, is the “pop-tilt” hinge. every sidekick owner wants that swivel screen, thats why its a sidekick. other than that, i want to play with it before i make any decisions. TMOBILE FTW

  19. Quit yer bitching-another awesome Android on the carrier that introduced. Android to you then, iPhone morons. Best keyboard. Don’t like Sammy? Then take control & root it! Whining Idiots!

  20. now THIS is the SIDEKICK I always wanted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IN 2006!!!!!

  21. Of course they release this with the G1 keyboard after we renewed.

  22. Hopefully more manufacturers start bringing back the 5-row keyboard. HTC has it on their 7 Pro/Arrive (WP7 phone), now Samsung on the new Sidekick. Hopefully we can see it on high end Android devices.

  23. This phone will be a hit.

  24. Another touchwiz FAIL in the making. I would steer clear of this mess.

  25. Touchwiz was never the problem with Sammy. Updates were-but that’s why you can root and do anything you want with your phone. I can’t wait for this one!

  26. King, isn’t there an iFoney dying for your attention, somewhere??

  27. For all of you who think that the Sidekick is a teenie bopper phone think again. The Sidekick is and has been a staple in the hearing impaired community.

  28. Who didn’t think this thing would look ugly? Its a fucking sidekick.

  29. t mobile gets all the best phones hands down looks great except touchwiz if it was 2.3 stock id get it in a heartbeat as a backup for my nexus S

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