Wishing Google Voice a Happy Second Birthday, Wishing Harder for VoIP Calling


The Google Voice team just reminded us that today marks the second birthday of the service that grew out of Google’s acquisition of GrandCentral way back when, so we though it fitting to wish a happy day and another year of great things to one of our favorite services available on Android. We shouldn’t have to remind you of the many great advancements GV has made since 2009, but what we are more excited about is what the future holds. Recent murmurs are suggesting true VoIP calling could be headed to Google Voice in the very near future. If we were to blow the candles out on the birthday cake ourselves, something tells me our wish might have something to do with that. But we wouldn’t tell you, anyway. The wish wouldn’t come true.

[via Google]

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  1. Well, I’ll be blowing out a pair of candles and wishing for an international roll-out (hopefully starting in Canada).

  2. Love google voice i use it all the time. VOIP would be so sweet..

  3. They should facilitate easier porting of numbers from different GV accounts. Other than that it is quite an awesome service!

  4. I’m with Dave. I can’t believe we’re two years on, and GV still is limited to the U.S.

  5. Patiently waiting in Canada to be able to get a Canadian GV number.

  6. Just get it to work in Europe.

  7. It’s just sick that the iPhone can make GV VoIP calls through Talkatone yet Android still can’t!

  8. Patiently waiting for MMS!!! I still need to use my original non-GV phone number to receive picture messages. SO annoying!!

  9. With the announcement that they are shutting down gizmo5, I hope they have something in the pipe to replace it.

  10. @Mike Use sipdroid with google voice and you have the VOIP using your GV account.

  11. I’d like the gmail voice (and video) capabilities on my android phone, like Talkatone supports on the jobsian fondle devices

    I’m in a country (Singapore) with no GV coverage, so GV is not an option at this time.

  12. @ CJ,
    Yeah bring on MMS! I’m so tired of having to use my non GV number for pics and video messages :-P

  13. Google Voice and Sipdroid = match made in heaven.

  14. Thanks for keeping this issue on the front-burner, Kevin. I just came back from a conference in Vancouver, where I used my old Gizmo5 account successfully. But for China in mid-April — what will I do? We need Google to tell us, and soon.

  15. Like most if the world, I would love this to be available out side of the usa. Or even if they would just update the mobile version of google talk, to be able to call other android users for free like the desktop version

  16. I want to see the service in Canada with Canadian numbers before I see them rolling out new features.

  17. Can’t even get a number in my area, whats the big deal?

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