Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi to Launch April 4th for $399?


In what may be a text book case of too little, too late, we are now hearing that the Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab might finally launch on April 4th (ignore the Photoshop bomb in the picture above). It will be priced at a slightly more wallet friendly $399, but will anyone have any interest in purchasing it? Word is a the Wi-Fi version of the Motorola XOOM may be out by then, and with this Galaxy Tab still shipping with Android 2.2 we see little appeal. Maybe if Samsung offered a Honeycomb upgrade we’d have something to talk about, but that is simply wishful thinking.

Speaking of new versions of the old Galaxy Tab, what ever happened to the 4G version we saw unveiled for Verizon at CES?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. How the hell does it take them months to take OUT a feature?

  2. Excellent question Tom. Maybe it was the management division directing the engineers to skip over wifi only. A horrible call as we all can see, and they can see finally apparently.

  3. who cares? Seriously the next version 10.1 is coming out soon enough. If they wanted sell these things 199 would be ideal price. People might buy this over an original ipad at that price.

  4. Lmao @ Tom… I just died reading your post

  5. LOL! What a gigantic, huge fail Samsung!!!

  6. $399. They are crazy. No one will buy this when they can get a 1st Gen ipad for the same. Plus the nook color is still a better option than the tab if you don’t mind the smaller screen.

  7. This doesn’t even compete with the (old)$399 iPad.

  8. Hell, you can get a refurb ipad for $350 from apple.

  9. $399 is a fair price if it has a reasonable amount of RAM/Flash – Assuming it has GPS, Bluetooth, Cameras and a mic which my $250 Nook Color is missing.

    Although given that, I’d want a dual core processor in my next tablet to give it a couple of years of life with OS updates.

  10. Well being that the Nook Color is now only $200…and they got the Bluetooth working with CM7 this is NOT worth the $399.

  11. Who would buy this over the nook color?

  12. I dont a use for a tablet just yet but if I did i wouldnt want this samsung poop laying around my place. Ipad + Jailbreak would be my best bet but all i would do with it is let the Akinator amaze me time after time. lol

  13. I don’t think the Nook Color has GPS does it? That would be one reason to get the Galaxy tab. I have one and I really like it, use it all the time. Nice and light compared to an iPad, much more portable too.


  14. And then people ask why ipad sells more!!!! Tsk!!! tsk!!! tsk!!! Give me tegra 2 and honeycomb OUT OF THE BOX and we could talk.

  15. i dont see the problem here people.. apple sells the original ipad for the same price but features lower specs

  16. I would totally buy one if it were $249. That would be the ideal pricepoint for me. I used one and it’s honestly kind of cool. Would be useful to have laying around the house for a casual browsing session, etc.. I currently have an ubuntu netbook for this, as my desktop pc is in my office upstairs. It’s nice to have a device for this, but the Tab would be more convenient than a netbook. However, for $399, I’d just buy a first gen iPad…

  17. The old iPad is almost 10 inches…this is a seven inch device. For some people, the portability makes a huge difference. It’s the main reason why I bought the Galaxy Tab.

    With that said, this is way too late. HTC is going to release a 7 inch with Gingerbread and Honeycomb to come later and Samsung is going to release a slightly bigger 8.9.


  18. Has anybody ported Honeycomb to the Galaxy Tab yet? I’m too lazy to look it up. :)

  19. Two cameras and GPS with the Tab. Does the $399 iCrap have either of those? Sure it’s smaller, but that just means you can fit it in your pocket. Seriously, only iLosers buy iCrap.

  20. I think I need to remind the iPad parrots that this device has a much smaller screen and is designed for a different market. One that does not want to lug around a 10″ tablet.

  21. Only a matter of time before Honeycomb is running on the Galaxy tab. That is one of the things I love about Android. Just about anything is possible and sooner or later it will happen if people want it to.

  22. the I-MaxiPad is no comparison to the TAB feature wise. And not everyone wants to lug around a 10 inch brick that doesn’t even have a decent browser. Realistically, an iPad should sell for no more than $250 given how crippled it is.

    I think the TAB will sell but there’s more models on the horizon. My prediction is it will start at $399 and drop from there as the newer models are released.

  23. @Rob where can you get a Nook color for 200?!
    PM “Reap” in the forums please about the info

  24. John, face it… bought a turd

  25. @iking… I don’t know why you I-fans even come here. All you do is troll and put people down for the obvious choice of picking something better than the iphone or ipad. Grow up and deal with the turd YOU purchased. Don’t come here spewing the icrap from your cock-washer.

  26. The size thing is a major point. I love the Tab I got … but it desperately needs to be updated. The software is awful! Awful awful awful. Stock Android or something is desperately needed.

  27. +1 what TattooMan said…!

  28. At the end of the day Android will rule the pad just like it is starting to do on the smartphone.

    People get caught up on how much hardware device A running Android sells vs Apples latest iTurd when in fact it’s apples and oranges. To compare apples to apples you have to look at how many devices run Android vs Apple and there is no doubt Android is spanking Apple, RIM, and everyone else. More so with each passing day.

  29. 399 will help sammy push a few more units, I thought 299 was a better price for wifi tab, but never mind, competition is beneficial to all.

  30. 350 for a warranty covered iPad with 65k tablet apps (vs 100) 15k more video titles (Netflix etc), and a bigger screen. Even phandroid gave the win to iPad 1 when comparing. I feel bad for the sheep that paid twice as much for the original tab with less to do, just because it uses android doesn’t make it better..

  31. @iKing

    When did I EVER say I bought an iPad? You are mistaken.

  32. The Motorola Exhume and the Samsung Galaxy Turd are bonafide POS…..Apple could have left last years model on the market and those two turds combined couldn’t outsell it

  33. @Fred:
    I’m glad you mentioned that….try this on for size:

    All of this WITHOUT a Verizon iPhone…..

  34. The iPads are proof that with masterful marketing, even polished turds can sell.

  35. Galaxy Tab….what a joke. Makes a nice paperweight tho….

  36. iKing… what a joke. Makes a nice oxygen thief though…

  37. If Samsung wants to save faith, the should release this for under $400 with Honeycomb installed.

    And I’d take one of these over my iPad. Froyo 2.2 is a BETTER and more useful OS than iOS 4.3.

  38. @Reap: lol! Nice comeback! that was funny….

  39. Funny I can find 3g Galaxy tabs for 350 or less on craigslist now contract free.

  40. For the spec, i would not pay more than $100 for this tablet.

    2.1 is just too old for me to even consider this tablet.

    more over, you cant upgrade to the freely available Google honey comb 3.0.

    i don’t want to be at mercy of Samsung. want to update my tablet as soon as Google releases new software.

    still android is in its infancy…. will wait for it to be mature enough to be installed on old nokia symbian phones like N97 etc.

  41. $250 – $299 should be the price to beat the IPad2. They need the everyday consumer to buy it to start adopting Android and $399 wont do it.

  42. As a happy iPod touch owner, posting from my rooted NOOK.,..I am in agreement the price for the Tab is too high. A little cheaper and I would buy it so I could give my NC to a friend.

  43. $199 is ideal

  44. $199 is ideal

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