Is Google in the Process of Adding VoIP to Google Voice?


Whispers around the web are starting to build up a case for true VoIP support making its way to Google Voice in the very near future. Last week Gizmo5, a VoIP calling service, announced to its users that it would be shuttering its service come April 3rd and users would not be able to add calling credit to their account after this week. If you are wondering how that connects, Gizmo5 was acquired by Google back in 2009. As is the case with many startups bought out by larger companies, the end of the original service usually coincides with the launch of a new one.

Further suggesting the ability is slowly being built into Google Voice are reports that adding “” to the end of a GV number allows users to place VoIP calls to that number. The ability isn’t working for all, however.

We have a feeling it won’t be too much longer until we see the capabilities emerge, at which point Google Voice will be an online calling service to be reckoned with. VoIP has been long rumored as an addition to a service already featuring number portability, visual voicemail, and SMS functions, and should please more than a few GV subscribers.

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  1. GoogleVoip does roll off the tongue quite well if hey are in fact adding it. :)

  2. Does this mean unlimited free calls to anyone with a google voice account?

  3. Domestic calls that is.

  4. YES! Now, just make me a little black box to plug in at home. Stamp “Google” on it and let me use my gv account to call out from home. I hate having long calls on a cell phone. I would happily pay for this service.

  5. Google already does VoIP in gmail… just a matter of making it more convenient through Voice.

  6. -GoogleTalk already does VoIP (to other GTalkers) with the desktop client (not updated in FOREVER!).

    -GoogleTalk does VoIP through GMail/iGoogle (online only, currently).

    -GTalk for Honeycomb does video calling

    Google’s already doing this in a non-blantant, avoiding the FCC as much as possible way that it can. Sounds like VoIP is a natural next step.

  7. So how will this go over with carriers in taking away from their voice minutes? Or could it be possible that they would charge a little more for data without voice if it ever got to the point you could do all of your calls over VOIP? Or have the carriers basically said screw it….its coming and theres nothing we can do to stop it…speaking of VOIP in general and not just Google.

  8. Just make it SIP available and I can use my PAP2T-na with it. :) Free home service!

  9. I would LOVE to replace my landline with just a VOIP adapter on top of my home internet. Everyone I know has my GV number, which already rings my home & cell anyway :D

  10. I was expecting this to arrive in Froyo. I don’t know how hard it is to deploy this technically wise, but it seems to me they are moving a little slow with it. And this will only be available in USA in 2011, if true. Who knows how many years it will take to make it international, if that will ever happen.

  11. I would love this but the problem is that the carriers need data only plans that allow you to use your phone number. The way I understand it now is that if you port your number over to google talk to use the voip features, your number will be removed from Verizon (essentially killing your account). There needs to be a way to use a voip number but mask with your cell number on outgoing caller id, or to be able to link your cell number to a data only plan. I feel the cell network is living on borrowed time, pending data coverage gaining enough ground. I look forward to a “one cost, no limits” data plan that will include phone, net, email, ect.

  12. @n2imagination Just buy one of their “Multi device cell based access points” for wifi connection, then use VoIP on your android phone once this is available.

    Sure you’ll have to buy your handset without contract, but no more Minute/Texting bill!

  13. @Ryan: Obi110, sans Google stamp. Basically this is a combination SIP and Jingle/XMPP ATA.

  14. Or just use your gv number for everything, unless your attached to your cell number. Ive gotten to the point where I just give out my gv number nowadays anyway, easier than porting my number as often as I seem to switch carriers to keep up with the latest & greatest… I already have a gv sip setup to use on my desktop & phone if I choose, but being able to cut out the middle man would be nice. Hopefully they will make some needed improvements though as gizmo isn’t all that reliable…

  15. I’d rather see a demo of google voice VOIP at I/O, coupled with the announcement that google voice is live somewhere other than the states. paying $1300/Mb for texting, and $7/month for voicemail is garbage. Google Voice comes bundled in all my ROMs, deleting it is difficult, and hurts my soul a little.

  16. um….obihai!

  17. TMobile has an unadvertised $50 data-only plan for smartphones that I plan to take advantage of as soon as I switch carriers.

  18. Great for customers but the Carriers have got to be hating this. You wonder why can’t we get updates on the phones…it is so the Carriers can make sure their sponsored apps get on the phone so they can make an extra undeserved buck off of us. First free maps and search from Google, then thousands of free and paid for apps, without a dime going to the Carriers. Now VOIP (probably free nationwide calling), this time, not only is the Carrier not getting a dime out of it, but we will lower our plans to the minimum Voice plan required. Just a matter of time before the Carriers are nothing more then a bandwidth channel. Google is the Carriers best friend and worst enemy all at the same time.

  19. I put the number in the long format, i.e.
    [email protected] (country code + local code + line) and it works perfectly. Nice.

  20. @Joe…damn! Wish I would of known about that before plunking down cash for Ooma. Good to know though. Thanks!

  21. Alternative SIP methods for Roaming (abroad)

    Method 1: GV –> IPkall 425 –> LP sip # –> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)

    Method 2: GV –> SipGate US # –> SG sip # –> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)

    Method 3: GV –> LP US DDI # –> LP sip # –> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)


  22. I’m pretty sure you can add google voice chat to your google voice account and both make and receive calls on it so in effect there is already google voip.

  23. I don’t get what the big deal is. I use gmail for voip all the time.

  24. Here’s an ATA adapter that works with Google Voice right now. Good look getting your hands on one. They are back ordered.

  25. Can’t wait. Nothing else is working on my ns. Mobile first :-)

  26. @Mike Think about what site you’re commenting on and then read your comment again. Right.

  27. Frak! I meant @zach, of course T_T

  28. I called my provider – Sprint – as they are integrating GV into their system. But when I asked about an all data plan that plan is $20 more than the $99 unlimited everything. Unless GV is going to be VoIP and the carriers are going to offer a cheap unlimited data plan it does not make sense. GV is already free in the US and Canda and putting in your home or office is pretty simple. The real savings will be when you can make all of your calls from your cell via GV. Right now there is really no point. Per Sprint, they allow free outgoing and incoming calls from any cellular network. However, when calls come in from GV, since they cannot detect whether the call is originating from another call or landline, they charge it to your minutes. Again, what is the difference in having GV call your cell, or porting your number to Sprint if you are going to lose the main advantage of GV which is free incoming and outgoing calls in Canada and USA? Especially since you can use to make calls free VoIP?

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