Google Enables Click-to-Call for Emergency Number Search Results


Google is making it as easy as possible for those in need of contacting emergency services to locate and quickly dial the proper number for help. While searches for things like “poison control” and “suicide” have returned the relevant phone numbers for quite some time now, Google has just enabled click-to-call functionality. Now users can dial the number by simply clicking it on the mobile search result.

It’s the type of thing you hope you will never have to use, but if the time comes you will be thankful the ability is there.

[via Google]

Kevin Krause
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  1. english or gtfo

  2. @Keller lol!!!!

  3. mission accomplished

  4. tits or gtfo is what i always say.

  5. ^ Are these the kinds of people that use Phandroid? Going Downhill, i say. Used to be a more mature site. =/

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