ASUS 3D Tablet Concept to Be Shown at Milan Design Week


Last week we heard ASUS CEO Jerry Shen talk of Android tablets with 3D displays in the company’s future, and a tweet is suggesting a prototype of what that slate might be will be on display at Milan Design Week in April. It also included the above image showing some sort of computer-generated hall full of tablets on pedestals…we aren’t really sure what it is supposed to be or how exactly it ties into a 3D tablet concept, but OK.

Now the questions remains: is ASUS looking to develop something along the lines of the LG Optimus Pad with 3D photo and video capture? Or will they be among the first to introduce a glasses-free 3D display at the larger screen size of a tablet?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Glasses Free or Gtfo

  2. @Keller
    I agree. Like I want a highly portable device so I can drag around a pair of glasses with it?

  3. Personally, I don’t even see the draw for 3D, let alone glasses free. It’s a tough market right now. What are we going to watch in 3D. Most likely movies (perhaps games). The 3D movie selection is poor and file size is currently humungous with no really good compression format (that I am aware of). These devices are made for content consumption. It’s a little hard to consume content that is currently so sparse. In short, great idea, but I think too many companies are trying to push this down our throats.

  4. Games…tablets need to be great games machines

  5. keller is first to comment… as usual

  6. @Adrian LMAO!!! You’re a good man.

  7. Dear 3D anything,

    Die in a fire.

    Love ya,

  8. Seriously… enough of manufacturers flapping their lips about tablets that they are working on or “soon” to be.

    Either release something or shut the F*** UP!

  9. EVO 3D will bring class to 3D then everyone will want it… @Lac… go DROWN IN A LAKE

  10. @Richard Bro you are a 45 year old dick from the bronx. Shut the fuck up

  11. hey don’t dis the bronx. I was born there

  12. You are a dick if you were born in the Bronx or you have to morph into a dick to live there.

  13. Fuck the South bronx ;)

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