Rovio Pulls in $42M in Funding, Angry Birds Seasons Update Available Now


If a recent round of venture funding is any indication, we won’t be seeing a shortage of Angry Birds titles and expansions any time soon. Rovio just pulled in a hefty $42 million in Series A funding from investors including Accel Partners, Niklas Zennstrom of Skype fame’s company. Rovio was hesitant to let others have their money back the company, as recent success left little need for any capital from outside sources, but a desire to grow the game development house into a billion dollar venture won out.

Speaking of Rovio and pots of gold, a tweet from the company is promising the St. Patrick’s Day update to Angry Birds Seasons has launched. So ask a wish of a leprechaun and count your lucky clovers, there are stolen eggs to be saved. [It actually looks like the update hasn’t been pushed yet, but Rovio is assuring us it will be ready for download soon. Expect it by tomorrow at the latest.]

[via BGR]

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  1. nothing in market yet.. will be hooked on this all night once it hits..

  2. They’re going to be the next Zynga.

  3. according to email from rovio update wont b til 11th tomorrow

  4. Whats Zynga?

  5. @Kenneth; yah, the update is not showing in-market yet.

  6. @Willie maker of Farmville, Mafia Wars and a boatload of other Facebook games

  7. It’s the same shit!

  8. What the fuck is we talkin about?

  9. Angry Birds Seasons: Go Green with Angry Birds!

    The greenest update of them all is arriving for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android! 15 new levels, bonus content, surprises and fun in the spirit of St.Patrick’s Day!

    Get Angry Birds Seasons now, and keep your eyes peeled on March 11th for the update in App Store and Android Market respectively!

    this is the email from rovio

    Palm and Nokia will also receive this update soon!

    Angry Birds Rio is almost here!

    Angry Birds Rio will launch on March 22! Remember to check our news in the coming week for more information!

    The game will feature the familiar Angry Birds, in all new Rio episodes! The game will launch with 60 levels with many surprises in store for Angry Birds veterans, and more free updates in store for the future!

    Find out more about Angry Birds Rio here!

    Rio the movie from 20th Century Fox is coming in theaters everywhere on April 15th.

    More Angry Birds goodies:

    – Facebook:
    – Twitter:
    – Official page:
    – Youtube:

    Have fun!

    Best regards,

    The Angry Birds Team

  10. I don’t see what money goes into development here. Haven’t they revamped the levels and that’s it? Do they even make any other games? A group of five (or fewer) people could stay on top of these updates in all seriousness. Are all of these guys receiving tens of billions of dollars a year in paychecks or something?

  11. Zynga makes a ton of money because people want their Shamrock pigs and ponies in Farmville.
    That’s what Angry Birds is turning into. Soon, it will be all about these special edition collectibles and not about developing the actual gameplay.

  12. Umm…how about no? I just checked and there are not updates available. How did you guys get it? And from where?

  13. The update isn’t on my incredible or nook color, but the itouch alread got the update.,9:15pm central.

    Sent from book color……

  14. Midnight Eastern time – It’s out now.

  15. In market now just found it

  16. This totally blows my mind. I have an idea for a game that could blow this out of the water and these fools are banking this much? Alas, an idea means nothing nowadays though. IF i was born 10 years ago i’d be rich and programming my ass off. Now i just feel special rooting my Android phone. I’m going to go run in traffic now.

    O the inhumanity!!! Now i’ll never get anything accomplished!! Just as Rovio planned I’m sure, Muha Muhaha Muhahaha

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