March 21st Next Likely Candidate for HTC Thunderbolt Launch at Verizon


It almost pains me to pass along yet another HTC Thunderbolt release date rumor, but BGR is reporting that two independent sources have come forward professing March 21st as the next likely date we could expect the 4G LTE handset to land at Verizon. Our fingers are still a bit cramped from the last time we decided to keep them crossed for this phone to make its launch, but you are more than welcome to twist your together and hope Verizon has their 4G/3G issues figured out within the next two weeks.

[via BGR]

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  1. At this point, I am just going to wait for the Droid Bionic.

  2. What’s 4g? :-)

    still patiently waiting to leave at&t for this phone.

  3. yeah march 21, 2012.

  4. I’m just going to pretend I never saw this.

  5. Really?

  6. if they don’t release it before CTIA, it will be overshadowed by other more powerful devices being announced. Verizon really dropped the ball on this one.

  7. Every week the rumor is updated to “next week.” The rumors basically mean absolutely nothing anymore. One of these weeks the rumor will be correct but the “sources” have lost all credibility with the release of this phone.

  8. just another date to get ur hopes up for

  9. Sitting here with my Atrix and ROTFL. I canceled my pre-order for the TB on the 22nd and couldn’t be happier. Won’t be the guinea pig for LTE and Verizon.

  10. Why even consider this phone? It was pointed out elsewhere that Best Buy ran an ad with the TB and 2 other HTC phones, all comparable in specs and this one was 100 bucks more. 300 dollars for this phone is insane. It is a single core and not really new. Just a rehash phone from HTC. While I like HTC phones, they have no innovation. If you are asking 300 for the phone on contract at least give it dual core or something innovative other than a front facing camera no one will really ever use.

    I love android but the iPhone is almost looking attractive.

  11. I dont know why there is even a hype for this phone. Sure it’s LTE, but single core! Dual core or GTFO

  12. verizon rep told me he never even knew that they were having problems with it, shows how much their told

  13. Honestly, I think that HTC is “quietly stupid” for not getting their $h!t together for the 2011 lineup. I’ve had this phone on Sprint since June 2010, its called the EV0 4G. Now even Sprint is smart enough to realize that HTC is too far behind the pack this year, and will be using LG as the follow up to the HTC EVO 4G. Now thats saying something, considering Sprint is the same company that though the Kyocera Echo was a good idea.

  14. The true loser on this deal is HTC. More and more people will pass this phone up due better phones being right around the corner. This phone would have made a killing back in early February. However, with multiple delays and a price tag at $300 on contract, will push most people to wait on dual core phones. If HTC/Verizon wants to turn more people onto this phone, they better drop the price by $100 and release it ASAP. Otherwise a good phone will be pushed aside for more updated and powerful phones.

  15. The only way this would be interesting is if they also announced they were selling it for $150 since it’s basically an Incredible with LTE, which very few people can use right now anyway. Yawn.

  16. ^ Sprint is just horrible. It’s a fact.

  17. This rumor is a joke. This phone is a joke, and most of Verizon is a joke!

  18. It sucks verizon messed this release up so much. On the other hand though, it made my decision between the TB/bionic a lot easier now. No way I will be getting this phone now.

  19. Feb 14
    Feb 24
    March 3/4
    <– I stopped caring
    March 10
    March 21

  20. keller: it’s not just missing dual core. Does it have NFC, hardware encryption and Cisco VPN? I know another android phone that does…

  21. The 21st is a Monday don’t they usually release phones on thursdays? Ill be buying the phone but definetly not at 300 bucks. That is redonkulous to charge that kind of money for a phone your stuck with for 20 months and will be plagued with issues in the beginning im sure …hmmm maybe I wont buy it lol

  22. I feel like we are doing the same thing we did with the HTC droid incredible.

  23. YES!!! March 21st is only 5 weeks after I was expecting it to come out. And they just announced this phone 3 months ago. Man, Verizon & HTC are working FAST these days…dare I say, Lightning fast!!! (lots of sarcasim)

  24. I’m just going to wait for the Samsung Stealth.

  25. Brad, yup. I remember the same deal for the Droid inc. Verizon’s unwanted stepchild.

  26. wake up verizon and HTC your dropping the ball.

    by the time this Evo 4g-rehash is out the Galaxy S2 will be available with a dual core processor, a better screen, and much better cameras.

  27. Dinc turned out to be a pretty Darn good phone though….typing in it right now. Hopefully tbolt will also

  28. I am sure the only reason they are making this date was because of the news Sprint has for their triplet release. I heard a rumor from a beat buy phone rep the the HTC rep said they haven’t released it was because in 4g mode the phone would die after an hour of continuous use….who knows really.

  29. They should rename it to htc joke

  30. whats so great about this phone? Its just like the EVO and Inspire 4g. the only thing good about this is its an LTE device. idk why its so hyped.

  31. *points at those waiting for thunderbolt* – haw haw

  32. Do anybody know if the Samsung Galaxy S2 going to Verizon Because I Like the S2 & The Droid Bionic Can’t Deside Which one If the S2 Comes to VZW.

  33. “Next likely candidate” literally had me laughing out loud. There have been so many rumors about the actual release date for this phoney it’s ridiculous!

  34. Rumors With dates make me angry.


    Sent from my samsung fascinate running 2.1

  35. The clock on the phone says Jan 6th in the picture and I am starting a rumor that Jan 6th 2012 is the release date. I bet I am right as I have many sources. ;)

  36. I was so looking forward to this phone given my upgrade date was feb. 1st and I’ve had a shitty samsung omnia for over 2 years. But they took to long and I caved, went out yesterday and bought an iPhone! This thing is really nice and Efficient no bugs what so ever smooth as silk. I do wish I had the android market over the sold out apple app store. Ever free app is covered in adds and asks you to purchase constantly, soo anoying!

  37. Well Im due for a renewal on one of my lines in October, maybe it will be out by then and i am sure the price will be $199.

  38. This will be the biggest thing of 2011.

  39. And now, You poor People,should understand why people love Apple.
    Steve J. make a show on day X.He announce phone(or whatever).He says about price.He says about lunch date.
    And one or two weeks later…..you know what I mean….
    Simple,very simple.Promises meet reality.
    This is the way HYC and Verizon should treat their customers.
    But idiots from companies like HTC,Verizon,Motorola,LG and many others
    show You “empty” promises on CES and maybe,yes – maybe,they will deliver them some day,yes – some day….

  40. Lol i dont even have verizon and im sick of hearing about this device haha

  41. LOL @Matt Ben .. i know how u feel

  42. @Ari-free True true. Hopefully the pyramid has nfc.

  43. So…I’ve been waiting for this phone like many of you since Feb. I’m tired of waiting now….What phone on Verizon do you guys recommend?

  44. I’ve been pleased with my Evo 4G since last june and the thunderbolt doesn’t present any reason to switch…seeing how 95% of its specs are identical. I’ll tell u one thing tho…wish my Evo woulda came with a 32GB micro sdhc like the Thunderbolt is “supposedly” shipping with. What more could u ask for after that?

  45. Just downloaded the demo for stores only and in it showed features and the sense looks diffrent I went to my friend who is manager of the store by me told me the phone is in stock and the demo is real and the phone will be out latest by thursday next week I got atrix to try and I hate it its slow and works like a beta phone Motorola. Always and will always make crapy phones

  46. @marc How are you able to function on a day to day basis?

  47. Motor crappy phones thanks for the laugh love people who have no idea what there talking about

  48. This makes me sad….love my n1 and incredible! They really botched this one though…

  49. @brian how many motorola phones have u had. Because I had droid global droid 1 droid x razer crazer etc and now atrix. And it crashes freezes and is terribly slow

  50. I gave up and got a LG Optimus V on Virgin (Sprint). Wonderful little phone. $25/month, unlimited data and text, no contract, DeoYo. Only 600 MHz single core but runs great. I just might forget the TB and Vz. Saving approx $55/month. PDANet and VOIP working great.

  51. Hell, I can’t type tonight – FroYo (2.2) on the V

  52. What is the big fuss about this phone???

  53. 21st = Monday… going to have to call bullshit. Then, it is the ThunderBolt we are talking about… calling bullshit on this is like calling out a deaf person for singing badly… some stuff, you just have to let slide.

  54. this phones’s delays really got my hype down for it. now im looking at the revolution and the Bionic

  55. Hey farva, what’s the name of that place with all the goofy shit all over the walls? Oh you mean SHANANIGANS!?

  56. So its taken big red over a year to get the equivalent of the evo and yet had not been able to deliver it. I say just forget about or make a very good deal on it(free or at least 50 bux) and well I guess start working on ur 5g phone…… hopefully it will b out a year later after the evo 5g……… why not get the bionic the inc2 or something if the sort ready for release……. no u had to go and lick jobs ass to get the iphone. C I don’t understand how a phone with outdated specs can attract ur business…….

  57. HTC blunderbolt I mean thunderbolt, Well I was waiting for this phone but at this point why. Much better phones are now just around the corner. I’m sure HTC and Verizon will never do this again with a release of a new phone.

  58. I agree this is the most overhyped phone (except for the iphone). No way it is worth $299. What are they thinking? Its last year’s technology (with LTE that isnt in most places yet)

  59. @Geoff, I 2nd that! By the time the Bionic is out, there should be 3 or 4 LTE phones to choose from. Why wouldn’t you want to wait so you can make sure you are buying the best phone for you. The Thunderbolt will likely be outdated by then anyway.

  60. I would… PISS all over VERIZON and there little thunderbolt… Htc Evo 4g has ruled the roast for so long. Now the torch is being passed to the EVO 3D…. Verizon STANDS NO CHANCE in the 4g wars…. SPRINT BITCH SLAPS VERIZON/AT&T/TMOBILE

  61. @Richard Yarrell: Fuck Sprint they suck the most dick out of all the carriers

  62. Guys, guys! It’s going to be released April 1st.

  63. Can’t help myself, I blame the iPhone. When AT&T had it their Android offering was shit. Android and Verizon made a great partnership.
    iPhone exclusivity ended on AT&T and they went after the Atrix. They even went after WP7 phones. Now Verizon has the iPhone and in comes tiered data, a highly anticipated premier phone has no discernable release date, and upgrade promotions were reduced even though it appears a majority of people are waiting to see if there’s an iPhone 5 release in the summer.
    For some reason a carrier that gets the iPhone becomes a big(ger) bag of douche.

  64. Sprint doesnt have 4g.. its shitty wimaxx.

  65. Verizon Purchasing.. “Hey Apple.. the iPhone is going to be big.. I’ll take xx million, so I can have stock when the lines go around the block”..
    Launch happens..
    time passes..
    Verizon Purchasing.. “Hey Marketing guys.. we gotta hold off on launching new stuff till we get rid of some of this inventory..We’ll never sell it all before the next iPhone if we don’t.”

  66. I talked to a verizon rep yesterday and he said it’s going to be another two months due to the battery issue. He said the bionic will be out before it.

  67. It is much better than the evo. It has a 1 ghz processor, 2nd generation that does more per clock cycle, add to that 50% more memory and it is much greater than the evo. Quadrant scores were almost flat out double Droid x and evo. Bionic was only about 150 pts higher. New camera, dolby speaker, better screen, I’m not to concerned for dual core, other than games the software still needs a year or 2 to reach that level. I’m getting a thunderbolt, this time next year i will be getting a quad core regardless. I will also have the thunderbolt the day it is released. More power does not always make it better.

  68. I have a beta version of the TB. Reason for delay is that the phone locks up on level 6 of Angry Birds.

  69. Everyone relax!! The phone will come on March 17, 2040!

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