ASUS Wants Android for Netbooks, 3D Displays and Quad-Core CPUs for Future Tablets


ASUS is still searching for their breakout Android product that will propel their brand to the same status as the likes of Motorola and Samsung, but the company is committed to the platform, and not just for tablets, according to CEO Jerry Shen. Shen says netbooks from the company will soon see Android (with some MeeGo options as well).

But in the world of tablets the ASUS is only looking forward, with Shen talking up 3D displays and quad-core processors as just a couple of the advancements the company will look into to help it gain its place as the number two tablet manufacturer in the world, a goal the company hopes to achieve by next year.

We have been impressed with ASUS’s innovation with their tablet form factors, but the actual implementation of Android and device build quality has left us a bit wanting. Hopefully these early attempts give way to some some more successful devices in the future.

[via BGR]

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  1. If they hold true to their pricing announcements so far for the Transformer and that slider tab, they will be the first company to bring the real iPad competitors. I’ve always been an Asus fan, and hope they make their mark, since they really seem to read the markets well.

  2. Android on a net book is a no brainer. I’m running 2.2 on mine and it does everything i need and more. I can’t wait for the good folks at Android x86 to put out a honeycomb release.

  3. I’d actually like to see an ASUS phone (yes I know tis article is about tablets, not phones). I have been very happy with, well, everything they make. They are a great motherboard manufacturer (although the literature that comes packaged with those products is virtually useless). Their new dual core ee PCs are also phenomenal, and at just over $300 MSRP it is a no brainer for me to grab one of those over a tablet right now. Haven’t really seen them enter the phone market, but then again they really aren’t known for software. Wouldn’t mind a vanilla android device though! ;)

  4. lg, moto and samsung know phones. Asus knows computers and a tablet is a better fit for them.

  5. Android on a netbook would be pretty neat. I ran it on my laptop so I know it’s very usable as is but personally would rather use a better linux distro. If the dalvik vm could run stable on vanilla debian or red hat I think that might work out better than android, considering android is just a minimal os. Phones and tablets are androids turf, netbooks are more full os territory. If you wouldn’t want to install iOS on a mac air then android on a netbook doesn’t make much more sense either.

  6. ASUS has always been good at delivering top notch hardware at an acceptable price. I am looking forward to see what they might come up with this time.

  7. @Kevin Krause – You said “We have been impressed with ASUS’s innovation with their tablet form factors, but the actual implementation of Android and device build quality has left us a bit wanting”. I’m curious about how/why that is, given that only very early versions not yet released is all that’s been seen.

  8. Asus as brand alwayd delivers as per the promises made. In hardware area , think Asus would be in top five brands…let`s see what they offer in tablets

  9. Thanks, Len! Very cool! I did not know about

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