Android Has Another Astronaut: Droid X Tracks Final Discovery Shuttle Flight


Sending in an Android phone to space, as out of this world as it may sound, is nothing new. It has already been done several times by enthusiast groups and Google alike. But this latest atmosphere pushing adventure wasn’t just a proof of concept. Two Motorola Droid X phones joined up with an array of other gadgets to track, record, and photograph the final flight of the space shuttle Discovery.

One Droid X tracked the location of the Robonaut craft while another provided imaging support. Both were equipped with 2600mAh extended batteries. The above image showing the vapor trail of Discovery was snapped at an altitude of 70,000 feet. You can see more on the Robonaut craft in the video below.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Yawn….First. Phandroid where is the juicy stuff?

  2. This why Android rules. NASA moved to Android two year ago and using it as their main develeopment platform. I not e surprised if the internal controls running on Andoird sometime soon. This why Android rocks. It is every where in 2 year time. Go Android. Whoop!

  3. yeah! where the crap are the pictures!?

  4. @Android Fan
    You wouldn’t want android running on a space craft – “Activity Launcher is not responding..”

  5. Wello – Ha ha! Or even better: Recovery parachutes are not responding. Force close. Wait. Report.” :P

  6. The best pictures are here!

    The droid-x captured the best picture!


    Enjoy! Reporter–please use these pics. The ones you have were the pre-release!

  7. Well, Android is making the world go round. The more we read about it the more surprised we become. An awesome blog.

  8. Seidio = garbage. I bought two of there batteries for my x and they were manufactured wrong and I got no return from seidio. Maby they learned you need a double contact surface on there batteries for the Droidx finally. Oh well, awesome to see are phone’s in space.

  9. the video is all about product placement ……… typical bollocks!

  10. where is the video that shows that it really went up n came down ?

  11. Nothing special about this. Send an iPhone into space and it’ll do the exact same thing

  12. ^^^^
    100% agree with this. I myself own a droid x and find this whole article underwhelming. I mean so what? Any smartphone could do this.. Makes being an adroid fan boy look bad

  13. Why did they delete my comment? Because what I said was true? You fan boys need to get off your high horse.

  14. This is awesome!

  15. This is amazing stuff!

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