Aug 18th, 2010

It’s probably not of primary concern when comparison shopping for Android Phones, but the Motorola Droid can, “take pictures from outer space so clear that you can see the curvature of the earth.”

Bobby Russell, a scientifically curious man from San Diego, launched a weather balloon on August 16th. Attached to that weather balloon was a styrafoam container (nicknamed the Droid1) carrying a GPS device and a Motorola Droid. Although the balloon was supposed to touch down a few hours later, heavy winds carried the experiment WAY out of range, and the team at QuestForStars assumed their project was lost.

Not so- the Quest For Stars continued when a Search & Rescue Team volunteered to attempt recovery of the balloon as part of a training excercise. They searched… and they rescued!

spacejamI completely agree with the news anchor that the pictures taken from the Droid were nothing short of spectacular. If you haven’t watched the above video yet… do yourself a favor as this is truly great stuff.

Bundles of props to the QuestForStars team and to all those in the Android world galaxy doing cool, original, zany, wacky, unique things with their Android devices: this is the kind of news we love to see so give us a shout!